February 29, 2020

Blue Öyster Cult - Lewiston NY 2011

Here's the amazing Blue Öyster Cult, courtesy of Titus Luxor.

Blue Öyster Cult
Lewiston NY 2011

I was stumbling around in the vaults here at Luxor Towers
when I came across this neglected show.
Audience recording, open air concert, low quality mp3
...didn't sound promising....Wrong! this is great IMO.
All vocals and instruments have good separation
and, most importantly, Buck's guitar is loud and clear.
I even love the way Red & the Black starts too slow
but picks up after, I'm guessing,
a withering look at Jules from Buck.
I will be taking Mrs Luxor to the Gateshead and Leicester
BÖC shows later in the year. Anyone going?
Also want to go to Paris in June
but can't get tickets...damn!
We saw them at Amager Bio in Copenhagen
a couple of years or so back.
That was one hell of a gig.
I believe it was their first time there since 1975.
Those Danes went mental! They told me they were "punks".
Don't think punk is the same thing there.
Fights broke out, girlfiends were pushed onto the stage
...crazy stuff.
I've seen them lots of times going back to the 70s
Unlike AtticRock who lives in Middle Earth
where bands rarely play.
Oh...and a big HELLO to Derek
A long time member of this community.
P,S. Any Renaissance fans out there?

The Red & the Black
Before the Kiss (a Redcap)
The Golden Age of Leather
Burnin' for You
Cities on Flame
Shooting Shark
Last Days of May
Black Blade
(Don't Fear) The Reaper
Hot Rails to Hell


February 27, 2020

Georgia Satellites LIVE Montreux, CH - 08-07-88

Montreux, CH  
August 7th 1988

 Well folks this is one of the BEST (bootleg or official)
 of the Sats I ever heard
Crank it up !

Disc 1

01. Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
02. Down And Down
03. Let It Rock
04. Open All Night
05. Sheila
06. Battleship Chains
07. Myth of Love
08. Something Else
09. Dunk N' Dine
10. Dont Pass Me by
11. Cool Inside

Disc 2
01. Something in The air
02. Amazing Grace
03. Can't Stand The Pain
04. Keep Your Hands To Yourself/It's Only Rock n roll
05. Railroad Steel
06. Shake Rattle And Roll**
07. Slow Down**
08. Great Balls of Fire**
disc 2
Track 6-8 with George Duke on piano.




February 25, 2020

Nazareth - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver 1983

This is Nazareth on a rarely seen radio broadcast recording.
A good show, probably incomplete, with the Scottish band formed in 1968 performing during the 2XS tour.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 All Night Radio
02 Razamanaz
03 I Want To Do Everything For You
04 Beggars Day
05 Love Leads To Madness
06 Cocaine
07 Big Boy
08 Whippin' Boy
09 Boy's In The Band
10 Expect No Mercy
11 Hair Of The Dog

February 23, 2020

Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King LIVE Blues On The Mall Grand Rapids, MI

Blues On The Mall Downtown  
Grand Rapids, MI

This band always delivered great Texas Blues!

Smokin Joe passed away 
October 11, 2015
Bnois King keeps playing  around
and may have a new album in the next while!

Joe Kubek - guitar , Voc.
Bnois King - guitar , voc.
Paul Zickins - bass
Wrath Power- drums  

01 - Intro 
02 - Buzz Me Baby 
03 - I Ain't Superstitious 
04 - Mean Mistreater 
05 - I'm Going To New York 
06 - That Same Thing 
07 - That's All I Want 
08 - Band intro > I Got The Worst Heartache I Ever Had 
09 - Two Trains 
10 - Gotta Have It Right Now 
11 - I'm Gonna Leave You Baby 
12 - Tell Me Babe 
13 - Ride With Me
14 - Announcement
15 - Wish I Was With Ya 
16 - Can't See For Lookin'
17 - Changes Made 
18 - Mellow Down Easy 
19 - Better Things To Do 
20 - Mean Old World 
21 - Instrumental
22 - Big Legs 
23 - I Want My Hands On It 
24 - Announcement

25 - Red Rooster 
26 - Instrumental Boogie
27 - Outro


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February 21, 2020

Don Felder - Greenwich Odeon, East Greenwich, Rhode Island 2019

Today we have a show shared by Titus, an old friend of Soundaboard that was prolific in the early days of the blog and will probably send us more stuff from time to time.
Welcome back!

Don Felder
Greenwich Odeon
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
September 27, 2019

Don Felder - Vocals/Guitar
Timothy Drury - Keyboards
Bruce Atkinson - Bass
Chris Ralles - Drums
David Myhre - Guitar

Great audience recording of the former Eagles axeman
and his excellent band. Don is playing in Lucerne in March.
I will be there.

01 Already Gone
02 One of These Nights
03 Pride and Joy
04 Victim of Love
05 American Rock 'N' Roll
06 Peaceful Easy Living
07 Tequila Sunrise
08 Seven Bridges Road
09 Those Shoes
10 Rock You
11 Heavy Metal(Takin'a Ride)
12 Witchy Woman
13 The Long Run
14 Heartache Tonight
15 Life in the Fast Lane
16 Take It Easy
17 Hotel California

part 1
part 2

part 1
part 2


February 19, 2020

Roger Waters LIVE 50.000 Lunatics on the Grass


50,000 Lunatics On The Grass
Santiago De Chile
March 14th 2007

Waters delivers a great performance as always!
Top quality recording too!
Dark Side of the Moon  
plus  classics from Wish You Were, The Wall  and more !

101 In The Flesh.mp3
102 Mother.mp3
103 Set The Controls.mp3
104 Shine on You Crazy Diamond.mp3
105 Have a Cigar.mp3
106 Wish You Were Here.mp3
107 Southampton Dock.mp3
108 The Fletcher Memorial Home.mp3
109 Perfect Sense (part I).mp3
110 Perfect Sense (part II).mp3
111 Leaving Beirut.mp3
112 Sheep.mp3
201 Speak to me - Breathe.mp3
202 On the Run.mp3
203 Time - Breathe (reprise).mp3
204 The Great Gig in the Sky.mp3
205 Money.mp3
206 Us and Them.mp3
207 Any Colour You Like.mp3
208 Brain Damage.mp3
209 Eclipse.mp3
210 The Happiest Days - Another Brick.mp3
211 Vera - Bring The Boys Back Home.mp3
212 Comfortably Numb.mp3




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February 17, 2020

Queensryche - M3 Rock Festival, Columbia 2012

One year after releasing the aptly titled Dedicated to Chaos Queensryche were going through harsh times with rising tension between members of the band and Geoff Tate, being this one of the last shows with him on vocals.
This concert at the M3 Rock Festival on May 2012 during the 30th Anniversary tour was televised.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 Intro
02 Get Started
03 Damaged
04 I Don't Believe In Love
05 Hit The Black
06 I'm American
07 NM 156
08 Screaming In Digital
09 GT Banter #1
10 The Lady Wore Black
11 Walk In The Shadows
12 GT Banter #2
13 Silent Lucidity
14 Jet City Woman
15 Empire
16 Eyes Of A Stranger

MP3 - mirror
FLAC - mirror

February 15, 2020

Buddy Guy Lonnie Brooks Wayne Baker Brooks Otis Taylor

Lunch at Legend  
2003 05 31

The great Buddy Guy 
with Lonnie Brooks and more !!
One of kind session here !

d1-01 intro.mp3
 d1-02 Crawlin King Snake.mp3
d1-03 My Souls In Louisiana.mp3
d1-04 Witness.mp3
d1-05 Resurrection Blues.mp3
d1-06 intro.mp3
d1-07 Two Headed Man.mp3
d1-08 chat.mp3
d1-09 Youre Using Me.mp3
10 You Make It Easy.mp3
d2-01 intro.mp3
d2-02 Lucy Mae Blues.mp3
d2-03 chat.mp3
d2-04 Louise McGhee.mp3
d2-05 Hoochie Coochie Man.mp3
d2-06 intro.mp3
d2-07 Feel Good Doin Bad.mp3
d2-08 You Better Watch Yourself.mp3



February 13, 2020

The Darkness - KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark 2004

Following the tremendous success of their debut album, Permission to Land, The Darkness toured immensely having made about 114 concerts in 2004 (according to setlist.fm data).
Shared here is the February 12 show at KB Hallen in Copenhagen.
A second album was released in 2005 but they broke up the next year. In 2011 the band reunited and since then they have been recording and touring regularly.
If you're into seeing a great hard/rock'n'roll live band catch them if you can.
Check tour dates here

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 Bareback
02 Growing On Me
03 Best Of Me
04 Makin' Out
05 Love Is Only A Feeling
06 Physical Sex
07 Get Your Hands Off My Woman
08 Friday Night
09 I Believe In A Thing Called Love
10 Givin' Up
11 Love On The Rocks With No Ice

MP3 - mirror
FLAC - mirror

February 11, 2020

Luther Allison LIVE Leverkusen 1994


One of the more passionate and dynamic blues guitarists, this short
set by Luther Allison is a tribute to his legend.  The music is dynamic
and powerful; the songs laced with emotion as Luther's searing guitar
flashed throughout.  
Grab this show as I'm sure you'll love it!
His son Bernard's great work continues the family tradition!
well I updated the infos I guess you know which other Luther I have for next time !


01. I Wanna Know.mp3
02. Soul Fixin' Man.mp3
03. Bad Love.mp3
04. Middle Of The Road.mp3
05. I Feel So Bad.mp3

06. FCreedom.mp3
LINKS  JULY 17  21

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February 10, 2020

Reupload news: The Tubes - Winterland Ballroom New Year's Eve 1975

I think this will be a nice surprise for some of you, notably those who asked for reuploads of it.
A post with over 11 years has new files freshly sent by Titus. Go for it!


February 8, 2020

The Byrds - Pacific Memorial Stadium, Stockton 1970

As promised here's part two of the Untitled Collection.
So this one is from September 1970, the sound is a little better, has slight changes on the setlist and was recorded at the Pacific Memorial Stadium, Stockton.

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01. I Trust (fade in) 
02. Well Come Back Home
03. My Back Pages
04. B.J. Blues / Baby What You Want Me To Do
05. Truck Stop Girl
06. Instrumental
07. Take A Whiff On Me
08. This Wheel's On Fire
09. It's Alright Ma
10. Ballad Of Easy Rider
11. Jesus Is Just Alright
12. Turn! Turn! Turn!
13. Mr. Tambourine Man
14. Eight Miles High
15. Outro
16. So You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star
17. Mr. Spaceman
18. Christian Life
19. Lover Of The Bayou/Outro

MP3 - mirror
FLAC - mirror

February 6, 2020

Muddy Waters LIVE Montreal - SESSIONS 1967-10-18


Unplugged !
Muddy and his band
before there was a term for it !
 This very informal acoustic  recording done at the boarding house
in Montreal when Muddy came for The 67 World fair
Doesn't get any better then this folks !

Muddy Waters - acoustic guitar, vocals (1-5)
'Mojo' Buford - acoustic guitar, harmonica
Luther Johnson - acoustic guitar, vocals
Sam Langhorn - acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Otis Spann - acoustic guitar, vocals

1. Gypsy Woman
2. Little Anna Mae
3. Take a Walk With Me
4. Mean Disposition
5. Laverne - Luther Johnson, vocals
6. Leavin' in the Mornin' - Luther Johnson, vocals
7. Got a Sweet Little Girl - Luther Johnson, vocals
8. Bad Luck And Trouble - Luther Johnson, vocals
9. Nothin' Bother Me - Otis Spann, vocals
10. Crazy 'bout You Baby - Otis Spann, vocals



February 4, 2020

The Byrds - Loyola College, Baltimore 1970

A concert from April 15, 1970 with The Byrds at the Loyola College in Baltimore.
This is the first disc from a double set of an unofficial released called Untitled Collection.
The second disc will follow on my next post.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01. Lover Of The Bayou (fade in)
02. You Ain't Going Nowhere
03. Well Come Back Home
04. My Back Pages
05. B.J. Blues / Baby What You Want Me To Do
06. Truck Stop Girl
07. Instrumental
08. Mr. Tambourine Man
09. Take A Whiff On Me
10. This Wheel's On Fire
11. It's Alright Ma
12. Ballad Of Easy Rider
13. Jesus Is Just Alright
14. Eight Miles High
15. So You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star
16. Mr. Spaceman
17. Outro

MP3 - mirror
FLAC - mirror

February 2, 2020

Nine Below Zero LIVE in Milwaukee 1994 with Hubert Sumlin

with Hubert Sumlin

Live at Shank Hall, Milwaukee
October 30, 1994 
Great band live 
featuring on the best ever 
Hubert Sumlin !

01 Intro - Guitar Man
02 Soft Touch In A Hard World
03 Bad Town Blues
04 On The Road Again
05 Hubert Sumlin intro
06 Tough Times (with Hubert Sumlin)
07 Hard Times Again (with Hubert Sumlin)
08 Heart And Soul (with Hubert Sumlin)
09 Driving On A One Way Street
10 Burn Love

Dennis Greaves (vocals, guitar)
Gerry McAvoy (bass)
Brendan O'Neill (drums)
Mark Feltham (harmonica)
with Hubert Sumlin (guitar, vocals)