May 30, 2007

Blue Oyster Cult: New York 1981

Blue Oyster Cult performing under the name Soft White Underbelly which they used when playing small venues like this one, The Spit Club in Levittown, New York.
BOC played their old classics and some tracks from the excellent Fire of Unknown Origin that was released a week later.
A FM radio broadcast was the source.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Track List:
Disc 1
01 Dr Music
02 ETI
03 Burnin' For You
04 Fire of Unknown Origin
05 Cities on Flame
06 Joan Crawford
07 Flaming Telepaths
08 Veteran of the Psychic Wars

Disc 2
01 ME-262
02 Hot Rails to Hell
03 Godzilla
04 Born to be Wild
05 Applause before encore
06 Heavy Metal
07 Don't Fear the Reaper
08 Roadhouse Blues

Files MP3
Disc 1
Disc 2

Files FLAC
Disc 1 part 1
Disc 1 part 2
Disc 2 part 1
Disc 2 part 2


Knoxx said...

Great post AtticRock! Thx very much!

Firebird said...

Another awesome show! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you, can't wait to check this out.

AtticRock said...

This is a killer show. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

You are right, I,m listening to it now - excellent. I belong to a private hub. Is it OK for me to pass this on?
I've done some cover art:

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to ask - Is there anything YOU are looking for?

AtticRock said...

Go ahead, good music should always be shared :)
Thanks for the covers.

Anonymous said...

Don't know where or how you find these fantastic shows - Mr Soundaboard you are a GOD!!

Thank you a million times and keep doin' what you're doin!


Anonymous said...

One of the bands that I never got to see live.
Much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I d-loaded months ago, but just got around to checking it out. Great sound, great show and Soft White Underbelly rocks!

Anonymous said...

thanks - even tho its recorded a little bit too hot, it still sounds great. is lossless available?

DeathStalker77 said...

Links are dead :(

Any chance for a repost?


Anonymous said...

Can this one be re-posted? Thanks.

AtticRock said...

Ok, I put new links for this one.

Anonymous said...

Excellent...thank you!!