April 13, 2007

Blue Oyster Cult: BBC Rock Hour 1977

The amazing Blue Oyster Cult live at the Cobo Hall in Detroit in the 30th of December 1977.
The source was a BBC Rock Hour LP.

Sound quality: 9

1.R.U.Ready To Rock
3.Cities On Flame
4.Hot Rails To Hell
6.This Ain't The Summer of Love
7.Born To be Wild
8.Don't Fear The Reaper



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the BOC, Atticrock!
Soundabord Blog is lookin' Great!
Keep Up The Good Work!

Mookie said...

Crazy Rock and Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

mais um grande post. BOC é um clássico. Parabéns

AtticRock said...

Thanks for all your support,sure feels good to read these comments.
I love BOC and will try to bring more shows of them.

Mike Farrell said...

Thanks this is great

infinitefool said...

Man oh man do I love BOC! Can't wait to hear this, thanks.

In other news, stop by my new blog: http://infinitefool.blogspot.com/

AtticRock said...

Hi infinitefool
Good luck on your new blog, i'll sure be passing by.

Anonymous said...

thanks for all your effort

patrix37 said...

WOW! Thanks for this! It sounds great. I will never forget this tour and Seeing their show twice, only a few months apart.
I had never seen their laser show before. i'm from michigan and will never forget these shows.(by the way track 6 features their famous "Five Guitars"....wow!)

johnny B said...

removed by rapidshare. any chance at a reupload?

AtticRock said...

Done :)

Anonymous said...

great, except that there is no such thing as a BOC BBC rock hour show from 1977. The only one is from 81. It's from another source and nonetheless great !

Anonymous said...

It's me again with the official info, directly from the BOC website.

no BBC rock hour but a KBFH :

1978 Show #03-28
BÖC (on The British Bisquit) Detroit, MI
Reel-to-Reel tape

thanks for your attention.

AtticRock said...

That was the info I got, thank you for correcting.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the boc!

Anonymous said...

I'll be honest--I've kind of pooh-poohed many of the the BOC posts, but this one is phenomenonal!

Better make sure you have fire insurance 'fore you play it!

Anonymous said...

FWIW, I have an off-air recording of this same show and it starts out "Hello, this is Brian Matthew introducing the London Wavelength Concert Hour". Also an off-air recording of a two-song excerpt of this show and it starts out "This is Richard Skinner in London introducing the BBC Rock Hour". So put that in your pipe and smoke it!