July 16, 2007

Soundaboard Holidays

I will be on holidays for the next weeks so please don't expect new shows until August.
Meanwhile i suggest a look at this list that has only the best sounding recordings shared aboard since the beginning of this project. Who knows if you missed something special...
I also recommend a visit to any of the very cool blogs i have linked here.
Thanks for coming, keep on Rocking and enjoy!

Quality: 9.5 and above!

The Who: 29 - 10 - 2006

Whitesnake: Reading Rock 1980

Queensryche: 9th June 2006
38 Special: Dallas 1984

Lynyrd Skynyrd: 1973 FM Broadcast

Rush: 23-04-1988

Eric Clapton: Bremen, Germany 1983

Genesis: KBFH 1986

Rory Gallagher: Reading 1980

Blue Oyster Cult: New York 1981

The Firm: Cleveland 1986

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant: San Jose 1995

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Philadelphia 1987

Cream: Oakland, California 1968

Rush: Bigger & Better In Texas 1996

Michael Schenker Group: Reading 1982

Jethro Tull: Chile 1996

Aerosmith: Unplugged 1990


Toxxy said...

I just wanna say a huge THANK YOU for ALL the QUALITY shows you have posted for us to enjoy AtticRock :)

Have a nice & well deserved holiday :)

AtticRock said...

I'm back, thanks for your words.