March 30, 2013

Paul Reddick and The Sidemen - Live at Festival Place Oct 2010 ( CBC Podcast)

Once more we got the blues on the blog kindly shared by the rippin frog.

Paul Reddick and The Sidemen at Festival Place

Recorded: Oct. 23, 2010

Venue: Festival Place, Sherwood Park, AB

Genres: Blues, Singer/Songwriter

Toronto's Paul Reddick is often referred to as ‘Canada's Blues Laureate', for his poetic, lyrical, and imaginative songs.

His music has a reverence for blues tradition, but his creativity propels the style forward, creating a fresh and invigorating musical experience.
For this concert at Festival Place in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Paul Reddick hired the ‘Sidemen' from a rich pool of creative musicians in Edmonton, which lend their own flavour to Reddick's original compositions.

1  Elizabethville Paul Reddick (composer)    5:07
2  Pinegum Paul Reddick (composer)    5:24
3  One Way Trip Paul Reddick (composer)    7:55
4  Villanelle Colin Linden, Paul Reddick (composers)    4:28
5  Blue Wings Colin Linden, Paul Reddick, Kate Schutt (composers)    5:31
6  Raided The Joint Joe Eldridge, Aristine Jackson, Oran Page (composers)    4:49

* Paul Reddick - vocals, harmonica
* Ben Sures - guitar
* Chris Brzezicki - bass
* Tom Bennett - drums


March 28, 2013

James Gang - Allen Theatre Cleveland (2001)

Back with Joe Walsh, this time he rides with James Gang on a 2001 comeback special live at the Allen Theatre in Cleveland. This one is dated from February 26.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:  
01 - Walk Away
02 - Midnight Man
03 - Take a Look Around
04 - Ashetton Park
05 - The Bomber
06 - Garden Gate
07 - Collage
08 - Ashes, The Rain and I
09 - Tend the Garden
10 - Stop
11 - Personal Manager
12 - Lost Woman
13 - Funk 49
14 - Rocky Mountain Way

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2

March 24, 2013

Igor Prado Band & Lynwood Slim with Junior Watson, Bharath Rajakumar - Live At KUCI RAdio 88.9

More blues aboard brought by our bluesman partner: the rippin' frog.

Igor Prado Band & Lynwood Slim with Junior Watson, Bharath Rajakumar
Live At KUCI RAdio 88.9 FM

Lynwood Slim & The Igor Prado Band "Brazilian Kicks" .... 1 month on the Living Blues Radio Chart graced the stage backed by an all-star band that included Junior Watson on guitar, Bharath Rajakumar on harmonica on KUCI RAdio 88.9 FM, streaming live on the internet.

California native Lynwood Slim with the premier jump blues outfit, the Igor Prado Band from Brazil, for a surprisingly tasteful and swingin’ set of music featuring the smoldering guitar acrobatics of left-handed, upside-down guitarist Igor Prado. The resulting album is a tantalizing cocktail blend of American roots music. Hand-shaken and served straight up sound.
Despite playing the role of perennial sideman, often in fine bands that left much to be desired in the visibility department, Mike "Junior" Watson was, and is, one of the most influential blues guitarists of his generation. In fact, following Robben Ford's defection into fusion, Watson was rivaled only by Hollywood Fats as king of the hill in California, and by Jimmie Vaughan anywhere else.
Drawn by hi time machine, Montreal native, Bharath Rajakumar stay the course stuffed with blues and boogie-woogie. For The Amateurs of blues of the 50s, the table is beautiful and well put ...  
Considered by many critics for blues and his peers as one of our greatest harmonica players in Canada.


March 21, 2013

Joe Walsh - Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles (1991)

Joe Walsh was part of bands like James Gang and The Eagles, but in his solo career he also has a solid reputation as a great live performer.
We have him here for the first time on a broadcast recording at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles sometime during 1991, a year which saw the released of the album Ordinary Average Guy.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Indian Summer
02 - Ashes, The Rain And I
03 - Walk Away
04 - Two Sides To Every Story
05 - Ordinary Average Guy
06 - Turn To Stone
07 - The Confessor
08 - In The City
09 - Open Your Eyes
10 - Life's Been Good
11 - Funk #49
12 - Rocky Mountain Way
13 - Going Down Medley
14 - All Night Long


March 18, 2013

Sven Zetterberg & Chicago Express

We always welcome more blues on Soundaboard, here we have another one to thank the rippin frog for sharing with us.

Sven Zetterberg & Chicago Express.

Sven Zetterberg g,vo
Janne Sjöström hca,vo
Little Hank Jansson g
Bertil Petterson b
Stefan Sundlöf dr
Janne Paltman p/kbr

Chicago Blues Express were considered to be the best blues band in
Sweden. They played everything from lowdown Mississippi blues through
up-tempo Chicago to straight sixties soul.
They recorded four albums, The blue soulution, Watch your step,
Definitively blue and Steppin out - alive, all on Amigo Records. Sven
Zetterberg is one of the few white soul blues singers who moves the
audience with just singing. He is supposed to have caused almost an
upheaval at Eli's Mile High Club when he performed a fifteen minute
version of My nerve s gone bad! .. In the  fall of 1996 the band stopped playing together. 
But they will continue playing them blues in some way or another.

I am not sure of exact dates of this awesome soundboard recording of
the Swedish Kings of the Blues ... Timeless  piece here
Home Made cover is NOT included in the zip file folks !!   enjoy!!
Rippin Frog !!


March 15, 2013

Free - Talking Of Heartbreaker (1972)

Here we have it, Free, on a date of the Heartbreaker tour album.
It's an unofficial release recorded live at The Coatham Bowl, Coatham in England supposedly on October, 12 1972 but i'm not certain.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 - I'm On The Run
02 - Heartbreaker
03 - Soldier Boy
04 - Come Together In The Morning
05 - Everyday I Have The Blues
06 - Child
07 - Wishing Well
08 - Seven Angels
09 - Fire And Water
10 - All Right Now

March 10, 2013

Johhny Winter - Midsummer Blizzard

Here we have almost an hour of the fantastic guitar playing of Johnny Winter caught live at the Montreux Festival, Switzerland 1984.
In this year Johnny presented a fresh record called exactly Guitar Slinger.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
1. Introduction Blues
2. Don't Take Advantage of Me
3. Mad Dog
4. I Smell Trouble
5. Jumpin' Jack Flash
6. Johnny B. Goode


March 5, 2013

Rush - State Of Grace (1991)

We are back on Soundaboard with Rush playing at the Madison Square Garden, New York on the Roll the Bones Tour.
This cames from State of Grace, an unofficial recording taken from a concert on December 7, 1991. Other titles from this date exist as: Big Money Meets The Big Apple, The Fly (from the audience), Live USA (from the audience) or Garden Road.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
Disc 1
01 - Force Ten
02 - Limelight
03 - Freewill
04 - Distant Early Warning
05 - Time Stand Still
06 - Dreamline
07 - Bravado
08 - Roll The Bones
09 - Show Don't Tell
10 - The Big Money
11 - Ghost of a Chance
12  - Subdivisions

Disc 2
01 - The Pass
02 - Where's my Thing?
03 - Drum Solo
04 - Closer to the Heart
05 - Xanadu
06 - Superconductor
07 - Tom Sawyer
08 - The Spirit of Radio
09 - 2112: Overture
10 - Finding My Way
11 - La Villa Strangiato
12 - Anthem
13 - Red Barchetta
14 - The Spirit of Radio (reprise)

MP3 disc 1
MP3 disc 2
SHN Disc 1 pt1
SHN Disc 1 pt2
SHN Disc 2 pt1
SHN Disc 2 pt2