April 23, 2019

Otis Rush LIVE Joe's Place Boston FM 1973

Joe's Place 
FM  1973

another GEM from taperbats master collection
Otis´playing here is very delicate and sure among his finest work!

The sound quality is really superp!
But it is at 192 kbs


01 Intro
02  Watermelon Man
03  It takes a little Time
04  I can´t quit you Baby
05  Keep loving me Baby
06  Popcorn
07  Gambler´s Blues
08  Why I sing the Blues
09  Please love me
10  Double Trouble
11  Everything´s gonna work out fine
12  Please please Please

Otis Rush. g, voc
Little Bo. Tenor sax
Bob Richards: dr
Ernest Gatewood: b
Unknown : keyb



April 21, 2019

ZZ Top - 1st Annual La Grange Fest, Austin 2011

Texas’ li’l ol’ blues trio ZZ Top on their first Annual La Grange Fest at The Backyard in Austin, Texas on October 22, 2011.
I know there's a recording of the second edition out there, It would be great if someone could send a lossless copy this way to share here.

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Intro
02 - Got Me Under Pressure
03 - Jesus Just Left Chicago
04 - Waiting For The Bus
05 - Band Intro_I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
06 - Future Blues
07 - Cheap Sunglasses
08 - Brown Sugar_Hey Joe
09 - Party On The Radio
10 - Just Got Paid
11 - Give Me All Your Loving
12 - Sharp Dressed Man
13 - Legs
14 - La Grange
15 - Tush

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April 19, 2019

Ray Charles LIVE Newport Jazz 1960

Newport Jazz  Festival
Warren Theater, Boardwalk, 
Atlantic City, New Jersey
July 3rd, 1960

Charles brought his stellar band back to Newport in 1960 for George Wein's 
 annual clambake and turned in another electrifying performance that easily 
straddled the jazz and R&B worlds.

Ray Charles - piano, vocals
Hank Crawford - alto sax
David "Fathead" Newman - tenor sax
Leroy "Hog" Cooper - baritone sax
John Hunt - trumpet
Marcus Belgrave - trumpet
Edgar Willis - bass
Teagle Fleming - drums
with the Raylettes:
Mary Ann Fisher - vocals
Darlene McRae - vocals
Margie Hendrix - vocals
Ray Charles

The Story (solos by Phil Guilbeau - tp, Leroy Cooper -  bs, John Hunt - flh, Hank Crawford - as, David Newman - ts, Ray Charles - p)
Lil' Darlin' (solos by Ray Charles - p, John Hunt - flh, Phil Guilbeau - tp, David Newman - ts, Hank Crawford - as)
Blues Waltz (solos by Phil Guilbeau - tp, Hank Crawford - as, John Hunt - flh, David Newman - ts, Leroy Cooper - bs, Ray Charles - p)
Let The Good Times Roll (solo by David Newman - ts)
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (solo by John Hunt - flh)
Sticks And Stones 
My Baby (I Love Her, Yes I Do) (ft. Margie Hendricks)
Drown In My Own Tears
What'd I Say
I Believe To My Soul



From a user :
Just for the record, this was -not- recorded in Newport, Rhode Island but in Atlantic City, New Jersey. And it was Sid Bernstein who produced the show, not George Wein.

It may have been part of the Newport Jazz Festival, which had festival venues in various locations along the US Northeast, but I'm pretty sure this was not one of them. Look at the newspaper clip carefully

I am not sure who is right or who is wrong here..
it came from a pretty knowledgeable source but no one is perfect I guess!
and It is quite a remarkable show !

April 17, 2019

RF UPDATE RF is feeling pumped.

last skirmish with big C 
4 more chemo to go
should be good by end of Summer

takes more than that to put down a SOB like myself 

LOL ( SOB= Son OF the Blues ) LOl

RF is feeling pumped.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

David Gilmour - Stockholm, Sweden 1984

David Gilmour and band on tour to promote the album About Face, with probably the recording of the whole show as performed at Isstadion, Stockholm in Sweden on April 24th, 1984.
An audience recording from an unreleased vinyl source called Mihalis with good sound though with fluctuations at times.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Audience

Track List:
1 - Until We Sleep
2 - All Lovers Are Deranged
3 - No Way Out
4 - Love On the Air
5 - Mihalis
6 - Cruise
7 - Short and Sweet
8 - Run Like Hell

1 - Out Of the Blue
2 - Let's Get Metaphysical
3 - You Know I'm Right
4 - Blue Light
5 - Murder
6 - Near the End
7 - Comfortably Numb

MP3 part 1
MP3 part 2
FLAC part 1
FLAC part 2

April 13, 2019

The Black Crowes - On The Waterfront Festival, Rockford 2007

The Black Crowes on their 2007 summer tour performed at the On The Waterfront festival in Rockford, Illinois.
Counting more than 90 minutes this is probably the full recording of that show including a cover of Oh Well (Peter Green) as encore.

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01. Wiser Time
02. Sting Me
03. Jam_Black Moon Creeping
04. Twice As Hard
05. Good Friday
06. My Morning Song
07. High Head Blues
08. Share The Ride
09. By Your Side
10. Soul SInging
11. Jealous Again
12. Remedy
13. Oh Well

MP3 - mirror
FLAC pt1 - mirror
FLAC pt2 - mirror

April 11, 2019

Muddy Waters LIVE 1974-09-19 East Stroudsburg

 East Stroudsburg

This is not a perfect recording, but for the day (1974) it’s not bad. It’s soundboard, 
however it’s reel to reel, and there are some volume issues along with
 a tape change. 

Muddy Waters-guitar & vocals 
Pee Wee Madison-guitar 
Fuzz Jones-bass 
Willie ‘big eyes’ Smith-drums 
Louis Myers-guitar 
Mojo Buford-harmonica 
Pine Top Perkins-piano 
James Cotton-harmonica 

1 Instrumental (cuts in) 
2 Rocket 88  
3 How Blue Can You Get? (10 sec’s of distortion, lead guitar channel weak, buzz for about 20 sec’s) 
4 Blues Before Sunrise
5 Hoochie Coochie Man 
6 Blow Wind Blow 
7 Honey Bee 
8 Mannish Boy (10 sec’s of buzz) 
9 Long Distance Call 
10 Walkin' Thru The Park ( tape change (Reel to Reel), guitar weak) 
11 Trouble No More 
12 Corinna Corinna 
13 Strange Woman
14 Band Intros 
15 Got My Mojo Workin' 
16 Pine Top's Boogie 


no flac

April 9, 2019

Quicksilver Messenger Service - San Bernardino 1971

An hour and a bit of a nice Quicksilver Messenger Service show at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino.
They shared the bill with Fleetwood Mac, Michael Bloomfield and Friends, and Robert Savage Group.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 Fresh Air
02 Nowhere To Run
03 Dr. Feelgood
04 Fields Of Love
05 Tell The Truth
06 Call On Me
07 Road Runner
08 Mojo
09 What About Me
10 Ain't That A Shame

MP3 - mirror
FLAC - mirror

April 7, 2019

Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee LIVE Bremen 1974-05-20

Bremen Germany

The whole show here and awesome quality recording
They delivered a classic acoustic blues performance here !

Sonny Terry (voc,harm)
Brownie Walter McGhee (voc,g)


01 Ridin' And Rollin'
02 Goin' Down Slow
03 I Got A Woman
04 Hootin' The Blues
05 Achin' Heart
06 Have No Worries In My Brain
07 There Was A Time I Didn't Have No Bread
08 Oh Wee Baby, You Sure Look Fine To Me
09 The Foxhunt
10 Burnt Child Afraid Of Fire
11 See See Rider (C.C.Rider)
12 Born With The Blues
13 Backwater Blues
14 The Life I'm Living
15 Christine
16 In The Evening
17 Gonna Find Me A Woman
18 My Baby Changed The Lock On My Door
19 You Gotta Be A Good Lover
20 C&O Train Blues
21 Talkin' Harmonica Blues
22 Stranger Blues
23 Walk On
24 Down By The Riverside



APRIL 9/19


ZIPPY   part 1    part 2
1FICHIER    PART 1      PART 2

April 5, 2019

Lou Reed - Orpheum Theatre, Boston 1976

This is the recording of the entire broadcast on WBCN-FM of Lou Reed's show at the Orpheum Theater in Boston on October 19, 1976.
From the Rock and Roll Heart tour came this unreleased title called I Never Said It Was Nice with excellent sound.

Sound Quality: 9.5+

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 A Sheltered Life
02 The Kids
03 Claim To Fame
04 Conscious Circle
05 Walk On The Wild Side
06 Coney Island Baby
07 Rock And Roll Heart
08 Charley's Girl
09 Kill Your Sons
10 Satellite Of Love
11 How Do You Think It Feels
12 You Wear It So Well
13 Temporary Thing
14 Ladies Pay
15 Heroin

MP3 - mirror
FLAC pt1 - mirror
FLAC pt2 - mirror

April 3, 2019

Last Reup for a while...

John Nemeth & The Bo-Keys   Live Portland Watefront Blues Fest July 4, 2014

John Nemeth    Live Ratingen feat Junior Watson 2007

Allen Toussaint & Bernard Purdie - Bottom Line, NYC, 6 February 1987 
                                                            ZIPPY      SOLIDFILES

John Lee Hooker  X 3

Live 1981-05-13.Imola.Italy

LIVE Berlin 1983-05-09
Live 1979-04-04 Colden NY 


Janis Joplin    X 2 

 Get It While You Can Honolulu 1970-07-08      
           ZIPPY      SOLIDFILES  

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 11 April 1969 -FM-

The Animals BBC Broadcasts 1964-1967

 J Geils Blues Band New Penelope Club, Montreal, Canada September 1968

The Stray Cats LIVE 1988-10-18 The Ritz, New York, NY (FM)

Lightning Hopkins  Live @ Tramps
 The Last Concert Ever!  1981

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials  
 Live    Portland Waterfront Blues Fest  July 5, 2014

                  Live 1980-05-24 - Tokyo, Japan 

                                     Live Belgrade, Yugoslavia 1976 (FM Radio)

April 1, 2019

Tesla - The Ritz, Roseville, MI 1990

Tesla in acoustic mode live at The Ritz in the town of Roseville, Michigan.
This is a recording from the broadcast on WRIF-FM 101.1 Detroit and includes some of the radio station's DJ chat and ID's.

Sound Quality: 9-

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 Radio Intro
02 Intro
03 Cumin' Atcha Live
04 Truckin'
05 Chat, Tuning, & Station ID
06 Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
07 Chat & Tuning
08 The Way It Is
09 Chat, Tuning, & Station ID
10 We Can Work It Out
11 Signs >
12 Gettin' Better
13 Before My Eyes
14 Chat, Tuning, & Station ID
15 Paradise (fade out)
16 Chat
17 Lodi
18 Chat
19 Mother's Little Helper
20 Modern Day Cowboy
21 Chat, Tuning, & Station ID
22 Crazy On You_Love Song
23 Radio Outro

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March 30, 2019

Brian Setzer Orchestra - 1998-12-01 Mammoth Gardens, Denver, CO

Mammoth Gardens, Denver, CO

01 Dragnet Theme 
02 Hoodoo Voodoo Doll. 
03 This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof 
04 Let The Good Times Roll 
05 Guitar Rag 
06 Let's Live It Up 
07 Since I Don't Have You 
08 The Dirty Boogie 
09 Switchblade 327 
10 Sleepwalk 
11 Stray Cat Strut 
12 Jump Jive An' Wail  
13 The House Is Rockin' 
14 That Mellow Saxophone 
15 Rumble In Brighton 
16 Rock This Town 
17 As Long As I'm Singin' 
18 Tequila (Mambo) 
19 (She's ) Sexy And  17 
20 Jingle Bells 



March 28, 2019

Heart - Aquarius Theatre, Seattle 1975

Heart early in their career playing in Seattle, around this time with a first and excellent album called Dreamboat Annie ready to hit the shops.
However already a great live band well served by two lead guitars and obviously sisters Wilson's powerful presence on stage.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 Intro_White Lightning & Wine
02 Dreamboat Annie
03 Crazy On You
04 Sing Child Sing
05 Mother Earth Blues_You Shook Me
06 Without You
07 Magic Man_Drum Solo_Magic Man
08 I Got The Music In Me (fades)
09 Devil Delight
10 The Rover (cut)

MP3 - mirror
FLAC - mirror