May 31, 2021

Mick Jagger - Webster Hall, New York 1993

A great performance of Mick Jagger that was very well accompanied by an excellent band at the Webster Hall, New York City on February 9, 1993.
This was a show to promote his third solo album, Wandering Spirit.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 Introduction
02 Wired All Night
03 Out of Focus
04 Sweet Thing
05 Use Me
06 Don't Tear Me Up
07 Evening Gown
08 Angel in My Heart
09 Band Introduction
10 Wandering Spirit
11 Put Me in the Trash
12 Think
13 Mother of a Man
14 Rip This Joint
15 Live With Me
16 Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadow

May 29, 2021

NRBQ LIVE Rusty Nail - Sunderland MA 1973

 Rusty Nail - 
Sunderland MA 
Flashback to the 70ies !!


01 Talk To Me.mp3
02 Call Him Off, Rogers.mp3
03 That's Neat, That's Nice.mp3
04 Two Sides From Every Story.mp3
05 I Want To Know.mp3
06 DIG.mp3
07 There's No Looking Back.mp3
08 Keyboard Jam (Music, Music, Music.mp3
09 Rockin' In Rhythm.mp3
10 Let Me Tell 'Bout My Girl.mp3
11 Mister Perrington.mp3
12 Holy Cow.mp3
13 Gonna Have To Ball, That's All.mp3
14 Mona.mp3
15 Who Put The Garlic In The Glue_.mp3
16 Get Rhythm.mp3
17 Sorry Charlie.mp3
18 You Got It.mp3
19 Get On The Right Track, Baby.mp3
20 Queen Talk.mp3
21 Bye Bye Love.mp3


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May 27, 2021

Gregg Allman & Friends - Keswick Theatre, Glenside 1999

This is a real good audience recording of Gregg Allman & Friends at the Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA.
Big thanks to Vinegar Joe that sent me these files.

Track List:
01 - Intro
02 - Hot 'Lanta 
03 - I'm No Angel 
04 - Slip Away 
05 - Rendezvous With The Blues 
06 - Midnight Rider 
07 - I Love The Poison 
08 - I Been Hurt By You
09 - House Of Blues 
10 - Samson & Delilah
11 - Demons 
12 - Please Call Home 
13 - Just Before The Bullets Fly 
14 - Mean Heartbreaker 
15 - Goin' Back To Daytona
16 - Melissa
17 - Whipping Post 
18 - Trouble No More 
19 - I Need Your Love So Bad 
20 - Statesboro Blues

May 25, 2021

John Littlejohn, Byther Smith & the Chicago Blues Band 1984-08-29 Norrkoping, Sweden

Norrkoping, Sweden

Nice recording of those great Chicago players

Johnny Littlejohn - guitar & vox
Byther Smith - Guitar & Vox
Aron Burton - bass
Melvin Crisp - drums

01 - Next Time You See Me.mp3
02- Money Tree.mp3
03 - Hold that Train Conductor.mp3
04 - Messing with the Kid.mp3
05 - All Your Love.mp3
06 - BANTER.mp3
07 - Kiddio.mp3
08- Feel Like Chopping.mp3
09 - Bloody Tears.mp3
10 - 29 Ways.mp3
11 - Dream.mp3
12 - Shake Your Money Maker.mp3



May 23, 2021

Steve Miller Band - Beacon Theater, New York 1975

A very nice show of Steve Miller and band at the Beacon Theater in New York.
This concert from April 1975 includes tracks from the successful album Fly Like an Eagle that was released only on May 20, 1976.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Pre-FM

Track List:
01 Intro
02 Fly Like An Eagle
03 Wild Mountain Honey
04 Come On In My Kitchen
05 Going To The Country
06 Nothing Lasts
07 Going to Mexico
08 The Joker
09 Take The Money And Run
10 Gangster Of Love
11 Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash
12 Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma
13 Outro
14 AD For The Show

May 21, 2021

Chris Thomas King & 21st Century Blues LIVE 21st Annual Chicago Blues Fest 2004-06-11

21st Annual Chicago Blues Fest  

 "He can do the do the 1930ies vintage Blues and 
He can do the Southern dirty HipHop Blues"

Blues with a twist for sure but if Robert Johnson 
was around now who knows what Crossroad would sound like !

Set List

 001  Welcome To The Jungle.mp3
002  Thrill Is Gone 21st Century Style.mp3
003  Homesick Blues.mp3
004  Ghetto Child.mp3
005  Hard Time King of Former Blues.mp3
006  John Law Burn Down The Liquor Store.mp3
007  Down Home Piano Blues.mp3
008  Gonna Take A Miracle.mp3
009  Crossroads 21st Century Style.mp3
010  John The Revelator.mp3
011  Blues of The 21st Century.mp3



May 19, 2021

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Santiago, Chile 1997

Emerson, Lake & Palmer on their South American '97 tour on August 12, the first of two dates they did in Chile at the nacional stadium.
Recorded from the transmission on Radio Futuro, 'La Radio del Rock', you can hear some station jingle stamping (does this makes sense in English?) occasionally.

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01. Intro-Karn Evil 9 1st Pt 2
02. Tiger In a Spotlight
03. Hoedown
04. Touch And Go
05. From The Beginning
06. Knife Edge
07. Bitches Crystals
08. Creole Dance
09. Honky Tonk
10. Take a Pebble
11. Lucky Man
12. Tarkus
13. Pictures At An Exhibition
14. Fanfare For The Common Man-rondo
15. 21st Century Schizoid Man-america-outro Music

May 17, 2021

Lonnie Brooks Family Band LIVE 21st Annual Chicago Blues Fest 2004-06-11

21st Annual Chicago Blues Fest  

A Brooks Family  reunion!
Lonnie Brooks was a giant and his sons might very well become legends too !


001  Wayne Baker Brooks.mp3
002  It Don't Work Like That.mp3
003  You  Make It Easy Baby.mp3
004  I Had My Chance.mp3
005  See You Hurt No More.mp3
006  I Wanna Know.mp3
007  Baby Come Home With Me.mp3
008  The Crawl.mp3
009  You're Using Me into Sweet Home Chicago.mp3



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May 15, 2021

David Bowie - A Son Of The Circus (Ottawa, Canada 1987)

Even not being a fan of this period in David Bowie's career this is interesting and has the addiction of 
having Peter Frampton on guitar and vocals that I think did all the concerts for the Glass Spider Tour.
This is a recording of the whole show, lasting over two hours, at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa, Canada on 28th August 1987.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
Disc 1
01. Intro / Up The Hill Backwards
02. Glass Spider / Up The Hill Backwards (reprise)
03. Day In Day Out
04. Bang Bang
05. Absolute Beginners
06. Loving The Alien
07. China Girl
08. Rebel Rebel
09. Fashion

Disc 2
01. Scary Monsters
02. All The Madmen
03. Never Let Me Down
04. Big Brother
05. 87 & Cry
06. Heroes
07. Sons Of The Silent Age
08. Time Will Crawl

Disc 3
01. Young Americans
02. Beat Of Your Drum
03. The Jean Genie
04. Let's Dance
05. Fame
06. Time
07. Blue Jean
08. Modern Love

May 13, 2021

The Replacements It Ain 't Over 'Til The Fat Roadies Play Chicago IL - 1991-07-04

It Ain 't Over 'Til The Fat Roadies Play 
(Last Ever Concert) - 
Petrillo Music Shell - Grant Park - 

 Great quality and 
Hot stuff from the legendary live band !

01 i will dare
02 bent outta shape
03 achin' to be
04 merry go round
05 happy town
06 swingin party
07 one wink at a time
08 waitress in the sky
09 when it began
10 someone take the wheel
11 talent show
12 nobody
13 another girl, another planet
14 hey good lookin
15 i'll be you
16 i don't know
17 within your reach
18 can't hardly wait
19 hootenany (roadies playing)

20 sonic reducer
21 kiss me on the bus

tracks 20 & 21 recorded live at Tipitanas in New Orleans, USA Jan. 28th, 1991.
these are lower quality  but I left them in there anyway


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May 11, 2021

Roxy Music - Den Haag, The Netherland 1979

After an absence of almost three years from the road and the records, Roxy Music recorded a new album and went on tour in early 1979.
This show was recorded at the Nederlands Congresgebouw in Den Haag, on March 6, 1979. The album Manifesto was released a few days later and has four songs in the track list. 
Originating from a Dutch radio broadcast unfortunately we don't get the complete show here, but included is an interview with a (very tired) Bryan Ferry.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01. Intro (Dutch Announcement)
02. Manifesto
03. Trash
04. A Song For Europe
05. Mother Of Pearl
06. Ain’t That So
07. Strong Through The Years
08. Ladytron
09. In Every Dream Home A Heartache
10. Love Is The Drug
11. Re-Make/Re-Model
12. Bryan Ferry Interview

May 9, 2021

Son Seals Blues Band LIVE The Bottom Line, 1978

The  Bottom Line, 
Son Seals unique brand of made in Chicago Blues!


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May 7, 2021

Zebra - McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, CO 1985

Zebra, although originating from New Orleans, was part of a Long Island rock scene along with bands that early in their career started playing classic rock covers in small and medium sized clubs.
In the same league of The Good Rats and Twisted Sister (before they got a record deal) Zebra eventually got signed to Atlantic and released the first album in 1983, produced by Jack Douglas.
In this show at McNichols Sports Arena, Denver on February 16, 1985 they were opening for Sammy Hagar just a few months after No Tellin' Lies, the second record, was out.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01. Introduction
02. As I Said Before
03. Free
04. When You Get There
05. She's Waiting For You
06. Wait Until The Summer's Gone
07. Tell Me What You Want
08. One More Chance
09. Take Your Fingers From My Hair
10. Who's Behind The Door?
11. crowd
12. Randy Jackson Guitar Solo
13. Slow Down

May 5, 2021

Slash's Blues Balls LIVE Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, NL 1997-11-16 -

Paradiso Club, 
Amsterdam, NL  

Yes it is "THE" Slash !
not my usual offering  !
 Kewl covers  ranging from CCR to James Gang to old Blues classics!
This was a benefit for Jason Becker broadcasted on Dutch radio

The Band
  • Slash – lead guitar
  • Teddy Andreadis – lead vocals,  Harp Keyboards
  • Alvino Bennet – drums
  • Johnny Griparic – bass
  • Dave McLaurin – saxophone
  • Bobby Schneck – rhythm guitar


May 2, 2021

Strawbs - Ebbets Field, Denver 1974

About time to have the Strawbs here, English band founded in 1964 mainly playing in the areas of folk and progressive rock.
This recording comes from their show at Ebbets Field in Denver, on March 4, 1974 which prominently featured tracks from the excellent Hero and Heroine published the same year. I like particularly the opening piece from that album, called Autumn.
The band is led by David Cousins, the only member from the original formation, and is still active having released in February an album entitled Settlement
You can find (much)more about them here:

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
1. New World
2. Lay Down
3. Autumn
4. Tears And Pavan
5. Just Love
6. Out In The Cold, Round And Round
7. Lay A Little Light On Me
8. Hero And Heroine
9. The River