June 8, 2007

Michael Schenker Group: Reading 1982

Some people like musical instruments like piano, others saxophone, i just prefer GUITAR!
And luckily there are so many good guitar players in the world that is really hard to tell who is the best. Anyway i don't think it really matters, each one has his own style and should not be compared. Michael Schenker is one of the best for sure.
So if you like good guitar playing like i do you'll enjoy this great sounding show at the Reading festival in England.

Sound quality: 9.5

Track list:
01 - Armed & Ready
02 - Cry For The Nations
03 - Attack Of The Mad Axeman
04 - But I Want More
05 - Rock You To The Ground (Heavy Blues)
06 - Bijou Pleasurette
07 - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
08 - Lost Horizons
09 - Doctor Doctor

Links removed, this has been officially released.
Part 1
Part 2


Anonymous said...

Great post, Schenker Sounds fantastic...Thanks


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Cumprimentos, virtual-Rock

Anonymous said...

Awesome ! Schenker rocks ! Thank you !!

Anonymous said...

how come i dont get the first four tracks

AtticRock said...

Hi K.D.

Sorry but i don't understand what is the problem exactly.
You can't download?
You download but can't extract?
Some other problem after extracting?


Anonymous said...

when I extract I only see 2 numbers:
Rock You to the ground
armed and ready
when I extract I only get Rock You to the ground
cu KD

AtticRock said...

Hi again

I just downloaded the file and i didn't had any problems extracting and hearing the five tracks that are in the archive.
Maybe you should try to download it again.

Anonymous said...

thnx, I got them all now
dont know what the problem the 1st time was

JR said...

This one has been officially released as part of the box set "official bootleg : WALK THE STAGE", maybe you should delete it...