September 29, 2021

J Geils Blues Band - LIVE UM Gorham, Maine 1972-02-13

University of Maine
Gorham, Maine;

Im not a big fan of audience recording, so many 
barely worth the bandwith to test them out!
This one is better than most from the era 
and the band just cooking here



September 27, 2021

Radio programs: Joey Tempest (Europe)

On this edition of My Planet Rocks, broadcast three years ago. the guest is Joey Tempest, frontman of the band Europe interviewed by Liz Barnes.

My Planet Rocks with Joey Tempest (Europe)
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September 25, 2021

Mike Bloomfield LIVE Swing Auditorium San Bernardino CA -- 1971-02-19

 Swing Auditorium 
San Bernardino CA

Great sound  for an awesome performance !

Mike Bloomfield (guitar, vocal[1-3, 7])
John Kahn (bass)
Ron Wilmuth (trumpet)
Ron "Reverend" Stallings (sax, vocal[4-7, 9])
unknown (keyboard)
unknown (drums)


01 If You See My Baby 3:22
02 Poor Kelly 13:18
03 Stateboro Blues 6:10
04 You Won't See Me 4:07
05 She's Mine (aka I Found True Love) 4:13
06 Come Back Baby 4:02
07 Driftin' and Driftin' 10:06
08 Drinkin Wine 2:42




September 23, 2021

Triumph - Mosport Park, Canada Jam 1978

Curiosly the artist in my previous post, Dave Mason, was also present in this festival held at Mosport Park, Ontario on August 1978.
Canada Jam attracted more than 110,000 fans and included artists such as Atlanta Rhythm Section, Doobie Brothers, Kansas, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Prism and of course Triumph. The power trio was famous for great live renditions and this was no exception.
Take note that the flac files I got are of inferior quality. While searching online for a superior version I found an mp3 that is way better so I put that one here.

Sound Quality: 9-

Source: Soundboard (?)

Track List:
01. What's Another Day Of Rock & Roll
02. Street Fighter
03. Little Texas Shaker
04. Blinding Light Show
05. Let Me Get Next To You
06. Rock & Roll Machine
07. Takes Time
08. Rocky Mountain Way
09. 24 Hours A Day

September 21, 2021

Roger Waters & Bleeding Heart Band Quebec City 22 May, 1987


 Quebec City  
22 May, 1987

 It sounds like a soundboard,
 but i don't know if it's one.
the show is not complete  BUT
it is quite awesome stuff
 including a great  version of If !!

1-Radio Waves
2-Welcome To The Machine
4-In The Flesh
5-Have A Cigar
7-Wish You Were Here
9-Final Cut
11-Powers That Be
12-Brain Damage
14-Another Brick In The Wall



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September 19, 2021

Dave Mason - Belmont Park, Elmont, NY 1978

Dave Mason is an English singer, songwriter and guitarist that besides his solo work is known as a founding member of Traffic.
He has a prolific career in music having played with many famous rock and pop artists and participated in numerous recordings as a session musician.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Pre-FM (?)

Track List:
01 - tuning 
02 - Only You & I Know
03 - Searchin' for a Feelin'
04 - Pearly Queen
05 - Every Woman
06 - So Good to be Home
07 - We Just Disagree
08 - So High (Rock Me Baby & Roll Me Away)
09 - Let it Go, Let it Flow
10 - No Doubt About It
11 - Takin' the Time to Find
12 - All Along the Watchtower
13 - Share Your Love
14 - Warm & Tender Love 
15 - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

September 17, 2021

Chuck Berry - Waterloo Blues (Live From Belgium '65)

Waterloo Blues 
 LIVE on  Belgium TV
Great stuff from Chuck's 

01. Chuck Berry - Maybellene (Live) 
02. Chuck Berry - Chuck Talks, Pt.1 (Live). 
03. Chuck Berry - The Things I Used To Do (Live)
04. Chuck Berry - Chuck Talks, Pt.2 (Live) 
05. Chuck Berry - Roll Over Beethoven (Live)
06. Chuck Berry - Chuck Talks, Pt.3 (Live) 
07. Chuck Berry - Memphis Tennessee (Live) 
08. Chuck Berry - Chuck Talks, Pt.4 (Live) 
09. Chuck Berry - No Particular Place To Go (Live) 
10. Chuck Berry - Promised Land (Live) 
11. Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode (Live) 


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September 15, 2021

Radio programs: Geddy Lee (Rush)

Due to popular demand, meaning around two comments, this already-a-classic rubric is back!

My Planet Rocks with Geddy Lee (2018 12 16)
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September 13, 2021

Buddy Guy LIVE Jazz Lugano, Switzerland July 12 2002

Jazz Lugano, 

Once more here is the great Buddy Guy!


01. I've Got My Mojo Workin'.mp3
02. Five Long Years.mp3
03. Damn Right, I've Got The Blues.mp3
04. Hoochie Coochie Man.mp3
05. Boom Boom.mp3
06. Drowning On Dry Land.mp3
07. Feels Like Rain.mp3
08. Tramp.mp3
09. Done Got Old.mp3


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September 11, 2021

Los Lobos - Uptown Social, Michigan City 2021

A very recent Los Lobos show at the Uptown Social in Michigan City, state of Indiana.
It's an audience recording mixed from two sources sent to us by Vinegar Joe, thanks!

Los Lobos
Uptown Social
Michigan City, IN

Track List:
01 Tuning
02 Don't Worry Baby
03 My Baby's Gone
04 Chuco's Cumbia
05 Shakin', Shakin., Shakes
06 Love Special Delivery
07 Sabor A Mi
08 Wicked Rain
09 Papa Was A Rolling Stone > Oye Como Va
10 Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio
11 Mexico Americano
12 Volver, Volver
13 Cumbia Raza
14 She's About A Mover
15 La Bamba

September 8, 2021

Big Mama Thornton LIVE Berkeley 1970


She was truly a giant of the era 
Dressed like a man could sing play drums and harp !
The original Hound dog performer ! Elvis one wasnt even close!

Big Mama Thornton-Live At Berkeley-01-Intro.mp3
Big Mama Thornton-Live At Berkeley-02-Everyday I Have The Blues.mp3
Big Mama Thornton-Live At Berkeley-03-I Just Can't Help Myself.mp3
Big Mama Thornton-Live At Berkeley-04-Red Dress.mp3
Big Mama Thornton-Live At Berkeley-05-Watermelon Man.mp3
Big Mama Thornton-Live At Berkeley-06-Ball And Chain.mp3
Big Mama Thornton-Live At Berkeley-07-Hound Dog.mp3
Big Mama Thornton-Live At Berkeley-08-Oh Happy Day.mp3
Big Mama Thornton-Live At Berkeley-09-Swing Home Big Mama.mp3
Big Mama Thornton-Live At Berkeley-10-When You've Got A Heartache.mp3
Big Mama Thornton-Live At Berkeley-11-Hound Dog.mp3
Big Mama Thornton-Live At Berkeley-12-Sweet Little Angel.mp3



September 6, 2021

Be Bop Deluxe - Scottish Rite Cathedral, Philadelphia 1976

Be Bop Deluxe at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, Philadelphia on 12 March 1976, a date of their first North American tour.
The focus lies on Sunburst Finish, their third studio album, edited a month prior to this great but not-great-sounding show that includes a fantastic version of Blazing Apostles.

Sound Quality: 9-

Source: FM broadcast 

Track List:
01. Intro
02. Fair Exchange
03. Stage Whispers
04. Life In The Air Age
05. Crying To The Sky
06. Ships In The Night
07. Sister Seagull
08. Maid In Heaven
09. Blazing Apostles
10. No Trains To Heaven (incomplete)

September 4, 2021

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic LIVE Estival Jazz Lugano 8. July 2006

Estival Jazz Lugano 
8. July 2006

 who got the FUNK??
George does !!!

Lineup :

George Clinton - vocals
Bernie "Woo Warrior" Worrell - keyboards
Garry "Starchild" Shider - guitar, vocals
Dewayne "Blackbird" McKnight - guitar
Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton - guitar
Cardell "Boogie" Mosson - guitar, vocals
Eric McFadden - guitar, mandolin
Lige Curry - bass, vocals
RonKat Spearman - bass, vocals
Frankie "Kash" Waddy - drums
Rico Lewis - drums
Jerome Rogers - keyboards
Michael "Clip" Payne - keyboards, vocals
Bennie Cowan - trumpet
Greg Thomas - saxophone
Robert "P-Nut" Johnson - vocals
Belita Woods - vocals
Steve Boyd - vocals
Kimberly Manning - vocals
Kendra Foster - vocals
Sativa Diva - rap
Carlos "Sir Nose" McMurray - dancer

Setlist :

Disc 1 :

01. Announcement [0:28]
02. Cosmic Slop [11:56]
03. Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) [5:16]
04. Up For The Downstroke [21:38]
05. Flashlight [12:14]
06. Somethin' Stank [2:47]
07. Hard As Steel [2:56]
08. (Not Just) Knee Deep [22:42]

Disc 2 :

01. Sexy Side Of You [11:52]
02. Bounce 2 This [6:35]
03. Never Ending Love [6:38]
04. Atomic Dog [9:48]
05. Rock`n` Roll Medley [24:33]
(contains : Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On, Lucille, Let The Good Times Roll, Rock Around The Clock)



September 2, 2021

Radio programs, part 4

The last in this series of radio shows that I've been sharing since August.
There's more in the bag but although there were some downloads I got zero comments so I don't think people are that interested in this.

Classic Rock Awards 2016
To get the file head to Soundaboard Jukebox