February 28, 2010

Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell In Hartford 1980 (Black & Blue Month)

And the last one from Black Sabbath this month is with Ronnie James Dio on vocals on the Heaven and Hell tour.
Hope you liked all the black and the blue that was spread this February. Suggestions for the next month shares are welcome, don't be shy.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

01 - Supertzar
02 - War Pigs
03 - Neon Knights
04 - N.I.B -
05 - Children of the Sea
06 - Sweet Leaf (with Bill Ward drum solo and reprise)
07 - Black Sabbath
08 - Heaven and Hell
09 - Iron Man
10 - Tony Iommi Guitar Solo
11 - Die Young
12 - Paranoid (w/H&H reprise)
13 - Children of the Grave


Links deleted due to a DMCA complaint.


Anonymous said...

Loved the Black & Blue posts. How about a Purple family post next month (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Gillan, Trapeze and Captain Beyond)!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I absolutely loved the black and blue month, thank you so much for your hard work. How about you flip the M for march upside down and do some Who, Whitesnake and White Stripes? Thanks again!

AtticRock said...

Interesting suggestions, thanks guys.
Unfortunately there's not much Deep Purple floating around but I have some Rainbow, Whitesnake and even one from Gillan and Captain Beyond so it will be taken into account.
March is on its way now but the W idea is great so I'll try to post at least one from each this month.

DeathStalker77 said...

The FLAC links are dead :(

Could you possibly re-post this great show?


AtticRock said...

New flac links available from this moment:)