October 31, 2022

Roger Waters - Chase Center, San Francisco, CA 2022 09 23

September 23, 2022 was one of the dates of the "This Is Not A Drill" tour in the U.S. with Roger Waters at the Chase Center in San Francisco.
This was another fine recording made by Daspyknows.
Hope to see this show in March next year!

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Audience

Track List:
Set 1:
101. intro 1
102. Comfortably Numb
103. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
104. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2
105. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 3
106. The Powers That Be
107. The Bravery of Being Out of Range
108. The Bar
109. Have a Cigar
110. Wish You Were Here
111. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)
112. Sheep  

Set 2:
201. Intro 2
202. In the Flesh
203. Run Like Hell
204. Déjà Vu
205. Is This the Life We Really Want?
206. Money
207. Us and Them
208. Any Colour You Like
209. Brain Damage
210. Eclipse 
211. Roger talks
212. Two Suns in the Sunset
213. The Bar (Reprise) 
214. Outside the Wall

October 29, 2022

Free LIVE 1971-02-19 Bristol UK

Bristol UK 
They sound like they look !!

The Band
Paul Rodgers - vocals
Paul Kossoff - guitar
Andy Fraser - bass
Simon Kirke - drums

1. Fire And Water
2. Woman
3. Ride On A Pony
4. I'm A Mover
5. Be My Friend
6. Mr. Big
7. Walk In My Shadow
8. I'll Be Creepin'
9. All Right Now


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October 27, 2022

Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets - Beacon Theater, NYC - 2022

Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets at the Beacon Theater in New York on October 12, 2022.
Initially due to occur at the beginning of 2022 the Echoes Tour had its dates rescheduled for the fall.
Many audience recordings have been shared from this and other tours and I'm sure more will be, this one sounds good.

Sound Quality: 9-

Source: Audience

Track List:
01 One of These Days
02 Arnold Layne
03 Fearless
04 Obscured By Clouds
05 When You're In
06 Candy and a Currant Bun
07 Vegetable Man
08 If
09 Atom Heart Mother
10 If (Reprise)
11 Remember a Day
12 Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
13 Astronomy Domine
14 The Nile Song
15 Burning Bridges
16 Childhood's End
17 Lucifer Sam
18 Echoes
19 See Emily Play
20 A Saucerful of Secrets
21 Bike

October 25, 2022

Dick Dale LIVE St Louis MO 1995-10-25

St Louis  MO  

King of Surf Guitar  !
the one and only one!
There was a post  here with similar set list from 1996 

Colon cancer survivor  Dick had to keep on playing to pay for his ostomy supplies
 that NO insurance outfit would pay for ... 
tells you a lot about the American Health system!
Profit before Care is their motto

Dick Dale - Guitar, Vocals
Ron Eglit - Bass
Dean Johnson - Drums
* Dick Also Plays Bass And Drums 

Disc 1:

01. Intro
02. Shredded Heat
03. Nitro
04. Trail Of Tears
05. Ghost Riders In The Sky > 
Hot Links: Caterpillar Crawl/Rumble
06. Taco Wagon >
07. Take It Or Leave It
08. Misirlou
09. Hava Nagila > Fever
10. Calling Up Spirits
11. Mr. Peppermint Man > Shake & Stomp > Peter Gunn > 
Death Of A Gremmie > Tribal Thunder/Hey Bo Diddley > 
The Wedge > Surfing Drums * >
12. I'm Coming Home > The Wedge > Esperanza

Disc 2:

01. Gypsy Fire >
02. Bandito
03. Pipeline >
04. Bony Maronie > Catamount
05. Kansas City
06. E: Let's Go Trippin' > Surf Beat >
07. Third Stone From The Sun
08. Scalped


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October 23, 2022

Steve Miller Band - Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View 1992

The Steve Miller Band at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.
This 30 minutes long recording doesn't reflect the full performance that Steve and band did with acoustic reworkings of some of his best known songs, and a lot he has.
This concert was part of a weekend celebration of 500 years of survival of the indigenous peoples of the western hemisphere.

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
1. Fly Like An Eagle
2. Seasons
3. You're So Fine
4. Mercury Blues
5. I'm Tore Down
6. Gangster Of Love
7. Livin' In The USA
8. The Joker 

October 21, 2022

Aretha Franklin LIVE Baltimore 1994-07-15


The great Aretha!
Excellent recording !

I left these in there
Tracks 09-11 are "Optional" tracks--
her son's [Kecalf] rap act
burn them or skip them
not my cup of Joe  but you be the judge!

01. announcements
02. instrumental intro
03. I Knew You Were Waiting
04. Share Your Love With Me
05. Spanish Harlem
06. Angel
07. Chain Of Fools
08. Respect

09. introducing her son's act
10. her son's [Kecalf] rap act
11. commenting on her son's act

12. band intro and banter
13. You Send Me
14. A Deeper Love
15. Willing To Forgive
16. Freeway Of Love
17. The Greatest Love of All


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October 19, 2022

Frank Zappa - BBC Radio 1 Star Special (1980)

Star Special was a music slot on BBC Radio 1 featuring guest musicians who would act as DJs and play some records of their choice.
On a broadcast from January 27, 1980 Frank Zappa took on the role of 'Fraudulent DJ' and aired his favourite music selections, as expected very diversified and surprising.

"And now on Radio One - the best radio show you've ever heard, in your life!"

Get it on the Soundaboard Jukebox

October 17, 2022

Little Feat LIVE Santa Monica - March 20, 1973

Santa Monica - 
March 20, 1973

 Alway a favorite of mine Feat is one of the best !
great quality for the year!

Paul Barrére - lead and rhythm guitar, vocals
Sam Clayton - percussion, vocals
Lowell George - lead vocals, lead slide and rhythm guitar
Kenny Gradney - bass
Richie Hayward - drums, vocals
Bill Payne - keyboards, vocals

01. Eldorado Slim 13:25
02. Got No Shadow 5:33
03. The Fan 4:17
04. Cold, Cold, Cold 4:11
05. Dixie Chicken 3:55
06. Tripe Face Boogie 4:41
07. A Apolitical Blues 4:57
08. Chevy ‘39 3:03


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October 15, 2022

Dr Feelgood - Hengelo, Netherlands 1983

Aboard we have Dr Feelgood at the Hengelo Marketplace, Netherlands on 16th August 1983.
It's a nice show, comme d'habitude with the Doctors.
Don't remember where I got this one, it's a radio broadcast with dj comments including a traffic jam announcement in the middle of track 11 regarding Amsterdam and Utrecht, well I only understood that part... 
Any dutch speakers out there feel free to translate :)

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 Intro
02 Looking Back
03 No Mo Do Yakamo
04 King For A Day
05 Ninety Nine and a Half (Won't Do)
06 Monkey
07 As Long As The Price Is Right
08 Baby Jane
09 Living On The Highway
10 Don't Start Me Talkin'
11 Something You Got (incl. traffic jam announcement)
12 Going Some Place Else
13 Back In The Night
14 Night Time
15 Milk and Alcohol
16 Shotgun Blues
17 She's In The Middle
18 Down At The Doctors
19 She's A Wind Up
20 One Kiss (incl. dj announcement)
21 Let's Have A Party (fade out)

October 13, 2022

The Kinks LIVE Rockpalast 1982-04-04 -

Rockpalast, Grugahalle Essen, Germany, 04 April 1982
STEREO SBD from FM broadcast

Disc 1
01  Around The Dial
02  The Hardway
03  Where Have All The Good Times Gone
04  (Catch Me Now) I'm Falling
05  Come On Now
06  Destroyer
07  Yo,Yo
08  Lola
09  Dead End Street
10  Add It Up
11  Low Budget
12  Art Lover

Disc 2

01  Back To Front
02  A Gallon Of Gas
03  Celluloid Heroes
04  Till The End Of The Day
05  Bernadette
06  All Day And All Of The Night
07  Give The People What The Want
08  Pressure
09  You Really Got Me
10  Stop Your Sobbing
11  David Watts


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October 11, 2022

Frank Marino - Le Bataclan, Paris, France 1983

Frank Marino was on the Juggernaut tour when he played this somewhat troubled show at Le Bataclan in Paris.
Due to various problems Frank and band were only able to play for about an hour and a half :)
It's all explained, in French and English, in the interview (track 15) Frank gave the day after in the radio show ''Prohibition" broadcast on Radio 7.
Basically they started playing too late and there was a curfew so the show had to be shortened.
The sound on this one is quite rough, almost for fans only.

Sound Quality: 8.5

Source: Audience

Track List:
01 Maybe It's Time
02 Free
03 Poppy
04 Johnny B Goode (cut)
05 Johnny B Goode (continued) 
06 Drum Solo
07 Electric Reflections of War
08 Juggernaut
09 Roadhouse Blues (cut)
10 Roadhouse Blues (continued) 
11 Purple Haze
12 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
13 You Got Livin'
14 Midnight Highway 
15 Interview

October 8, 2022

Taj Mahal Quartet LIVE Trumansburg NY 2019-07-19

Trumansburg NY  

Great sound quality for a great show!



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October 6, 2022

Helix - Harpos, Detroit 1984

Great Hard Rock from Helix, a band formed in 1974 in Kitchener, Ontario.
In this concert at Harpos, Detroit, they were promoting their fourth album, Walkin' the Razor's Edge, with eight tracks from this album included in the set namely the hit Rock You.

Sound Quality: 9/8*

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

01 Young and Wreckless 
02 Let's All do it Tonight 
03 Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
04 You Keep Me Rockin' 
05 Never Wanna Lose You 
06 White Lace and Black Leather 
07 Feel the Fire 
08 When the Hammer Falls 
09 Animal House 
10 Rock You 
11 Heavy Metal Love
12 Dirty Dog *
13 Guitar Solo *
14 Ain't No High Like Rock N Roll *
15 My Kind of Rock *
16 No Rest for the Wicked *
* muffled sound

October 4, 2022

Rippin Rattlers Live Kaslo BC May 30 2000

Legion Hall
Kaslo BC

The Rattlers were a local band  where I used to live
fronted by Brad Fenton on guitar and  vocals.
They blended  blues rock covers with some catchy originals. 
And for a small out of the way village  they were more than decent 
We actually all used to work  together treeplanting.  

Im posting this in memory of Brad   
who pass away in 2021

RIP Brad 
and thnks for the good times!
He would be thrilled that his stuff is getting played around the world!

Brad Fenton   guitar/vocals
Willie Hoffman  Bass
Vince Garth  rhythm guitar
Scott Kokonis  Drums

01  My Kind of Lovin.mp3
02  Miss  You.mp3
03   Boom Boom.mp3
04   One Hot Minute.mp3
05  Pure Perfection.mp3
06   Who Do  You  Love.mp3
07   Some Kind of Wonderful.mp3
08   My Baby Dont Wear No Panties.mp3
09  Cant Always Get What You Want.mp3
10   Satisfaction.mp3
11   Pride and Joy.mp3
12   Tush.mp3
13  Give Me One Reason.mp3
14  Rock N Roll.mp3

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October 2, 2022

Max Webster - Gasworks, Toronto 1975

Another one out of Canada, Max Webster was famous for their excellent live shows and made some great albums too.
Curiously at the time of this concert at the Gasworks, a famous hard rock club in Toronto, their debut album was still to be released.
They do a good version of Zappa's Peaches en Regalia.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 - Marmalade Mama
02 - Here Among The Cats
03 - X and Y
04 - Do You Or Don't You Want To Know
05 - Peaches en Regalia
06 - Beyond The Moon
07 - Lady Let Me In
08 - Toronto Tontos
09 - Let Your Man Fly
10 - Lily
11 - Research (at Beach Resorts)
12 - Mash Moon In Hawaii
13 - Only Your Nose Knows
14 - Sunday Morning Cereal
15 - Blue River Liquor Shine