July 28, 2013

REO Speedwagon - Grand Rapids, Michigan 1990

We have REO Speedwagon back on the blog again, this time live at the Club Eastbrook, Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 23, 1990
A recording that comes from a Westwood One FM broadcast in early 1991 and the band was touring the album The Earth, a Small Man, His Dog and a Chicken.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Don't Let Him Go
02 - Take It On The Run
03 - Love Is A Rock
04 - That Ain't Love
05 - Keep Pushin'
06 - Live It Up - Go For Broke
07 - Can't Fight This Feeling
08 - Back On The Road Again
09 - Keep On Loving You
10 - Roll With The Changes
11 - Riding The Storm Out (with Drum Solo)
12 - Time For Me To Fly

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2

July 23, 2013

Peter Frampton - Fireworks In The Flats (2009)

Peter Frampton recorded at the Taste of Cleveland festival on September, 4th, 2009 at the Time Warner Amphitheater.
This version of the show, Fireworks In The Flats (the fireworks can be heard at the end of All I Wanna Be is By Your Side), is a P.E. Productions release.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:  
01 - Intro-Shotgun
02 - Signed, Sealed, Delivered
03 - Lines On My Face
04 - Show Me The Way
05 - Boot It Up
06 - Winston Churchill
07 - All I Wanna Be is By Your Side
08 - Black Hole Sun
09 - Baby I Love Your Way
10 - (I'll Give You) Money
11 - Do You Feel Like We Do
12 - Off The Hook
13 - I Want It Bad
14 - Guitar Solo
15 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2 - mirror

July 20, 2013

John Campbell - Voodoo Performance

A rare recording of John Campbell, here presented by our friend The Rippin Frog.

John Campbell 
Voodoo Performances
Darmstadt, Germany
July 8, 1992     

Guitarist, singer and songwriter John Campbell had the potential of turning a whole new generation of people onto the blues in the 1990s, much the same way Stevie Ray Vaughan did in the 1980s. His vocals were so powerful and his guitar playing so fiery, you couldn't help but stop what you were doing and pay attention to what you were hearing. But unfortunately, because of frail health and a rough European tour, he suffered a heart attack while sleeping on June 13, 1993, at the age of 41.
Campbell was born in Shreveport, LA, on January 20, 1952, and grew up in Center, TX. Although he got his own guitar at age eight and began playing professionally when he was 13, he didn't get serious about playing blues for a living until he was involved in a near-fatal drag racing accident that broke several ribs, collapsed a lung and took his right eye.

In his teens, Campbell opened for people like Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Albert Collins and Son Seals, but he later got sidetracked by drag racing, and it was while he was recuperating from his near-death drag racing accident that he re-learned guitar, developing his own distinctive, rhythm and slide-heavy style, based in some measure on the music of Lightnin' Hopkins.
In 1985, after playing a variety of clubs between east Texas and New Orleans, Campbell moved to New York. One night in New York, guitarist Ronnie Earl happened upon Campbell in a club, playing with Johnny Littlejohn. Earl was so impressed that he offered to produce an album by Campbell, and the result was A Man and His Blues (Crosscut 1019), a Germany-only release that has since been made available in the U.S. That album earned Campbell a W.C. Handy Award nomination in 1989, and not long after that, the rock & roll world started to take notice of him. Although he never sent a tape to a record company in his life, after drawing ever-growing crowds to the downtown New York clubs where he played, executives at Elektra Records took notice of him and signed him to a contract. Both of his albums for Elektra, One Believer (1991) and Howlin' Mercy (1993) are brilliant, well-produced recordings, yet they only hint at Campbell's potential for greatness, had he lived longer


July 18, 2013

Rush - Great Woods And Summer Skies (1997)

One of the most acclaimed Rush recordings, and generally considered a must have by fans of the Canadian trio.
It was recorded on June 23, 1997, a date of the Test For Echo tour at the Great Woods Music Center Amphitheater in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Sound Quality: 10

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
Disc One:
01 - Intro
02 - Dreamline
03 - Limelight
04 - Stick It Out
05 - Driven
06 - Half The World
07 - Red Barchetta
08 - Animate
09 - Limbo
10 - The Trees
11 - Virtuality
12 - Nobody's Hero
13 - Closer To The Heart

Disc Two:
01 - 2112
02 - 2112 (cont)
03 - Test for Echo
04 - Freewill
05 - Red Sector A
06 - Roll the Bones

Disc Three:
01 - Resist
02 - Leave That Thing Alone
03 - The Rhythm Method
04 - Natural Science
05 - Force Ten
06 - The Spirit of Radio
07 - Tom Sawyer
08 - YYZ
09 - Cygnus X-1

MP3 pt1
MP3 pt2
MP3 pt3
FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2
FLAC pt3

July 16, 2013

Kevin Selfe & The Tornadoes - Waterfront Blues Festival, Portland Oregon 2007

And aboard we have more blues sounds, this time with a debut here, Kevin Selfe presented by The Rippin Frog.

Kevin Selfe & the Tornadoes - 2007-07-06 - Live @ The Waterfront Blues Festival, Portland, OR. 
July 6, 2007

Recorded from KBOO FM again this year. KBOO is an all volunteer radio station that has been broadcasting this festival for 20 years. There will be some inherrent reception problems and some drops in the music from time to time, but I have tried to "fix" all where possible.
Enjoy the tunes, twofthrs

Kevin Selfe has dedicated his life to the blues. After graduating from North Carolina State University with a degree in Meteorology in 1995, Selfe felt like there was something missing…something else calling him. He decided to abandon a lucrative career as a weatherman, and pursue the music that consumed his soul…the blues.

In 1996 at the age of 22, he joined the regionally popular Fat Daddy Band based out of his hometown of Roanoke, VA. During his tenure with them, the Fat Daddy Band won the Charlotte Blues Society's 2001 Talent Competition and was a finalist at the Blues Foundation's 2002 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, thus being named one of the top 6 unsigned blues bands in the world. After spending 7 busy years touring the South with the band and recording three CDs, Kevin joined forces with fellow Virginia bluesman Rodger Crowder, forming Little Rodger and the Cheap Thrills. Over the next two years Kevin continued touring, performing at some of the nation’s best blues clubs including: The Slippery Noodle, in Indianapolis, IN; Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar, in Nashville, TN; The Double Door Inn, in Charlotte, NC; J.M. Randall's, in Williamsburg, VA; Midway Tavern, Mishawaka, IN; and Chip's Winder, GA; to name but a few.

In early 2005, Kevin formed his own group, Kevin Selfe and The Tornadoes. In Sept 2005, the group backed up Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater at the Taste of The Blue Ridge Blues Festival in Roanoke, VA. In March 2006, Kevin competed against 27 guitarists and won Guitar Center’s King of The Blues Contest in Richmond, VA. Recently, Kevin backed up former Muddy Waters' sideman and harmonica legend, the late Carey Bell.
 Always searching for the next adventure, Kevin relocated to Portland, OR in January 2007, where he looks to become part of a vibrant blues community and continue his lifelong passion of performing the blues.
Set List
1. come back baby
2. boggie
3. t-bone walker instrumental
4. born under a bad sign
5. crosscut saw
6. another mule been kickin' in my stall
7. you don't do nothin' for me
8. boom boom 


July 13, 2013

Nightcats - Piazza Blues Fest

And here we have another one kindly shared by The Rippin Frog.

The Nightcats are a jump Blues band led by Little Charlie, also known 
as Charlie Baty. Baty was born in Alabama in 1953. Other members of
the band include Rick Estrin, J. Hansen and Lorenzo Farrell.

Charles Baty (born 1953) was attending University of California Berkeley and studying mathematics when he formed Little Charlie & the Nightcats with Rick Estrin (born 1949) in 1976. The band’s music relies chiefy on electric urban blues of the Chicago variety, but mixed in with other compatible styles, including early rock and roll, soul, surf music, swing, jump blues, and western swing. The Nightcats issued their debut album, All the Way Crazy, in 1987, including the songs “Poor Tarzan”, “Suicide Blues” and “When Girls Do It”. 
The following album Disturbing the Peace (1988), included “That’s My Girl”, “My Money’s Green”, “She’s Talking” and “Nervous”. The records help established them on the blues festival and club circuits, and they began touring the country extensively, playing a number of international venues. They have played at the San Francisco Blues Festival in 1980 and 1982, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the San Diego, California Street Scene and Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival plus the Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival in 2002. 
The band had a few people on Bass and Drums thrue the years until Charlie decided not to tour anymore. His unique guitar style and their always full of humor lyrics made this band a one of a kind west coast swing/jump Blues.

Charles Baty  Guitar
Rick Estrin,   harmonicist/lead vocal
Lorenzo Farrell  bass
J. Hansen   drums


July 11, 2013

Magic Sam - Chicago Folk Festival 1967

Magic Sam live in Chicago, an offer by our contributor The Rippin Frog, thanks man!

Samuel "Magic Sam" Gene Maghett (February 14, 1937 – December 1, 1969) was an American blues musician. Maghett was born in Grenada, Mississippi and learned to play the blues from listening to records by Muddy Waters and Little Walter. After moving to Chicago at the age of nineteen, he was signed by Cobra Records and became well known as a bluesman after his first record, "All Your Love" in 1957. He had several more hits and became very popular. He was known for his distinctive tremolo guitar playing.

After moving to Chicago, Illinois in 1950, his guitar playing earned bookings at blues clubs in Chicago's West Side. Sam recorded for the Cobra label from 1957 to 1959, recording singles, including "All Your Love" and "Easy Baby". They never appeared on the charts yet they had a profoud influence, far beyond Chicago's guitarists and singers. Together with the records of Otis Rush (also a Cobra artist) and Buddy Guy, they made a manifesto for a new kind of blues. Around this time Sam also worked briefly with Homesick James Williamson. Sam gained a following before being drafted into the Army. Not a natural soldier, Sam deserted after a couple of weeks' service and was subsequently caught and sentenced to six months imprisonment. He was given a dishonourable discharge on release, but the experience had undermined his confidence and immediate recordings for Mel London's Chief Records lacked the purpose of their predecessors.

In 1963, he gained national attention for his single "Feelin' Good (We're Gonna Boogie)". After successful touring of the United States, UK and Germany, he was signed to Delmark Records in 1967, where he recorded West Side Soul and Black Magic. He also continued performing live and toured with blues harp player Charlie Musselwhite.

Sam's breakthrough performance was at the Ann Arbor Blues Festival in 1969, which won him many bookings in the United States and Europe. His life and career was cut short when he suddenly died of a heart attack in December of the same year. He was 32 years old. He was buried in the Restvale Cemetery in Alsip, Illinois.

His guitar style, vocals and songwriting ability have inspired and influenced many blues musicians ever since. In The Blues Brothers, Jake Blues dedicates the band's performance of "Sweet Home Chicago" to the "late, great Magic Sam".

"Magic Sam had a different guitar sound," said his record producer, Willie Dixon. "Most of the guys were playing the straight 12-bar blues thing, but the harmonies that he carried with the chords was a different thing altogether. This tune "All Your Love", he expressed with such an inspirational feeling with his high voice. You could always tell him, even from his introduction to the music." 

Magic Sam
University of Chicago Folk Festival
Chicago IL

Blues Before Sunrise radio show broadcast

01) Announcer
02) Leaving in the morning
03) Hard road to travel
04) Been down so hard / Feel so good i wanna boogie
05) That's alright
06) Sweet home chicago
07) Scratch my back
08) Outro
09) Intro for the extra
10) Bloody tears


July 8, 2013

Rory Gallagher - Hot Summer Night 2 (1974)

And here is the second Hot Summer Night volume, this one from the August 13, also at the Agora and like the previous night a sold-out show.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:  
1 - Cradle Rock
2 - Just A Little Bit
3 - A Million Miles Away
4 - Pistol Slapper Blues
5 - They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore
6 - Bullfrog Blues


July 6, 2013

Rory Gallagher - Hot Summer Night 1 (1974)

Rory Gallagher on the first edition of Hot Summer Night, an unofficial recording made at the Agora in Cleveland.
This one is from August 12, 1974.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:  
1 - Messin with the Kid
2 - Cradle Rock
3 - Just a Little Bit
4 - I Wonder Who
5 - Pistol Slapper Blues
6 - Laundromat
7 - Outro


July 3, 2013

Roger Daltrey - Summertime Blues

Roger Daltrey, the fantastic singer of The Who is here with a show from his 1985 solo tour, showcasing the Under a Raging Moon album.
This is probably from a concert in Boston on December 8, 1985 and comes from a liberated recording.

Sound Quality:9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 - Substitute
02 - Pictures Of Lily
03 - Behind Blue Eyes
04 - 5:15
05 - After The Fire
06 - Under A Raging Moon
07 - Let Me Down Easy
08 - Giving It All Away
09 - Won't Get Fooled Again
10 - Free Me
11 - Summertime Blues
12 - C'mon Everybody