September 8, 2012

Recent Re Uploads

These are links to some of the most recent re-uploads on Soundaboard.
As usual they are listed on the Re Uploads page.

Blue Oyster Cult - Met Center, Minneapolis 1979

Blue Oyster Cult - Arlington Heights 2003

Blue Oyster Cult - St Petersburg FL. 2003

Bad Company - Live Albuquerque 1976

Rory Gallagher: Reading 1980

Johnny Winter with Muddy Waters - Live at the Tower Theatre 1977

Steppenwolf - My Father's Place (Roslyn, NY) 1980

Golden Earring: Scheveningen, Netherlands 1986

Golden Earring - Live At Scheveningen Beach

Jay Ferguson - Roslyn NY

Allman Brothers Band - 1/17/1971

Eric Clapton - Stardust (Japan 2006)

Black Crowes - High On Houston 1993

Page, Beck and Clapton: The Night Of The Kings London 1983 

The Kinks - Tokyo 1982

Thin Lizzy - Riviera Theater, Chicago 1976

Thin Lizzy - Lyon, France 1982

Audioslave - Montreux Jazz Festival 2005

Live - Supernatural 1994

Journey - Winterland 1973


Bill said...

Thanks for the re-ups, especially the Thin Lizzy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-ups, especially the Golden Earring!

Anonymous said...

muchas gracias...

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate all your hard work! Is there any chance you could re-load the Crack the Sky 1988 show? I love those guys and that's a hard-to-find gem!


AtticRock said...

Crack the Sky post has new links.