March 10, 2007

Lynyrd Skynyrd: 1973 FM Broadcast

Once again Southern Rock aboard, this time Lynyrd on their early years doing a Radio show in Memphis, Tennessee. Circulated with the title "Whiskey Rock-A-Rollers" and "Woman of Mine" but with more tracks from different years.
This is only the WMC-FM Radio Station show and it took place in the 30th of October 1973.
Has only 6 tracks, but all very good, completely worth the download :)

Sound quality: 9.5

01 - I Ain't the One
02 - Call Me the Breeze
03 - Sweet Home Alabama
04 - Woman of Mine
05 - Workin' for MCA
06 - Free Bird

Link removed, this was officially released.


Joy Raider said...

Great old stuff from Lynyrd Skynyrd - I love it, thanks a lot!!! Joy

AtticRock said...

Don't miss this too, maybe better than "One More From...":

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note!

This Skynyrd gig is of excellent quality!

I have seen this in CD format but seems to be far from common!

Great early performance!

"Lord don't you take my whisky and rock and roll!"


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot

Track 2 would not de-crypt properly but I am looking forward to listening to the rest of the show !

Anonymous said...

These six tracks are on the Lynyrd Skynyrd Collectybles CD Disc #1. It was a live broadcast from Ardent Studios in Memphis Tennessee Oct 30 1973 on WMC-FM.

Alyn Smith said...

After seeing it here I managed to track down the recording and it is excellent, one of the best from LS at this time - thanks very much! Alyn

Alyn Smith said...

Attic... the download for the KBFH show isn't working any more...any idea where I can find sounds like the one to have :-) also - any idea where I can get a decent quality audio of the 1975 Skynyrd Whistle Test show? Thanks! Alyn

Alyn said...

oops...sorry - slow on the uptake, and well out of touch...the KBFH show is obviously an official release these days...

Alyn Smith said...

...or is the fact that it isn't the whole show on the official release mean that the bootleg is still fair game? :-) I'm interested if anyone can help.... and a good audio of the OGWT 75 if it's out there....

Anonymous said...

OGWT IS A Free DVD With Delux Version Of Gimme Back My Bullets
Just Rip The Sounds From That