January 16, 2022

Freddie King LIVE Ebbett's Field 5-27-1974

Ebbett's Field   

King of Texas sound!

The Band: 

Freddie King: Guitar & Vocals 
Floyd Waters: Rythm Guitar 
Lewis Stephens: Piano 
Dave: Organ 
Benny Turner: Bass Guitar 
Charlie Robinson: Drums
Disc 1 
1. I'm Ready 
2. Ain't No Sunshine 
3. Ghetto Woman 
4. Let The Good Times Roll 
5. Pack It Up 
6  Have You Ever Loved A Woman 
7  Blues Jam

Disc 2
8. T.V. Mama 
9. Goin' Down 
10 Wee Baby Blues 
11 Instrumental 
12 That's Alright 

not too sure what happenned here

JAN 18/22

ZIPPY           1FICHIER
FLAC1        FLAC2


Unknown said...

URL on FLAC2 appears to be incomplete. Of course it could be, but would you mind checking it please?


Anonymous said...

Hi, FLAC2 appears to have gone, can you pls upload? Thx!

Bob Mac said...

Thank you.

Bob Mac said...

Somethings wrong with the links. MP3 just have half the tracks. Mediafire no link. 2nd flac link dead. Just letting you know.

1953Boogie said...

something wrong, Is not complete

T.G. said...

It seems, that the mp3 archiv ist corrupt, while not completed, but thaks for all!

thebird said...

Thank you for this upload! Can you please check the FLAC2 link? It's a dead end. Thanks in advance.

es335 said...

Thanks a lot for sharing;but It seems that the disc is missing on Zippy . A way to re-up? Many thanks !!!

luis.lisboa said...

There's somethng wrong with part2 links. Thanks

Rippin Frog said...

you have to dwl BOTH flac now if you have the one from the first links

T.G. said...

Got it right now, thanks a lot!

es335 said...

Many thanks,didn't know this one; with songs not often played ( tv mama,Pack it up). Great one !!!