August 29, 2022

Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings LIVE At Fatso's 1991 AKA Summertime Blues


At Fatso's  

AKA Summertime Blues



Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings - Summertime Blues - 01 - Anthem For The Blues.mp3
Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings - Summertime Blues - 02 - She Feels Good.mp3
Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings - Summertime Blues - 03 - Lost In Austin.mp3
Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings - Summertime Blues - 04 - Big D Shuffle.mp3
Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings - Summertime Blues - 05 - Stabbed In The Back.mp3
Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings - Summertime Blues - 06 - Sweet Marie.mp3
Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings - Summertime Blues - 07 - Summertime Blues.mp3
Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings - Summertime Blues - 08 - Little Miss Rainbow.mp3
Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings - Summertime Blues - 09 - Honey Mama.mp3
Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings - Summertime Blues - 10 - Blues In Reverse.mp3
Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings - Summertime Blues - 11 - Video S.O.B..mp3



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August 25, 2022

Muddy Waters LIVE At My Father's Place Old Roslyn, NY 1979


At My Father's Place    

Old Roslyn, NY


Muddy Waters comes onstage after the band has been playing for a while.  
Johnny Winter joins for Walkin' Thru The Park and stays for the rest of the show.


1. Dennis McNamara Intro >
2. Instrumental
3. Walking The Blues >
4. Muddy intro
5. Nine Below Zero
6. They Call Me Muddy Waters
7. Walkin' Thru The Park
8. Got My Mojo Working
9. Mannish Boy ("I'm A Man") >
10. Muddy Waters & Johnny Winter outro jam >
    crowd noise

11. Kansas City Here I Come
12. Bare-Footin'



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August 23, 2022

REUPS! Bugs Henderson

    Reup Time for  

Bugs Henderson

Bugs Henderson LIVE The Gompelhof 2004-10-24


Bugs Henderson LIVE Vienna - 2008-03-26


Bugs Henderson LIVE Dan's Silverleaf, Denton, TX 2006-12-15


August 19, 2022

Jefferson Airplane LIVE SanFrancisco _ 02 01 1968


The Matrix

San Francisco  

02 01 1968

Flash Back to Hippy Days!

 Excellent KMPX FM recording

 01 Somebody To Love
02 Young Girl Sunday Blues
03 She Has Funny Cars
04 Two Heads
05 Martha
06 Kansas City
07 The Other Side of This Life
08 Today
09 Won't You Try - Saturday Afternoon
10 No Secret
11 Blues From An Airplane
12 Watch Her Ride
13 Plastic Fantastic Lover
14 White Rabbit
15 3/5ths Of A Mile In 10 Seconds
16 Share A Little Joke
17 Ice Cream Phoenix
18 Fat Angel
19 The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil
20 Flying Bird
21 Wild Thyme
22 Go to Her
23 Rock Me Baby 


sorry found out they made an official release of this one

August 17, 2022

August 15, 2022

Johnny Clyde Copeland LIVE 2nd Annual Santa Cruz Blues Festival 1994-05-28


2nd Annual Santa Cruz Blues Festival   


One of the greatest from Texas!

 possible band line up from these years
Johnny Copeland (g,voc)
Bobby Kyle (g)
Floyd Lee Phillips (keyb)
Randy Lippincott (b)
Barry Harrison (dr) 


01 Band Instrumental Intro
02-Rolling With the Punches
03-Cut Off My Right Arm
04-Catch Up With the Blues
05- Nobody but You
06- Learned My Lessons
07- Best I can
08-  No One Told Me
09- Life's Rainbow (Nature Song)


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August 13, 2022

The Velvet Underground - The Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland 1993

The Velvet Underground only recorded five studio albums, between 1967 and 1973, but was probably one of most influential bands for future generations.
This is the recording of one of the dates of VU's European reunion tour in 1993, at The Playhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
Disc 1
01 Real Good Time Together
02 Venus In Furs
03 Guess I'm Falling In Love
04 After Hours
05 All Tomorrow's Parties
06 Some Kinda Love
07 I'll Be Your Mirror
08 Beginning to See the Light
09 The Gift
10 I Heard Her Call My Name
11 Femme Fatale
12 Hey Mr. Rain
13 Sweet Jane
14 Velvet Nursery Rhyme
15 White Light/White Heat

Disc 2
01 I'm Sticking With You
02 Black Angel's Death Song
03 Rock'n'Roll
04 I Can't Stand It (cut)
05 I'm Waiting For The Man
06 Heroin
07 Coyote
08 Venus In Furs *
09 Beginning to See the Light *
10 I Heard Her Call My Name *
11 Femme Fatale *
12 Hey Mr. Rain *
13 Sweet Jane *

* Rehearsal

August 11, 2022

Nick Lowe and his Cowboy Outfit LIVE Boston Oct 17 1985



Paradise Theatre
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
October 17, 1985

WBCN FM broadcast

As a producer, Lowe was behind the board for key recordings by Elvis Costello, the Pretenders, the Damned, Dr. Feelgood, John Hiatt and his onetime father-in-law Johnny Cash, among others.
Played with Dave Edmunds too !
He left his mark on many new wave/punk era recordings


Nick Lowe: bass, vocals, guitar
Paul Carrack: keyboards, bass, vocals
Martin Belmont: guitar
Bobby Irwin: drums, vocals

1: radio intro > ? (instrumental) 3:25
2: ragin' eyes 2:33
3: she don't love nobody 3:24 (John Hiatt)
4: crackin' up 3:21 (Nick Lowe)
5: one woman man 2:07 (Paul Carrack)
6: little by little 2:50 (Nanker Phelge, Phil Spector)
7: saint beneath the paint 3:27
8: you're my wildest dream 3:19
9: lucky dog 3:10 (Nick Lowe)
10: tempted 4:07 (Chris Difford, Glenn Tilbrook)
11: cruel to be kind 3:28 (Nick Lowe, Ian Gomm)
12: the rose of England 4:02 (Nick Lowe)
13: Marie Provost 3:09 (end applause spliced)
14: darlin' angel eyes 2:54 (cuts in, tape flip)
15: seven nights to rock 3:36 (Henry Glover, Louis Innis, Buck Trail, Ronald B. Kinette)
16: I knew the bride (when she used to rock and roll) 4:00 (Nick Lowe)
17: I need you 3:38 (Paul Carrack, Nick Lowe, Martin Belmont)
18: how long 8:06 (Paul Carrack)
19: burnin' 3:41 (Nick Lowe)
20: half a boy and half a man 3:21 (Nick Lowe)
21: encore break 1:05
22: shake and pop 4:28
23: (what's so funny about) peace love and understanding? 3:36 (Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello)
24: radio outro 2:19


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August 9, 2022

Pink Floyd - High Time (1968 & 1969)

Some very early Floyd here, the first three tracks recorded live at the The First International Pop Festival in Rome, Italy on the 6th May 1968.
The other tracks were recorded live at the Paris Cinema, London 14th May 1968 and are sourced from John Peel's Night Ride radio show.

Sound Quality: 9.5 (varies)

Source: TV and Radio broadcasts

Track List:
01 Astronomy Domine
02 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
03 Interstellar Overdrive
04 Granchester Meadows
05 Cymbaline
06 Green Is The Colour
07 The Narrow Way

August 7, 2022

Pops Staples Feat Terry Evans & Jumpin' The Gunn LIVE Pointblank-Borderline Blues Festival 1993-03-22


Pointblank-Borderline Blues Festival   

London UK


 Highlights of the 1993 Pointblank Festival

Great quality recording here !

 had one excellent album( Shades Of Blue) 

back then and   just vanished!


Cryin' Blues
Kissing My Blues Goodbye
Shades Of Blue
Sweet Jesus
Don't Break It/What's Going On

Blues Medley
(They Call it) Stormy Monday/Baby What You Want Me To Do

Down In Mississippi
Miss Cocaine
(Peace To) The Neighborhood
I Shall Not Be Moved



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August 5, 2022

Coverdale/Page - Special Westwood One (1993)

This is a Westwood One syndicated radio program, first aired around April 1993, presenting David Coverdale and Jimmy Page on a two hour duration special.
Interviews and music from their previous projects and a focus on the album Coverdale-Page released on March 1993. Ads included.

Get it on the Soundaboard Jukebox

August 3, 2022

David Bowie LIVE MSG - NYC 1983-07-25




 Between 1983 and 1999 there was likely not a taper or taping duo more active than the 
"Two Of Us". 
For the better part of a decade and a half they taped over 250 artists

Set List

01 The Jean Genie Intro
02 Star
03 "Heroes"
04 What In The World?
05 Golden Years
06 Fashion
07 Let's Dance
08 Red Sails
09 Breaking Glass
10 Life On Mars
11 Sorrow
12 Cat People (Cat People)
13 China Girl
14 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
15 Rebel Rebel
16 White Light, White Heat
17 Station To Station
18 Cracked Actor
19 Ashes To Ashes
20 Space Oddity
21 Band Introductions
22 Young Americans
23 Fame
24 TVC15
25 Stay
26 The Jean Genie
27 Modern Love


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August 1, 2022

Mike Zito and Royal Southern Brotherhood - Belgium 2013

Mike Zito and the Royal Southern Brotherhood were on the 2013 edition of the Belgium Rhythm 'n' Blues Festival, also known as Blues Peer.
Zito did two shows that day. First one under his moniker and later with the Royal Southern Brotherhood.
This great recording from a broadcast in 2014 has tracks from both shows, although incomplete.
Don't miss an exciting version of One Way Out with guest Warren Haynes.

Sound Quality: 9.5+

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 Sugar Sweet
02 Don't Think Cause You're Pretty
03 Bad News Is Coming
04 Talk
05 Natural Born Lover 
06 Intro RSB
07 One Way Out *
08 Gimme Shelter * 
09 Sweet Little Angel *

* Royal Southern Brotherhood