September 29, 2014

Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Live At Buddy Mulligan's 1982

320 mp3 
sound quality: 9

Awesome set from 2 of the greatest of the original Chicago Blues scene! These two legends performed together for years all over the world. Wells is considered one of the best ever on harp and Buddy Guy was an idol for other blues guitar players, such as Eric Clapton, and an inspiration to Jimi Hendrix! No need to say more! Mr Guy still is around and plays as strong as ever. His last studio effort Rhythm & Blues showcase the 78 years old master at his best.
Enjoy this one ! 
And support the Blues where ever you are!

Rippin Frog



September 28, 2014

Mike Scott - Stockholm, Sweden 1995

An acoustic set with Mike Scott, he plays some songs from his solo albums and also from The Waterboys repertoire.
This was captured from a broadcast and there's confirmation of that around minute 3 of track 2 with what seems to be a traffic information update in Swedish I guess...

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - The Return Of Pan
02 - My Dark Side
03 - Karma
04 - I Know She's In The Building
05 - Trumpets
06 - Glastonbury Song
07 - Don't Bang The Drum
08 - What Do You Want Me To Do
09 - The Whole Of The Moon
10 - Long Way To The Light
11 - Building The City Of Light
12 - Wonderful Disguise


September 23, 2014

Los Lobos Live Biddy Mulligans Chicago 1984-12-14

QUALITY: 9.5/10
Great show  from around the time of the release of their first album How Will the Wolf Survive
I used to have a poster from their early days as the best wedding band in L.A. with this picture  saying
 You wouldnt want any of these guys to marry  your daughter...
but you sure wish they played at her wedding!

September 21, 2014

Grant Lee Buffalo - The Palace, Hollywood (1998)

Most of the tracks here are from Jubilee, the fourth and last album for Grant Lee Buffalo. It was released on June 1998, and this show's date is probably September the same year.
This recording was used for broadcast on the radio show In The Zone.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Pre-FM
Track List:
01 - APB
02 - Change Your Tune
03 - Seconds
04 - Testimony
05 - Bethlehem Steel
06 - Mockingbirds
07 - Truly, Truly
08 - Drag
09 - Jubilee

September 16, 2014

Los Lobos Live in Gemany 1987

 Los Lobos, Spanish for "The Wolves", are a multiple Grammy Award–winning American Chicano rock band from East Los Angeles, California. Their music is influenced by rock and roll, Tex-Mex, country, folk, R&B, blues, brown-eyed soul, and traditional music such as cumbia, boleros and norteños.
I have been following this band since their first recording in the 80ies and they are truly one of the best blend of styles you will find! They won best live act in America award a few times and in the late 80ies Rolling Stones magazine named them the best kept secret in the U.S.
I dont have much infos on the show  others than it was somewhere in Germany in 1987
sorry no flacs  but great MP3 quality. More of them coming up soon!

Enjoy! and support these artists!

Rippin Frog


01  Is This All There Is
02  Tears Of God
03  Set Me Free Rosa Lee
04  My Baby's Gone
05  One Time One Night in America
06  Come on Lets Go
07  A Matter of Time
08  When The Lights Go Out
09  Bone Head



September 12, 2014

Rory Gallagher - Denim & A Strat

I received a direct request for this in the mail and I'm happy to share it here, after all there's never too much Rory, at least for me.
This seems to be copied from an unofficial release that goes by the name of Denim & A Strat (yeah, really) from a show at My Father's Place in Roslyn, NY on September 8, 1974.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
1 Tattoo'd Lady
2 Early In the Morning
3 Cradle Rock
4 Just A Little Bit
5 Walk On Hot Coals
6 A Million Miles Away
7 Hands Off
8 Bullfrog Blues

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2

September 10, 2014

Tinsley Ellis Live At Jazzbones Tacoma, WA August 2009

Sound Quality:  9.5
Source: Soundboard

 A hard-rocking, high-voltage blues guitarist most often compared to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tinsley Ellis is hardly one of the legions of imitators that comparison might imply. Schooled in a variety of Southern musical styles, Ellis draws not only from fiery Vaughan-style blues-rock, but also Texas bluesmen like Freddie King and Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, the soulful blues of B.B. King, the funky grit of Memphis soul, and numerous other electric bluesmen. Ellis has been praised in many quarters for the relentless, storming intensity of his sound, and criticized in others for his relative lack of pacing and dynamic contrast (he's also been dubbed a much stronger guitarist than vocalist). Yet no matter which side of the fence one falls on, it's generally acknowledged that Ellis remains a formidable instrumentalist and a genuine student of the blues.

 As always, Support this artist by seeing him live and buying official stuff. !

Rippin Frog

 Track list:

Disc One:
1. Sunlight Of Love 5:34
2. To The Devil For A Dime 4:26
3. A Quitter Never Wins 8:24
4. Tell The Truth 15:54
5. Hell or High Water 5:20
6. It Takes What It Takes 10:29
7. Double Eyed Whammy 10:52
Disc Two:
1. Real Bad Way 7:54
2. Loving For Today 8:36
3. Get To The Bottom 6:13
4. The Last Song 10:06
5. Highwayman 8:32
6. Let Him Down Easy 7:47
7. Leavin’ Here 4:07
8. Pawnbroker 15:18

 LINKS:  sorry no flac found

NEW LINKS:January 31/16

ZIPPY    part1   part 2

Solidfiles    part1    prt2

September 7, 2014

J.J. Cale - Eureka, California 1983

Always a pleasure having J.J. Cale's music aboard, this one recorded at The Old Town Bar And Grill in Eureka, California.
He plays with Christine Lakeland and with the help of some electronic gadgets, and this dates back to 1983.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 Artificial Paradise
02 People Lie
03 Lean On Me
04 Cajun Moon
05 Money Talks
06 After Midnight
07 Don't Wait
08 Walk Out In The Rain
09 Kink In My Chain
10 Ballad Of A Thin Man
11 Deep Dark Dungeon
12 Crazy Mama
13 Reality
14 Call Me The Breeze
15 Clyde
16 Magnolia
17 Cocaine
18 Ride Me High


September 2, 2014

Interstate 40 Rhythm Kings - Live 2002-02-04 Swedish Radio

Sound Quality: 9/10


Interstate 40 Rhythm King

Benny Olander

Kenneth Nilsson

Jan-Ola Mazetti

Richard Carlsson

Björn Vilhjalmsson

This is a great Swedish band, in sweet and perfect harmony with the

rock hard R&B, swing blues, jump blues, 50's-70's rock-blues -

that's the Interstate 40 Rhythm Kings in a nut shell.

From hits to unknown, from sweet ballads to the up tempo

blues rock, from old to new - and all presented for a dancing

audience! Interstate 40 Rhythm Kings will guarantee you a night

where you don't want to sit at a table, but a night with lots of

dancing, swing, and rock'n'roll!

I dont know much about the show itself but Im pretty sure it was a Swedish

radio broadcast. 17 smokin' tracks here !

sorry no flac for this one.

Rippin Frog



September 1, 2014

Joan Osborne Live Wetland Preserve 12-31-92

Here is a great recording of early Joan Osborne, before the Lilith Fair crowd got their hand on her. This is on balls to the wall rock, R&B & soul shows!
This show goes out to one of the top tapers Dave Nolan. Dave was a fixture on the taper seen from 1988 to his passing in 2010. Those of us in the tri-state area who listened to his late night program on WBAI got to hear all the sounds around the NY scene. Even though he worked a full time job, he would record all sorts of shows (Blues Traveler, Spin Doctors, The Dead, Moe & more), Then rush down to the studio and play them on his 3:00am - 6:00am show. Some times he would have to save the encore of a show for his next weeks show.

I been pounding about posting this one.... Show is awesome  but the bit rate is LOW  128kb
I decided to post it  anyway in case maybe ,just maybe someone would have a better copy!
if you do please  let us know!

Midnight Countdown -> Auld Lang Syne 1:59
His Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles 5:01
The World Is A Genius 6:53
Don't Let Me Down (Beatles) 3:45
Dreamin' About The Day 6:36
Fingerprints -> 5:23
Midnight In Memphis 6:30
Joan & The Audience Banter 3:19
Crazy Baby 6:10
Son Of A Preacher Man (Dusty Springfield) 8:29
How Red Was My Kiss 6:40

4 Camels 3:50
Match Burn Twice 4:52
Enemy In The Sky 5:12
Help Me (Trad) 7:20
Tonight -> 4:52
Open So Wide 5:37
Take Me To The River (Al Green) 9:40
Wild World 4:51
Get Up Jack 7:49
Killing Floor (Trad) 13:06
E: I Shall Be Released (Dylan)7:26

NEW LINK  May 5/17

WARNING:  128 kbs  bit rate   cant find a better copy