January 31, 2023

Bonnie Raitt LIVE Jazz & Heritage Festival New Orleans, LA April 23, 1977

Bonnie Raitt
Jazz & Heritage Festival
Fair Grounds And Racetrack
New Orleans, LA
April 23, 1977

If you’re a Bonnie fan at any level, casual or hardcore, 
I would consider this recording as a must have. 

01 Walk Out The Front Door
02 Good Enough
03 Nothing Seems To Matter
04 Love Me Like A Man
05 Kokomo Blues
06 Give It Up Or Let Me Go
07 You Got To Know How
08 About To Make Me Leave Home
09 Sugar Mama
10 Three Time Loser
11 What Do You Want The Boy To Do

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January 29, 2023

Stephen Stills - Brady Theater, Tulsa, OK 1995

Stephen Stills and his band, no Neil Young appearance here, at the Brady Theater in Tulsa, OK
Thanks to Vinegar Joe for sharing this good quality soundboard recording with us.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 - Midnight Rider
02 - So Begins The Task
03 - Love The One You're With
04 - Change Partners
05 - Treetop Flyer
06 - Southern Cross
07 - Born In Chicago
08 - Born Under A Bad Sign
09 - It Won't Go Away
10 - Long Time Gone
11 - Can't Get Next To You
12 - Dark Star
13 - For What It's Worth
14 - Woodstock

January 27, 2023

Buddy Guy LIVE Sweet Tea Release at Legends 2001-05-16

From Studio X "Sweet Tea Release Party"
Legends, Chicago Illinois 

sound from the master of Chicago blues guitar!
Sweet Tea is considered one of Buddy's best recording ever


Buddy Guy: Guitar, Vocals
Orlando: Wright Bass
Tony Z: Keyboards
Jerry Porter: Drums
Frank Blinkal: Guitar
Dave Monahan: Saxophone

01 Interview With Buddy
02 Intro/Baby Please Don't Leave Me
03 Who's Been Foolin' You
04 Damm Right I Got The Blues
05 Feels Like Rain
06 I Got Something On My Sholder
07 Hoochie Coochie Man  
08 Done Got Old
09 Tramp
10 It's A Jungle Out There
11 Band Intros - Got My Mojo Working
12 The Things I Used To Do
13 Voodoo Child

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Do not have a clue why them tracks were gone!
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January 25, 2023

Classic Rock Magazine show - David Bowie special

A Classic Rock Magazine Show special from the14th of January 2016 dedicated to David Bowie and conducted by radio presenter Nicky Horne.
In addition to other stories Nicky will take us back to 1979 when he was a young DJ in Capital radio and David Bowie was the guest star on his radio show 'Your Mother Wouldn't Like It'.

Get it here: Soundaboard Jukebox

January 23, 2023

Larry Garner & Band LIVE Watermans Arts Centre , Brentford, London, 26.5.96

Watermans Arts Centre , 
Brentford, London, 

A Sunday PM slot at what was a two centered “London Blues Festival” -
this venue and Blackheath Concert Halls ….
recorded direct from mixing desk...
.This guy is not a household name... but should be !

1 Intros
2 Let The Good Times Roll
3 Jook Joint Woman
4 The Preacher man
5 Shak Bully
6 The Road Of Life
7 Had To Quit Drinking
8 Shut It Down
9 One Little Drink
10 Keep Playing The Blues

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January 21, 2023

The Who - Gund Arena, Cleveland 2000

The Who in perfectly fine form at the Gund Arena in Cleveland on the 30th September 2000.
This date was part of the third leg of their North America tour 'The Who Tour 2000'.
This is the recording of the concert in its entirety taken from the board with great quality, probably using mics capturing the audience.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
Disc One 
01 - I Can't Explain
02 - Substitute
03 - Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
04 - Relay
05 - My Wife
06 - Baba O'Riley
07 - Bargain
08 - Getting In Tune
09 - Sheraton Gibson
10 - Behind Blue Eyes
11 - Pinball Wizard
12 - The Real Me

Disc Two
01 - You Better You Bet
02 - Who Are You
03 - 515
04 - Won't Get Fooled Again
05 - The Kids Are Alright
06 - Let's See Action
07 - My Generation

MP3 pt2 - mirror

January 19, 2023

Jeff Beck Group LIVE BBC Sessions, Mar 7, 1967 - Sept17 1968


BBC Sessions, 
Mar 7, 1967 - Sept17 1968

Compilations of different BBC broadcasting
Sound Quality vary some better than others
Still...JB playing is superb

01-I Ain't Superstitious_1967-03-07.mp3
02-Jeff Beck interview_1967-03-07.mp3
03-Hi Ho Silver Lining_1967-03-07.mp3
04-I Know I'm Losing You_1967-03-07.mp3
05-Let me Love You_1967-03-07.mp3
06-Stone Cold Crazy_1967-03-07.mp3
07-Rock My Plimsoul_1967-05-15.mp3
08-Rock My Plimsoul_1967-07-04.mp3
09-This Morning_1967-07-04.mp3
11-I Ain't Superstitious_1967-11-01.mp3
12-Beck's Bolero_1967-11-01.mp3
13-You'll Never get to Heaven_1967-11-01.mp3
14-You Shook Me_1967-11-01.mp3
15-Loving You_1967-11-01.mp3
16-You Shook Me_1968-09-17.mp3
17-Rock My Plimsoul_1968-09-17.mp3
18-Shapes of Things_1968-09-17.mp3
19-Rice Pudding_1968-09-17.mp3
20-Sweet Little Angel_1968-09-17.mp3
21-Hi Ho Silver Lining_1967-03-07.mp3
22-I Know I'm Losing You_1967-03-07.mp3
23-Rock My Plimsoul_1967-07-04_TD.mp3
25-Rock My Plimsoul_1968-09-17_TD.mp3
26-Shapes of Things_1968-09-17_TD.mp3

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January 17, 2023

Hawkwind - Apollo Theatre, Glasgow 1982

Here's Hawkwind in the early eighties with a concert at the Apollo Theatre in Glasgow on 19 October 1982, part of the Choose Your Masques U.K. tour.
Throughout Hawkwind's long career dozens of musicians have been in the band, the line-up for this concert was Dave Brock, Harvey Bainbridge, Huw Lloyd-Langton (excellent guitar work), Martin Griffin and Nik Turner, the former three already deceased.
The excellent Spanish hard-rock band Baron Rojo was the support act.

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 - Choose Your Masks
02 - Coded Languages
03 - Magnu
04 - Dust Of Time
05 - Waiting For Tomorrow
06 - Angels Of Death
07 - Ghost Dance
08 - Golden Void
09 - Psychedelic Warlords
10 - Social Alliance
11 - Utopia/Arrival In Utopia
12 - Solitary Mind Games
13 - Sonic Attack
14 - Dream Worker
15 - Brainstorm
16 - Ejection
17 - Shot Down In The Night
18 - Master Of The Universe

January 15, 2023

Blood Sweat & Tears LIVE Helsinki, Finland 1974.06.06

Helsinki, Finland

Very good quality here
Fisher does an OK job on vocals 
but  Clayton-Thomas raw power is lacking!

Jerry Fisher - Vocals
Jerry LaCroix - Vocals, Saxophone, Harmonica (R.I.P)
Georg Wadenius - Guitar
Ron McClure - Bass
Larry Willis - Piano
Bobby Colomby - Drums
Bill Tillman - Woodwinds (R.I.P.)
Tony Klata - Trumpet
Dave Bargeron - Trombone & Tuba


  (Look Up to the Sky)
01 Engine 49 *
02 God Bless the Child
03 Snow Queen
04 Maiden Voyage
05 She’s Coming Home
06 Mean Ole World
07 So Long Dixie
08 She Does It To Me **
09 I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
10 You Girl **
11 Are You Satisfied
 < Mirror Image Suite >
12 Maglomania
13 Mirror Image (cut into)
14 South Mountain Shuffle
15 Rock Reprise
16 Almost Sorry(that I Left You)
17 Spinning Wheel
18 And When I Die
  (You've Made Me So Very Happy)
*  never recorded by BS&T.
** Not recorded by BS&T. Recorded by Jerry LaCroix on "The Second Coming".

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January 13, 2023

Jeff Beck - Greek Theatre, Los Ahgeles, CA 1980-09-08

After the sad news of Jeff Beck's passing last Tuesday we go back to 1980 and a show he did at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.
A great audience recording sent this way by Vinegar Joe, thanks!

Track List:
01. pre-show chatter by the tapers
02. Star Cycle 
03. El Becko 
04. Too Much To Lose 
05. The Pump 
06. Cause We've Ended as Lovers 
07. Space Boogie 
08. The Golden Road
09. Led Boots 
10. Diamond Dust 
11. Scatterbrain 
12. The Final Peace 
13. Blue Wind 
14. encore call (tape changed during applause)
15. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
16. You Never Know 
17. Goin' Down 

January 11, 2023

John Campbell LIVE Fort Worth, TX 1992-10-11

Fort Worth, TX   

Audience recording of great quality here

Guitarist, singer, and songwriter John Campbell had the potential of turning
 a whole new generation of people onto the blues
 in the 1990s, much the same way Stevie Ray Vaughan did in the '80s. 
His vocals were so powerful and his guitar playing so 
 fiery, you couldn't help but stop what you were doing and pay attention 
to what you were hearing. But unfortunately, because
  of frail health and a rough European tour, he suffered a heart attack in his sleep 
on June 13, 1993, at the age of 41.

 His cover of When the levee breaks is just as haunting as Zep's version !

John Campbell - Vocals, Guitar
Alexander "Zonder" Kennedy - Guitar
Richard Cousins - Bass
Robert Fedduci (?) - Drum

01  Couldn't Do Nothin'
02  -> Devil In My Closet
03  Person To Person
04  Down In The Hole
05  Love's Name
06  Saddle Up My Pony
07  Voodoo Edge
08  -> Ain't Afraid Of Midnight
09  When The Levee Breaks
10  Band Introduction Blues
11  Firin' Line
12  Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground

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January 9, 2023

Motörhead – Roskilde Festival, Denmark 1993

Nearly half an hour with Motörhead at Roskilde Festival, Denmark on July 2nd 1993.
This short segment selected from the concert was broadcast the following year by Swedish radio station P3.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Bad Religion
02 - Stay Clean
03 - Hellraiser
04 - Traitor
05 - You Better Run
06 - Killed By Death
07 - Ace Of Spades
08 - Radio DJ talk


January 7, 2023

The Yardbirds LIVE Nuernberg, Germany 3-2-2000

Nuerenberg, Germany  

The 2000 version of the iconic band!
big Thanks to Mike R  for this one !
 Jim McCarty – Drums, vocals

Chris Dreja – Rhythm Guitar, vocals

John Idan – Bass, Lead Vocals

Gypie Mayo – Lead Guitar, vocals

Alan Glen – Harmonica, vocals

01 - I'm a Man.mp3
02 Heart Full of Soul.mp3
03 - I'm Not Talking.mp3
04 - Dream Within a Dream.mp3
05 - Little Games.mp3
06 - Mr. You're a Better Man Than I.mp3
07 - Shapes od Things.mp3
08 - Mr. Saboteur.mp3
09 - Rack My Mind.mp3
10- Back Where I Started-band intros.mp3
12 - For Your Love.mp3
13 - Still I'm Sad.mp3
14 - Dazed and Confused.mp3
15 - Over Under Sideways Down.mp3
16 - Got Love If You Want It.mp3
17 - I Wish You Would.mp3
18 - Bye Bye Bird.mp3
19 - Evil Hearted You.mp3
20 - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl.mp3

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January 5, 2023

Eric Clapton & Friends - A Tribute To Ginger Baker (London, 2020)

This is a fitted show to start of the year in great style.
A tribute to Ginger Baker with Eric Clapton and friends, including among others Nile Rodgers, Kofi Baker, Steve Winwood and Roger Waters.
Recorded live at the Eventim Apollo, London, England on 17th February 2020.
Special thanks to Vinegar Joe who shared the files with us.

Disc 1
01 Film Of Ginger Baker  
02 Intro by Eric Clapton
03 Sunshine Of Your Love w/Roger Waters
04 Strange Brew w/Roger Waters
05 White Room w/Roger Waters, Ronnie Wood, Kenney Jones
06 I Feel Free w/Roger Waters, Willie Weeks, Paul Carrack
07 Tales Of Brave Ulysses w/Nile Rodgers, Willie Weeks
08 Sweet Wine w/Paul Carrack, Will Johns
09 Blue Condition
10 Badge w/Ronnie Wood, Henry Spinetti
11 Pressed Rat And Warthog w/Kofi Baker

Disc 2
01 Had To Cry Today w/Nile Rodgers, Kofi Baker, Steve Winwood
02 Presence Of The Lord w/Nile Rodgers, Kofi Baker, Steve Winwood
03 Well Alright w/Nile Rodgers, Kofi Baker, Steve Winwood
04 Can't Find My Way Home w/Nile Rodgers, Kofi Baker, Steve Winwood
05 Do What You Like / Toad w/Nile Rodgers, Kofi Baker, Steve Winwood
06 Crossroads
07 Crossroads reprise

January 3, 2023

Walter Trout LIVE Tacoma, WA. December 6th 2019

Tacoma, WA.  
December 6th 2019


Disc One:
1. Intro
2. I Can Tell
3. Me, My Guitar And The Blues
4. Put It Right Back
5. Saw My Mama Cryin'
6. Welcome To The Human Race
7. Common Ground
8. Fly Away

Disc Two:
1. Obstacles In My Way
2. Gonna Hurt Like Hell
3. Blues For Jimmy T
4. Red Sun
5. The Best You Got


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