February 8, 2009

Soundaboard: Two Years!

After two years with regular posts we deserve a special one, right? and how about a DVD share?
But first thanks to everybody that supported the blog since its start.
Without your input in no way this would have got so far (sorry if anyone was forgotten):
Rocket (Hear Rock City), Titus (LuxorDream), Snake'n'Roll (gfx), Meester Music, Derek (from Paris), Toxxy, srcstcbstrd, ~jp~, TBM, Jonty, Rhino, Dutchboy, Coyote Bill, Dino (Dino & Princess' Tunz), Kikas, André Sousa (Mad Ocean), Miguel (Brazil), Rik, jeff, Groovin' Dan, HRP (Hard Rock Passion), barrybutler9, bluesBob, susan, Jim, Martin, Marc Georges, PUSWART , andrew, Zman, Loyola, Marcio, Caffery, into the void, spock_wall, Andy, Neroon001, Brujo, doc, Dave, Oscar the Groucho, Arsenic, Stewy, Fitchman, O.B. Dan, Joy Raider, Chopper, chamilton11, Aramis, Davey, Simon, Ludwig, Gio, kingpossum, Conspiracy Theologian, Eris, waldyr, cenk, Kevin Jackson, davek, No Title, Klaas Durk, FatallyWanderer, Lucy, blewharvest, Knoxx, Bubba, MrDoots, Harold Holt, KlyphO, Gerald, Hywel, Deeb, Mark, Graveviolator, vegasjohn, Chris, Joe, Steved, Rockfather, Rog, fegenheizer, DaBoss, Henry, crispy, WVKayaker, blackdeath, Snuffy, Dave Tupp, matt, elprofesional, Stop, Moonchild Dave, gooolias, joao, wolfsbane, H.P.D., wedge, jlb418, mackpol, emanuel, Timbo, Mitchell, Munga, Devine Light Control, Maranus, Ares79, MusicBringer, bennyboy, kansas100, Jetrell69, Fester Bestertester, Caffery, Kadek55, lodger, bluesband66, hemisphire, OldRockr1, xianrex, Haggis, direwolfman, Warlock, Taffman, Patrick, Chinaski, Matth, oberwolf, musikspieler, dregenwar, HELL YEAH, Ruben, newelectricmuse, gvspirit.

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Ok now on to B.O.C., one of my all-time top bands.
This is a DVD from a VHS-Rip of a TV Broadcast from a concert at the Hollywood Sportatorium in 1981. Seven songs from this show were used for the fabulous Extraterrestrial Live.
It's my biggest upload ever, almost 3GB, and here are some screenshots to help you decide to download it or not :)

Blue Oyster Cult - Hollywood 1981

Sound Quality: 8.5

Video Quality: 9

Source: TV

Track List:

The Red And The Black
Joan Crawford
Burnin' For You
Cities On Flame
Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
ME 262
Born To Be Wild
Don't Fear The Reaper
Roadhouse Blues

Files (download all to the same folder and them extract them):
Part 1 - Mirror
Part 2 - Mirror
Part 3 - Mirror
Part 4 - Mirror
Part 5 - Mirror
Part 6 - Mirror
Part 7 - Mirror
Part 8 - Mirror
Part 9 - Mirror

Cover (Thanks to Titus)


Mr. Saucy said...

This is outstanding, both the anniversary and the BOC DVD.

Thank you & congrats!

Angel L. said...

Thanks for sharing BOC and congratulations on your anniversary. This is one of the best blogs I know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Attic
Amazing,Happy Birthday from Brazil
Well 3Gb fourteen parts,but I have a rs count I am just starting.
Thanks very much
Keep on Rocking

kingpossum said...

Congratulations Attic! Cheers and many thanks for all you do at Soundaboard. It's a must-stop always.

We miss you Rocket--we'll never forget Hear Rock City and hope you are happy and well.


Anonymous said...

Hello there ! Bon anniversaire from France :-) Thx for the BOC concert.

Steve said...

Thanks for all you have done and Congratulations.

I just recently started downloading Video and this will be great.

Keep rockin'

PS - Miss You Rocket!!!

Titus said...

Happy birthday soundaboard! What a coincidence - I have just posted a Cult show before coming over here to see what's happening. I don't have this footage so thanks a lot AR - 14 bloody parts!!!

AtticRock said...

Thanks guys, lets keep on rocking!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Maestro AtticRock, I´m going to toast with a quarrelsome tequila for your remarkable blog from the limits of Arizona Sonora Desert in Mexico.
Ruben The Bunkbreaker.

Titus said...

Only three parts to go. This had better be good! He He

Anonymous said...

Hi Titus
I finished the download yesterday, and burn a DVD .
It´s better than I could imagine.

howardx said...

thanks! i didnt know this existed. do you think buck regrets that gold lame shirt?

Anonymous said...

Hi Howardx
No!!it´s a really disaster.

Anonymous said...

Thanks much! Nice upload for your two year anniversary. BTW, wish Rocket would bring back HRC.

AtticRock said...

Yeah, I'll never forget Rocket, apart from his cool taste in music with all those classic rock and metal bands from the 70's and 80's, he once did a post to promote my blogs and suddenly visitors were coming from everywhere. Soundaboard owes him much.
Buck's shirt is horrendous, it was the first thing that caught my attention when I watched this. Luckily their music is superb.

howardx said...

yeah its an excellent dvd, had no problems with it at all. much thanks. turns out my girlfriend is in the crowd!

Titus said...

Got it! It's a bit dark but the sound is good. I know from experience it will look better on my TV. Thanks AtticRock. As all Trekies wil know, Buck is wearing the ceremonial uniform of a Klingon ambassador.

howardx said...

bucks solo in "veteran" is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot and happy birthday ! You're one of my favorite blogs ... Keep on rocking !
Hervé (from France)

PUSWART said...

Happy Anniversary my friend. CHEERS to you!

Toxxy said...

Congrats indeed AtticRock!!! :-) Thx for ALL your GREAT posts, you have contributed with a wealth of EXCELLENT live shows for all us hungry music freaks!

Sorry for not bein' around more often...alas, I haven't that much spare time anymore because of a new job. I do however post a little over at AVAX, take a look here and grab anything you like:


Take it easy buddy, have fun...and a great weekend :-)

Cheers and all the best,


AtticRock said...

Hey Toxxy, hope all goes well with the new job, I'm glad you found some time to write a comment and be sure i'll be visiting your Avax space.


Rocket said...

Hey, AtticRock (Still think that's a cool name - in my Afterlife, I'll probably use it...)
Rocket here wishing you a great belated birthday - 2 years and still going strong! In Blog Years that's Amazing!
Just wanted to let YOU and your Readers know - I'm Re-Building Hear Rock City...
New URL:
Drop the hyphens from the old one and drop on by...
Again, Congrats!

AtticRock said...

Rocket!! It's great to hear from you , knowing that you're fine and rocking in the free world again, and with fantastic news about the return of the barn :)
I'm still using a logo you made for me almost two years ago.
Cheers man!

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this!

Anonymous said...

awesome post :)

btw.. this is Hollywood in Florida, not Hollywood in California, in case anyone is wondering.

Anonymous said...

Awesome concert! Thanks for posting this.

This was originally broadcast on MTV way back when...as a a matter of fact, I think they broadcast it live.

Anonymous said...

part 8 - 14 is missing on the BOC video. can you help?

RepoUK said...

Any chance of a re-upload? I got parts 1 to 6 sometime ago.

Thanks, Gav.

Anonymous said...

Great to have this back up again. As many times as I saw BOC in S. Fla, I nissed this show. Quality's great for the time and song selection is excellent (always loved Joan Crawford).

Keep up the fantastic work, mate!