May 28, 2012

Taste - Basel, Switzerland (1970)

Today we welcome aboard Taste with a concert at the Stadthalle in Basel, Switzerland. Recorded on February 1st 1970 it has been unofficially available with titles as Taste The West or Basel Or Bust.
Despite suffering from some tape speed problems it is a complete treat for aficionados of Rory and band's music.

Sound Quality: 9  

Source:  Soundboard

Track List:  

Disc One:
01 - Morning Sun
02 - Sugar Mama
03 - I'll Remember
04 - Walkin' blues
05 - Eat My Words
06 - Railway And Gun
07 - I Feel So Good pt 1

Disc Two:
01 - I Feel So Good pt 2 
02 - What's Going On
03 - Catfish
04 - Same Old Story
05 - Pontiac Blues

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2

May 24, 2012

Savoy Brown - Seattle Center Arena (1972)

Time for Savoy Brown, for the first time here this blues-rock band from London that has a long career and has had plenty of musicians through the years.
This radio recording made on the Seattle Center Arena is from March 10, 1972 only a month after the release of Hellbound Train, an album that got to the U.S. Top 40 chart.
These days they are still doing their business, led by Kim Simmonds, guitarist and founder.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Going Down
02 - Let It Rock
03 - Hellbound Train
04 - Tell Mama
05 - All I Can Do
06 - Shake It Baby
07 - Wang Dang Doodle


May 22, 2012

Pink Floyd - Oakland 1977

Anonymous shares on Soundaboard another quality audience recording, it's Pink Floyd from the Animals tour this one. Big thanks to our friend anon :)

Quoting anonymous:

Pink Floyd
May 9th 1977
Alameda Coliseum
Oakland CA, USA

Also Known As:  Oakland Coliseum / In the Flesh / Plays the Animals / Animal Instincts / Mr. Pig
Source:  --> Animal Instincts rev. B <--  (HRV CDR 014)
Audience:  Rating is 8/10, Recorded from the audience by Reinhardt Hollwein

Notes (from many sources):
This two CD set features a complete show from the 1977 Animals tour (aka 'In The Flesh' tour).  It's notable for it's very good performance and the rare encore of  'Careful With That Axe, Eugene' --a song that hadn't been played for a few years at that time, and has never ever been played since then.

It's an audience recording, but of such good quality that this show has been bootlegged many times under many different titles:  'Oakland Coliseum,' 'Animal Instincts,' 'Plays the Animals,' ‘Mr. Pig,’ and 'In The Flesh' are among the most popular and common boots.  I’m including artwork for each of these so you can use what you like – it’s all from the same show.  My original CD copy was “Plays the Animals,” but last year I was given “Animal Instincts rev B,” and its sound is definitely superior (thanks to, which is the source for this particular posting.

A great recording of a great concert.  The band seems to be having a lot of fun (something I assume was rare during the In The Flesh Tour).  Roger and Dave laugh hysterically during the first verse of "Have a Cigar."  Roger Waters shows some real venom in 'Pigs,' and 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond parts VI-IX' features some outstanding jamming which cannot be heard on the original studio recording.  The overall set list is a winner too, including "Eugene" as the final encore.  David Gilmour does seem to get a little annoyed at the crowd before "Us and Them" - he tells the crowd "This one's got a quiet beginning."  “Pigs” is much more powerful (and heavier) than the studio cut, with lots of extended jamming added as well.  There is a cut in “Shine On,” probably due to a tape flip.  There are a couple of loud BOOMS during WYWH, like the microphone was dropped, so be aware of that.  Otherwise, a great, full Animals and Wish You Were Here set, with Dark Side of The Moon encores.

Pigs on the Wing part 1
Pigs on the Wing part 2
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
Welcome to the Machine
Have A Cigar
Wish You Were Here
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)
US and Them
Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Files (MP3):
Part 1
Part 2

Files (FLAC):
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

May 19, 2012

Pink Floyd: Cruel But Fair (1975 Mike Millard Recording - FULL Concert)

Our contributor anonymous sent this way another Mike Millard recording, now it is Pink Floyd's time (and others). Sincere thanks for sharing this aboard!

 Quoting anonymous:

Pink Floyd: Cruel But Fair (1975 Mike Millard Recording - FULL Concert)

This concert was found on a now-defunct boot site about a year ago.  This is the absolute best sounding Pink Floyd concert from 1975 that I’ve heard.  This recording isn't marred by the tape hiss that affects “Hogs in Smog.”  The narrative below was borrowed from the site I got the concert from, with some additions and corrections made as needed.  The artwork looks recent and fan-made, and it’s excellent quality.  Unbelievably great sound for a 37 year old audience recording!
Pink Floyd
April 26th 1975
The L.A. Forum
Source: Audience recording by Mike Millard
Sound Quality: 8-9

The fan recording of a concert is really an extension of taking snapshots of your heroes. Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s recordable media was just making its way into households as a consumer electronic device, either an expensive reel-to-reel deck or a convenient cassette recording deck. Just imagine sneaking one of those into a concert these days. More likely, the stealth recorder of choice today would be a mini-disc recorder or your cell phone…small enough to fit your pocket.

But Mike Millard was different. He arrived early at concerts near his home, pulled out a wheelchair from the boot of his car, and proceeded to wheel himself into the arena, presenting himself as being physically handicapped. He managed to secure front row "seats," almost always front and centre. Hidden underneath his wheelchair was a Nakamichi stereo cassette deck hooked up to two high-quality AKG mics. Security guards in those days were probably unaware of such goings-on.

His recordings are much sought after for their quality - capturing the expanse of the stage plus the great ambience of the halls. His close proximity eliminated any echo from his recordings. All the instruments recorded right off the front speakers. Plant’s voice is crystal clear. But Millard had a habit of marking his tapes when he copied them for another collector or fan. He would, for instance, lower the levels when transferring the audio to a VHS tape or lower the volume in mid-song when making a cassette copy. It has been said he detested bootleggers who pressed up his recordings onto vinyl or CD to sell. To that end, he kept a log of all the trades he made with clear indications of what markings he did to the tapes. That way, he knew which of his trades were sent to bootleggers.  He worked as a custodian in a public school. In a fit of depression, he committed suicide in 1990. His friends say he destroyed all copies of his Led Zeppelin recordings. What has survived are the first generation copies he made and shared freely with other Zep fans. These are what are now being traded back and forth.

Millard was active from 1974 to the ‘80s and was said to have taped shows by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Yes, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jethro Tull and even Kansas. To date, we have never found a copy of his Who or Tull recordings. The non-Zeppelin masters are supposedly in the possession of Millard’s family. Hopefully, someday they will be shared again.

This show is VERY desirable as this is one of very few FULL 1975 concert boots available. It contains the best-existing versions of Dick Parry performing a saxophone solo in "Echoes" and the prototypes "Raving and Drooling" and "You've Gotta Be Crazy," which would eventually become "Sheep" and "Dogs" respectively.  After You Gotta Be Crazy, Roger Waters says "It was a cruel song.... But fair. The next tune we're going to do for you is another new number, it's called 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond.' It has something to do with Syd Barrett who some of you might remember..... & some of you probably won't."

01 - Raving And Drooling
02 - You Gotta Be Crazy
03 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-V
04 - Have A Cigar
05 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond VI-IX

01 - Speak To Me
02 - Breathe
03 - On The Run
04 - Time
05 - The Great Gig In The Sky
06 - Money
07 - Us And Them
08 - Any Colour You Like
09 - Brain Damage
10 - Eclipse
11 - Echoes

May 17, 2012

Henry Paul Band - Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, Long Island 1979

We had The Outlaws here last week and if there is a band closer to their sound, it is certainly the Henry Paul Band, led by one of their original members.
This track list is similar to the Bayou show posted some time ago but this recording, although being shorter, has a much better sound.

Sound Quality: 9.5-  

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:  
01 - Gunsmoke
02 - You Really Know What I Mean
03 - Lonely Dreamer
04 - So Long
05 - Crossfire
06 - Knoxville Girl
07 - Grey Ghost
08 - Freeborn Man


More Shares:
Henry Paul Band - The Bayou 1979

May 14, 2012

Led Zeppelin - Listen To This Eddie (1977)

As one can guess by looking at the title of this blog, recordings shared here are usually captured after passing through a sound board, be it a direct connection or an FM broadcast. Normally this gives us better sound quality than any recording done by someone from the public with amateur/limited equipment.
All this to tell you that today's share is not a normal audience recording, it is an exception, in fact it is exceptional and I thank our friend anonymous for bringing us this jewel which as I knew existed but never listened before.

Quoting anonymous:

Led Zeppelin
Listen to This Eddie
Silver Rarities (Liberated) 3-disc set
AUDIENCE Recording, 8/10
6/21/1977 from the L.A. Forum

Source: Original Silver CD--> X Lossless Decoder--> FLAC

I got this 3-disc set about 15 years ago.  Great quality for an audience recording, but I expect nothing less from a Mike Millard source tape.  Ever heard of him?  Look up his Wikipedia entry - his method for getting such great quality recordings was unbelievable.  I know there are a lot of "Mike the Mike" LA 1977 recordings out there - and I can't speak for the others, but this one is about as close to 100% complete as I've heard.  There's a couple cuts, likely due to tape flips.  10 yrs gone is affected, but still over ten minutes.  This is in FLAC format.  Sorry for there being so many parts, but it's because it's lossless.  I also just scanned my CD covers this week because I wasn't happy with what I found online.  This is an excellent show and it's close to 3 hours long.  The band is having a great time and the crowd is really into the show.
Hope you all like this,


Set List:
The Song Remains The Same
Sick Again
Nobody's Fault but Mine
Over the Hills and Far Away
Since I've Been Loving You
No Quarter
Ten Years Gone
The Battle of Evermore
Going to California
Black Country Woman
Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
White Summer / Black Mountain Side
Out on the Tiles / Moby Dick (Over the Top)
Jimmy Page Theremin/Guitar/Bow & Effects Solo
Achilles Last Stand
Stairway to Heaven
Whole Lotta Love / Rock and Roll (encore)

Part 1 - mirror
Part 2 - mirror
Part 3 - mirror
Part 4 - mirror

May 10, 2012

The Outlaws - Reading Festival 1986

The Outlaws are here with a recording of their appearance at the Reading Rock Festival, 1986 edition.
The band played on a Saturday, August 23rd, the same day as Saxon, John Waite, FM and others and presented the album Soldiers of Fortune released the same year.
And since we are into southern rock here's another show not to miss: Blackfoot - Live in Atlanta 1981, it was posted here four years ago and now has its links re-activated.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
1 - Hurry Sundown
2 - Hollywood Paradise
3 - You Are The Show
4 - Never Look Back
5 - The Outlaw
6 - Freeborn Man-Green Grass and High Tides


May 4, 2012

The Band - Mandel Hall 1983

A great show by The Band recorded live in Chicago at the Mandel Hall.
This was one of the first shows they did after the 1983 reunion and this post is dedicated to the memory of Levon Helm, recently deceased.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Intro
02 - Up On Cripple Creek
03 - Shape I'm In
04 - It Makes No Difference
05 - Milk Cow Boogie
06 - Mystery Train
07 - King Harvest
08 - Java Blues
09 - I Shall Be Released
10 - Rag Mama Rag
11 - Long Black Veil
12 - Rock & Roll Shoes
13 - The Weight
14 - Ophelia


May 2, 2012

Mick Taylor Band - Wunsiedel, Germany 1990

One of the best guitar players of our time, has work recorded with John Mayall, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and many more.
Here we have Mick Taylor and Band live on the East-West Festival in Wunsiedel, West-Germany during their European Tour on April 1990.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

01 - Radio Announcement
02 - I Wonder Why
03 - Laundromat Blues
04 - Seminola
05 - Goin' South
06 - Red House
07 - You Gotta Move
08 - Little Red Rooster


FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2