February 27, 2007

AC/DC: 16th, October 1979

AC/DC live recorded in Towson, Maryland on the "Highway To Hell" tour.
Featuring Bon Scott this was originally released on a double vinyl known as "Living In Hell", the sound was captured from a radio broadcast.

Sound Quality: 8.5

1. live wire
2. shot down in flames
3. hell ain't a bad place to be
4. sin city
5. problem child
6. bad boy boogie
7. the jack
8. highway to hell
9. high voltage
10. whole lotta rosie
11. rocker
12. if you want blood
13. let there be rock

February 26, 2007

The Who: 29 - 10 - 2006

The Who live at the Roundhouse in London.
A very fresh recording with a great sound, this was a broadcast on the 4th of November 2006 on BBC Radio 2.
Alongside with some all-time classics we got some tracks from the new album "Endless Wire".

Sound Quality: 9.5


01 - Introduction
02 - I Can't Explain
03 - The Seeker
04 - Who Are You
05 - Fragments
06 - Sound Round
07 - Pick Up The Peace
08 - Endless Wire
09 - We've Got A Hit
10 - They Made My Dreams Come True
11 - Mirror Door
12 - Baba O'Riley
13 - Mike Post's Theme
14 - Pinball Wizard
15 - Amazing Journey
16 - Sparks
17 - See Me Feel Me
18 - Outroduction


February 25, 2007

Ozzy Osbourne: 1st of April 1986

Ozzy live at the Kemper Arena, Kansas City on the support tour for "Ultimate Sin".
This is a King Biscuit Flower Hour recording featuring Jake E Lee on the lead guitar. Good sound, a couple of Sabbath classics and as always a great performance from Mr. Osbourne.
A must-have!

Sound Quality: 9


1. Bark At The Moon
2. Shot In The Dark
3. I Don´t Know
4. Killer Of Giants
5. Thank God For The Bomb
6. Flying High Again
7. The Ultimate Sin
8. Paranoid
9. Iron Man
10. Crazy Train


February 23, 2007

Journey: 21-07-1983

As a nice follow-up to REO Speedwagon this time we have Journey, another AOR giant and also a great live band.
Recorded live at Norman, Oklahoma, this is also known as "Escape To Frontiers".

Sound Quality: 9


1 Chain Reaction
2 Wheel In The Sky
3 Line Of Fire
4 Escape
5 Edge Of The Blade
6 Keyboard Solo
7 Send Her My Love
8 Still They Ride
9 Open Arms
10 Faithfully
11 No More Lies
12 Back Talk
13 Who's Crying Now
14 Don't Stop Believin'
15 Separate Ways
16 Stone In Love
17 Keep On Runnin'


February 22, 2007

REO Speedwagon: 29th September, 1981

REO Speedwagon playing live at the famous Budokan in Tokyo, Japan, a rock'n'roll party guaranteed.
Titled as "Keep On Loving You" this was recorded from a FM broadcast and features all the hits that came with the mega success LP "Hi Infidelity", plus some REO classics.

Sound Quality: 9


01 Keep Pushin'.
02 Only The Strong Survive.
03 Tough Guys.
04 In Your Letter.
05 Time For Me To Fly.
06 Keep On Loving You.
07 157 Riverside Avenue.
08 Take It On The Run.
09 Roll With The Changes.
10 Flying Turkey Trot _ Guitar Solo.
11 Say You Love Me Or Say Goodnight.
12 Back On The Road Again.
13 Ridin' The Storm Out.
14 Shake It Loose.


February 19, 2007

UFO: 13th March 1981

UFO is one of the best live bands as proves the fantastic live album "Strangers In the Night" from 1978.
Three years later and with a different line-up here's another great performance this time supporting the album "The Wild, The Willing & The Innocent ". This was recorded in Chicago and broadcasted on WLUP.
If you're a Hard Rock fan you shouldn't miss this one!

Sound Quality: 9


Disc One
01.The wild the willing and the innocent
02.Only you can rock me
03.Long gone
04.Lonely heart
06.No place to run
07.Love to love
08.Making moves

Disc Two
01.Mystery train
02.Too Hot to handle
03.Lights out
04.Rock bottom
05.Doctor doctor


February 16, 2007

Queen: May 15 1985

What we get here is a fantastic performance with a not so great sound but still with a minimum quality being a soundboard recording :)
This is also known as "Rock In Japan". The last 4 tracks according to my info are from a show in San Diego in 1977 with a little better sound. Enjoy, it's a fine era in Queen's history!

Sound quality: 8


Tear It Up
Tie Your Mother Down
Under Pressure
Somebody To Love
Killer Queen
Seven Seas Of Rhye
Keep Yourself Alive
Instrumental Inferno
It's A Hard Life
Dragon Attack
Now I'm Here
Is This The World We Created?

Love Of My Life
Another One Bites The Dust
Hammer To Fall
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Bohemian Rhapsody
Radio Ga Ga
I Want To Break Free
Jailhouse Rock
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions
God Save The Queen
We Will Rock You
It's Late
Melancholy Blues
Spread Your Wings

Coming Soon...

... on Soundaboard...

There will be a great Queen concert in Japan from 1985 and next a fantastic UFO in Chicago in the year 1981.

Don't Miss !!

February 13, 2007

Black Sabbath: Purple Sabbath - 1983

Taken from the "Born Again" tour which featured Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) on lead vocals here's an excellent radio broadcast recording where you can even hear them perform "Smoke on the Water".
The show was recorded at the Worcester Centrum in Worcester, Mass, USA, on November 4th, 1983.

Sound Quality: A strong 9 !


1. DJ Intro
2. Intro
3. Children of the Grave
4. Hot Line
5. War Pigs
6. Iron Man
7. Zero the Hero
8. Heaven and Hell
9. Guitar Solo
10. Digital Bitch
11. Black Sabbath
12. Smoke on the Water
13. Paranoid

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2

February 11, 2007

Whitesnake: Reading Rock 1980

Broadcasted by the BBC in late 1980 this recording has 8 tracks of Whitesnake's performance at the Reading Festival in the same year.
Sound quality is very good, i would rate this a 9.5 on a ten scale.

Their line-up was:
David Coverdale - Vocals
Jon Lord - Keyboards
Bernie Mardsen - Guitars
Micky Moody - Guitars
Neil Murray - Bass
Ian Paice - Drums

1. Intro/Sweet Talker
2. Walking in the Shadow of the Blues
3. Ain't Gonna Cry No More
4. Love Hunter
5. Mistreated
6. Soldier of Fortune
7. Ain't No Love int he Heart of the City
8. Fool For Your Loving

Link removed, this has been officially released.

February 10, 2007

Jimi Hendrix - The Summer Of Love Sessions (1967)

Studio sessions from July-August 1967 in NYC, shortly after the Monterey Festival had shot Jimi to fame. Jimi plays his distinctive style with the new invention, the wah wah effect, and 8-string bass, together with his old mentor Curtis Knight.

This is a gift from kikas, thanks mate.

Track Listing:
01 Love (instr.)
02 Hush Now (instr.)
03 Gloomy Monday
04 Happy Birthday
05 Ballad of Jimi
06 Level (instr.)
07 Love Love
08 Get That Feeling
09 Future Trip
10 No Business
11 Odd Ball (instr.)
12 Flashing (instr.)
13 Day Tripper
14 U.F.O.

February 9, 2007

Queensryche: 9th June 2006

This is a Queensryche concert that took place in Norje, Sweden at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2006.
The sound quality for this show is simply amazing, i give this one a rating of 9.5 on a zero to ten scale.
It was captured from a FM Radio broadcast and has some announcements from the dj but none of them intrusive.
Don't miss this!


1. Intro
2. Operation: Mindcrime
3. Spreading the Disease
4. Suite Sister Mary
5. The Needle Lies
6. Breaking the Silence
7. I Don't Believe in Love
8. If I Could Change It All
9. An Intentional confrontation
10. Eyes of a Stranger
11. Jet City Woman
12. Empire


February 8, 2007


Hello and welcome aboard on my new blog. From now on the majority of the downloads will be posted here, not on "Rock No Sótão" where i will continue to publish some articles about my Rock memories.
I decided to create " Soundaboard" in order to share with you some great Rock music shows and rarities that i have been finding on the web. This will be the place for recordings that were never supposed to be on tape, on reel, on vinyl, on CD, on ...your computer.
Most of the times the files will be on MP3, occasionally on FLAC or SHN depending on the size of the stuff, anyway i'll try to share only recordings with a minimum of quality.
All collaborations are welcome, i also encourage you to visit some other great blogs that share very good recordings, just check my link list.
English is not my native language so i am sorry for any errors on the writing of posts... i think that what really matters is the music... so i hope you enjoy :)
I will be receptive to requests but please do so by email.
Comments are always very welcome.