November 5, 2011

The Kinks - Tokyo 1982

An excellent Kinks show recorded at the Nihon Seinenkan in Tokyo on the last night of their Japanese tour for the Give The People What They Want album.
Some officially released songs are not included on this edition that has been available in parallel markets as One More For The Road.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast(?)

Track List:

Disc 1
01 - Opening
02 - Around The Dial
03 - The Hard Way
04 - Where Have All The Good Times Gone-Tired Of Waiting For You
05 - Come On Now
06 - Destroyer
07 - Yo-Yo
08 - Tokyo
09 - Lola
10 - Low Budget
11 - Superman (incl. Shakin' All Over)
12 - Celluloid Heroes

Disc 2
01 - Till The End Of The Day
02 - Bernadette
03 - All Day And All Of The Night
04 - Give The People What They Want
05 - Pressure
06 - Stop Your Sobbing-David Watts
07 - You Really Got Me

MP3 pt1
MP3 pt2


Gus said...

Thanks =)

aq07 said...

any chance of getting the new year's eve show from NY 1980 in FLAC?


AtticRock said...

It's done!

La Piazza Gancio said...

I somehow missed this when originally posted. Again, thanks for sharing.

P.S. For those of you keeping score at home, the date of this show is 2/27/82.

Anonymous said...

Missing songs are fucking bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting the mp3 files posted again?Love this site!

AtticRock said...

Links refreshed!