June 16, 2008

Blue Oyster Cult - St Petersburg FL. 2003

This was requested by a Soundaboard visitor and here it is, kindly filled by Titus.

St Petersburg FL. 2003

Very dry soundboard. The rhythm guitars are
almost inaudible. There is a drop in sound quality
during the first half of E.T I. and also on sections of disc 2.
If I haven't put you off yet then I would also like to say;
This is a great addition to any Cult fan's collection.
Parts of this are brilliant especially
the excellent version of Divine Wind
Covers included with disc 2.

Dr. Music
Dance on Stilts
Harvester of Eyes
I Love the Night
Tattoo Vampire
Shooting Shark
Divine Wind
Cities on Flame
Burnin' for You
(Don't Fear) The Reaper
Dominance & Submission

- - -

Part 1
Part 2

Part 1
Part 2


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Anonymous said...

BLUE ÖYSTER CULT & now furniture!
It's all here on Soundaboard.

AtticRock said...

Yeah, we've got it all, can't be more eclectic :)

JP said...

Thanks a lot. You've made my day with this one. Always great to discover some new BÖC soundboard even if this case, the sound is quite unmixed. Buck is smoking on DFTR soloing, unusual tricks I think !

Knox said...


thank you for posting any and all BOC.

Anonymous said...

It was another great show in Manchester on Sunday night, but no encore! (curfew) I've been to hundreds of gigs over the years & this is only the second one without an encore. The other occasion was Rainbow at the Manchester Apollo in 1977. (Blackmore's petulance) Amazing to think Eric is 63 & Buck is 60 (I think I'm right!?) I know the Stones & others still do it - but they're shit. BOC still rock.
P.S. I've got the software AR. Now I can see everything!

AtticRock said...

No encore? Maybe not enough applause, if I was there i could guarantee some extra shouting :)

Anonymous said...

This is England - polite applause only. Then we gathered our briefcases & umbrellas, donned bowler hats and filed out in an orderly queue.
Seriously, we stamped & screamed like maniacs until the roadies came out & started removing the mics.

AtticRock said...

Polite applause, that's exactly the idea I had with concerts there hehe.
I just saw at Hotrails.co.uk they only played 12 songs... well better than nothing which is what's left for us 3 or 4 BOC fans in Portugal.

Anonymous said...

Hi AR,
I see they are playing a few dates in France later in the year. That's near you isn't it? HoHo.
Monte Carlo would be cool!
p.s. Do you know the other 3 Portuguese fans?

AtticRock said...

Yeah, not too far, Spain would be better though :)
I know 2 guys that would even buy the tickets several months in advance.

tim 8>)... said...

This is great; glad someone captured this show. Me and my wife were there, and it really was a great live 3Oc show, many thanks for letting us relive it again (and again...)

Titus said...

Thanks Tim,
that sort of comment is always nice to read. I love it when people get a show that they attended.

tim 8>)... said...

Hey Titus, what happened to disc 1??

AtticRock said...

It was deleted from the hosting server.

Anonymous said...

yep - odd sounding sbd - but what the hey - its free! thanks for lossless too. according to hotrails, the date + local this show was recorded at Jannus Landing in st. pete on march 8, 2003.

I saw the show the next night in Boyton Beach and that was the last time I have seen them as of now. this is very close to the show I saw as far as setlist + performance goes.

Anonymous said...

hello the link s dead possible to reupload it please franck from france

AtticRock said...

Hello franck, the link has reborn.