February 2, 2010

Three Years of Soundaboard!

This month Soundaboard celebrates its third year of existence!
As most of you realise a music blog dedicated only to unofficial recordings with this age isn't exactly common.
Thank you for being part of this, either by visiting, leaving comments, sharing, etc...
To make it a little different this month will be entirely filled with only two bands: Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult.
I hope you all enjoy this Black and Blue February and stay aboard.

Meanwhile, just to remind that these shares are still active:

Old posts with Black Sabbath:

Black Sabbath: Purple Sabbath - 1983

Black Sabbath - Vienna 1989

Black Sabbath: As Darkness Hits (Boston 1992)

Black Sabbath feat. Rob Halford - Ozzfest 2004 (Titus share)

Black Sabbath - Angel And Demon (1980)

Old posts with Blue Oyster Cult:

Blue Oyster Cult: BBC Rock Hour 1977

Blue Oyster Cult: New York 1981

Blue Oyster Cult - 08th Sept 1980

Blue Öyster Cult - Harvest Festival 2002 (Titus share)

Blue Öyster Cult - The Thing! 1981 (Titus share)

Blue Öyster Cult - The Edge 1999 (Titus share)

Blue Oyster Cult - Moscow, Idaho 1992

Blue Oyster Cult - San Juan Capistrano 95/96 (Titus share)

Blue Oyster Cult - Hollywood 1981 DVD

Blue Oyster Cult - Arlington Heights 2003 ("The Cheeb" share)


Anonymous said...

Black and Blue, great site Thanks

Anonymous said...

happy aniversary

Anonymous said...


Very cool idea. Congrats on 3 years. I do love your blog and your shares so keep up the great work. I do not post enough here.

Thanks again!

lucythegypsie said...

thanks for all that you do! glad to witness an anniversary with this amazing blog. Keep it up! We'd be at a loss without you!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely great !!! A whole Month filled with Two of the best Rockbands on earth ever (and of course two of my favourites... ;-)

May I ask You to Upload the 1989 BÖC-gig in Paris ? I´ve been searching for a good live-recording of the Imaginos-Tour (what a great and underestimated album) for years now.

Many thanks for Your wonderful work of the last 3 Years.

Best wishes and love !!! Many greetings to Titus, too !!!!

A Friend from Germany

Luis Rush said...

Hello my friend from Portugal!!

Thank you for share all these Fantastic bootlegs during these 36 months !!

Long Live Rock Roll and Long Live to Soundaboard blog !!

God bless you guy!

Luis Rush from Brazil

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you.


Xibeliuss said...

Thanks you and happy "birthday"!

Hugo said...


Simon said...

Well done mate.
I have been following you for some time and I always appreciate the quality you bring. Thanks for making my small part of the world a happier place. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I love this site, & I will continue to share what I have. Best wishes...Jordan

Anonymous said...

Great site , i click it every day.

Keep on rockin´

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Hi Attic
Thanks for all your job
"Happy Birthday"
1095 days of Rock and Roll
keep on rockin´

Dino and Janice said...

Happy Anniversary AtticRock

Anonymous said...

Great site and all my best !!!

Gary said...

Congrats, brother and many more years

Toxxy said...

Congrats and Happy Birthday with Soundaboard AttickRock :-)))

Thx a bunch for ALL the great shows you've posted thru the years, simply amazing! Here's to you and the next 3 years...CHEERS!!!

All the best buddy!

strad said...

congrats on 3 great yrs- Ive been enjoying the blog since it started !
thansk for all the work-

Anonymous said...

happy 3rd birthday soundaboard !
greetings from hellvetia by rustythehusky