April 11, 2007

Genesis: KBFH 1986

Recorded live at the Los Angeles Forum during the Invisible Touch tour.
This recording has all the Dj voice-overs and commercials included. I prefer not to edit it in any way.
I'm not a big fan of Genesis but i must say i found this show to be pretty good, really surprised me.
Requested by Loyola i hope you enjoy!

Sound Quality: 9.5

CD 1
1 Intro / Mama / Abacab / Commercials
2 Land Of Confusion / Domino / Commercials
3 In Too Deep / Follow You, Follow Me / That's All / Commercials
4 Abacab Clip
5 Mike Rutherford Radio Callout
6 Tony Banks Radio Callout
7 Tony Banks Radio Callout
8 Tony Banks Radio Callout
9 Phil Collins Radio Callout

CD 2
1 Intro / Tonight, Tonight, Tonight / Throwing It All Away
2 In The Cage / In That Quiet Earth / Supper's Ready / Commercials
3 Intro / Invisible Touch / Turn It On Again / Commercials
4 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Clip


Artwork and info for this and lots and lots of other Genesis shows can be found here


Anonymous said...

Muito grato, amigo AtticRock ....
Já vou baixar essa BELEZA !!!!!
Grande abraço

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for posting this show, however the password doesn't work for parts 1 & 2. I've tried cut and paste as well as manually entering it. Message says wrong pasword. Can you help? Can you fix this with the correct password, or re-post? This would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again. Bob

Anonymous said...

Sorry about my last post. I re-downloaded these 2 files and the pass word worked fine. Thanks again for posting! Bob

AtticRock said...

É com todo o gosto que faço isto Loyola.

Glad everything worked fine bob :)

Anonymous said...

Great post, great sound, can't wait to see them live this year!!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting these. This Invisible Touch era is great.

freed said...

Thanks for the awesome show, however, please reup, links deleted.

A-Mfan said...

Great show. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

CD 2 link was deleted by file sharing site.

Thanks for all of your sharing & time on this great site.

Anonymous said...

Uploaded is the worst download service. They insist you become a premium member, otherwise no download.