July 29, 2016

Albert King LIVE LA Memorial Coliseum 1972-08-20

Albert King   

LIVE   LA Memorial Coliseum  1972-08-20

Great recording from one of the 3 Kings of the Blues!
Special thanks to Steve 626 for this one !

1. Got To Be Changes Made
2. I'll Play The Blues For You
3. Killing Floor
4. Angel Of Mercy
5. Matchbox Blues
6. Watermelon Man
7. Breakin' Up Somebody's Home
8. Call It Stormy Monday 


July 24, 2016

Buddy Miller - The Metro, Sydney 2002

Buddy Miller was a member of Robert Plant's Band of Joy on guitar and vocals in the years 2010 and 2011. Singer, songwriter, musician, producer, lives in Nashville since the 1990s and is a reputed artists of the Americana music scene.
This is a performance in Australia on October 26, 2002 recorded from the soundboard.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 Midnight And Lonesome
02 The Price Of Love
03 When It Comes To You
04 Help Wanted
05 I'm Pretending *
06 That's How I Got To Memphis*
07 All My Tears **
08 Love Match **
09 A Showman's Life **
10 Wallflower **
11 I Don't Mean Maybe **
12 My Love Will Follow You
13 Little Bitty Kiss
14 That's How Strong My Love Is
15 Quecreek **
16 Does My Ring Burn Your Finger
17 Let's Stick Together
18 You Win Again
19 Cajun Girl
20 Country Blues
21 Somewhere Trouble Don't Go
22 Hole In My Head **

* with Bill Chambers - guitar, backing vocals
** with Audrey Auld - duet vocals, backing vocals

Preview some tracks here


July 22, 2016

Return of Sharks

A request arrived by email, please help and support the return of the Sharks.

Hi - here is a rare track which John Entwistle of the Who produced for the band Sharks featuring Chris Spedding and Steve 'Snips' Parsons in 1974. It is one of 7 tracks which were completed before Island records pulled the plug on the Sharks 3rd album.

As part of our Crowdfunder campaign offers the tracks are featured on a limited edition album entitled THE CAR CRASH TAPES. We would be happy for you to have the track on your site (Sharks own both the masters and the publishing) and would be delighted if you could give the Crowdfunder link if possible

Here's the link to 'Amsterdam'



July 20, 2016

Robert Plant and The Band Of Joy - The Roundhouse, London 2010

An artist from which we can still enjoy great live performances is fortunately Robert Plant, here with the Band Of Joy (including vocalist Patty Griffin) and The London Oriana Choir.
Along some beautifully revised Zeppelin songs we are presented mostly with tracks from an excellent album also called Band Of Joy released on 2010.
In concert at The Camden Roundhouse, London during the BBC 2 Electric Proms music festival.

Sound Quality: 9.5+

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
Disc One
01 - Introduction
02 - Down To The Sea
03 - Little Angel Dance
04 - House of Cards
05 - Please Read The Letter
06 - Misty Mountain Hop
07 - Tangerine
08 - Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go
09 - Satisfied Mind
10 - Move Up
11 - Satan Your Kingdom must Come Down
12 - Central-Two-O-Nine
13 - Monkey

Disc Two
01 - Houses of the Holy
02 - You Can’t Buy My love
03 - Tall Cool One
04 - Gallows Pole
05 - Harm’s Swift Way
06 - Rock & Roll
07 - Twelve Gates to The City
08 - Goodnight

July 17, 2016

Joe Louis Walker, Billy Branch & Matt Guitar Murphy Supertrio - Live in Belgium '98

Joe Louis Walker, Billy Branch & Matt Guitar Murphy 

Supertrio - Live in Belgium '98

 Real threat here  Walker is one of the under rated performer around !
This show without a drummer has a Mayall Turning Point flavor

July 12/19


July 15, 2016

Scorpions - The Mayfair, Newcastle 1980

The German Hard Rock band Scorpions recorded at the Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle while on the British leg of the Animal Magnetism tour.
Last year the group celebrated its 50th anniversary and this days are still touring and promoting Return to Forever, their eighteenth studio album. In fact I saw them in concert a couple of weeks ago and it was a true old-style Rock and Roll show with proper guitar and drum solos, this one by Mickey Dee.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 Lovedrive
02 Don't Make No Promises
03 Loving You Sunday Morning
04 We'll Burn The Sky
05 Animal Magnetism
06 The Zoo
07 Holiday/Lady Starlight
08 Always Somewhere
09 In Trance
10 Steam Rock Fever
11 Can't Get Enough


July 10, 2016

John Primer Live at Callahan's Feb 13, 2011

John Primer  

  Live at Callahan's   
Feb 13, 2011
Great concert from one of the masters!
This is most likely an audience recording, but as those go its quite good!

 Most tracks are in alphabetical order. Not really  the ideal
way to put a concert  together, it's the way i got it .
 But all that matters really is the great
playing of this unique Chicago Blues player


Real Mother for Ya 
Bring It On Home 
Call Me John Primer 
Can't You See 
Cross Your Heart 
Don't Ask Me No Questions 
Everything Is Gonna Be Alright 
Fine Healthy Thing 
Gotta Find My Baby 
Hard Working Woman 
I Left That Town 

I Really Love You' 
I Shot The Sheriff 
Jody's Got Your Girl and Gone 
Lost The Best Woman I Ever Had 
Mannish Boy 
May Be Getting Old 
Sharp Dressed Man 
Southside Shuffle 
Stand By Me 
Sweet Home Chicago 
The Suicide Song 
Walking The Backstreets
Pretty Bird 
Music on the way out  

SEPT 4/19



July 8, 2016

Renaissance - Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster 1978

Renaissance recorded at Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster on December 4, 1978 during the Song For All Seasons tour.
The song Northern Lights from this album got them to achieve a top ten hit in the U.K.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 Intro Music (O Fortuna)
02 Can You Hear Me?
03 Carpet Of The Sun
04 Opening Out
05 The Day Of The Dreamer
06 Midas Man
07 Northern Lights
08 Prologue


July 5, 2016

Triumvirat - Ultrasonic Studios, New York 1974

Continuing on my prog rock mood this time we have aboard Triumvirat, a German group founded in 1969 in Cologne that got some success around the seventies decade in particular with the albums Old Loves Die Hard, Spartacus and Illusions on a Double Dimple.
This excellent show was captured from a WLIR live broadcast from the Ultrasonic Studios on October 1, 1974.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 Instrumental Introduction
02 Flashback
03 School Days
04 Triangle
05 Illusions
06 Dimplicity
07 Last Dance
08 Maze
09 Dawning
10 Bad Deal
11 Roundabout
12 Lucky Girl
13 Millions Dollars

Preview here

FLAC - mirror
MP3 - mirror

July 3, 2016

Too Slim & The Taildraggers LIVE WBF Portland, OR. July 4, 2009

 Too Slim & The Taildraggers    
 LIVE WBF Portland, OR. July 4, 2009

Tim “Too Slim” Langford, with his band the Taildraggers, have created an eclectic style of roots-rock, Americana, and blues, that has become a genre all its own. 

Set List
1. one more gallon of gasoline
2. been through hell ??
3. mississippi moon
4. testament
5. serching for the motherlode
6. ??
7. devil in a doublewide
8. when you love somebody

Feb 21/18