March 16, 2008

Blue Öyster Cult - The Thing! 1981

Another BOC gem brought by Titus with his usual high quality artwok. It would be nice to see more appreciation for the the work Titus has on sharing these shows with us.
Thanks man!

Blue Öyster Cult
The Thing!
Bonds International NY

I have seen this show frequently posted.
Not surprising because it is very good.
It's worth sharing again.
This version comes with brand new artwork
exclusive to soundaboard.

Track List:
Disc 1:
Dr. Music
Burnin' For You
Fire Of Unknown Origin
Cities On Flame
Joan Crawford
Flaming Telepaths
Veteran Of The Psychic Wars

Disc 2:
ME 262
Heavy Metal
(Don't Fear) The Reaper
Born To Be Wild
Five Guitars
Roadhouse Blues

To get this show please refer to this post.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this.

What a great blog!

London UK.

Anonymous said...



Rockfather said...

Thanks, a cracker show!
Saw them twice, one time in brussels and once in hammersmith!
Great band!

Very good site!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the BOC! A great live band.

Olympia, Washington

Anonymous said...


Thank You from Paris for all you're doin'. Great job ! ! ! I saw B.Ö.C. in the Olympia, Paris, with Uraih Heep. They still rock. Thanks again for all. Nikki 666

moodyxadi said...

Freakin' good show, awesome choice to present BOC to a newbie. Thanks to you & your bro' Titus for this wonderful work. Keep on sharin'!

Anonymous said...

had this on tape for many years - a great show - sound + playing - recommended to anyone who ain't got it yet.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this fine B.Ö.C. boot!

Anonymous said...

Nice Sound.
The date of this recording is not 10 or 18 June 81 but 16 June 81 as indicated on BÖC site.


baby games said...

Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Can you re-post this one please? thanks.

AtticRock said...

I will make a new post in the next days with new files.

Anonymous said...

Any chance this show will be reposted? We love to hear it from one of the best live bands ever! Thanks

AtticRock said...

This one is available here with an extra track: