July 9, 2007

Golden Earring: Scheveningen, Netherlands 1986

Golden Earring is a Dutch band that was founded in 1961, their biggest hit was Radar Love recorded in the seventies but they have a lot more great music than just that.
You can read more about their history on wikipedia. Their fantastic live performance is recorded here from a Radio broadcast in Holland. Although some minor cuts in 2 or 3 songs this is a great presentation.

Sound Quality: 9

Track List:
01. Have A Heart
02. Mission Impossible
03. Quiet Eyes
04. They Dance
05. When The Lady Smiles
06. Jane Jane
07. Why Do I
08. Radar Love
09. Drum Solo
10. Radar Love
11. Twilight Zone
12. Please Go
13. Back Home
14. Buddy Joe
15. Clearnight Moonlight

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2


kingpossum said...

Thank you attickrock for posting the Earring show from '86. Live recordings from this fine rock band are always welcome, especially we here in the states who don't have the luxury of being able to see them.


kingpossum said...

Apologies for the typo on your handle, atticrock!


AtticRock said...

No apologies needed, thanks for the visit and i'm glad you liked it:)


Anonymous said...

Thanks from a dutch guy!