June 23, 2007

Rush: Bigger & Better In Texas 1996

I believe Rush are one of the bands with more top quality non-official releases.
So here's another 5-star show this one from the Test for Echo tour. The complete concert with almost 3 hours of music!
If you want even more Rush go and check out stewy's blog Wish at Night with a ton of great shows.
Get the covers here at the fantastic Digital Rush Experience site.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Track List:

Disc 1
1) intro
2) dreamline
3) the big money
4) driven
5) half the world
6) red barchetta
7) animate
8) limbo
9) the trees

Disc 2
1) red sector A
2) virtuality
3) nobody's hero
4) closer to the heart
5) 2112

Disc 3
1) test for echo
2) subdivisions
3) freewill
4) roll the bones
5) resist
6) leave that thing alone
7) the rhythm method
8) natural science
9) force ten
10)the spirit of radio
11)tom sawyer
12)YYZ/cygnus x-1

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Stewy said...

Great site great post many thanks

ARAMIS said...

Thanks a lot. Its sound is really amazing.


AtticRock said...

Yes, another Rush recording with great sound and there are even more out there :)
Glad you guys liked it.

Anonymous said...

NICE!! Thanks for the share!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you from Doncaster, UK.

The Saints (US) - Live said...

I was at this show - it is nice to have a high quality copy - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

where is Stewy's blog??????

AtticRock said...

I think it's gone.

Gathering_Of_The_Tribe said...

yeah was good too...
saw Rush this month in Newcastle they were fantastic

Anonymous said...

I downloaded all 5 parts and used 7-zip to unstuff them. It asked me 3 times about having the same file and after looking at what was unstuffed and your song list it looks like songs 4-8 on disk 1 are missing. I have everything else and it does sound great. Great show. Thanks for all of the posts.

Anonymous said...

I cannot download pt 4, it says I am already downloading something.....anyone else have this problem?

Great site btw, fantastic

AtticRock said...

I can only advise you to try later. All the files are still online.

cenk said...

beautiful blog & wonderful bootlegs!!great job bro!!Thanks a lot!!I really like to listen "good quality" boots!!
Cheers from Istanbul!!;)

cenk said...

to Anonymous,
don't open them part by part.you download them all first.
when all the 5 parts done,only open the "part 1".You can see,all the tracks are inside the part 1.if you open them separetely,you can loose some tracks;)

AtticRock said...

Thanks cenk, welcome aboard.

Anonymous said...

Excelente sound, really great concert, thank you so much Rush for the music and thank you for put it on line.


Scorp said...

it won't let me open the files without entering a password

AtticRock said...

... and the pass is:

Anonymous said...

lonks for pt 2 and 3 are dead - any chance of a reup? - thanks

AtticRock said...

I just refreshed all links for this one.