January 8, 2010

Journey - Winterland 1973

After receiving a request for early Journey shows I found exactly their first live performance.
Recorded on the last night of 1973 they played at the Winterland Ballroom and the headliner was Santana and his band.
I confess I didn't knew Journey pre-1979 and to hear this was a very nice surprise, completely different from the Steve Perry era (that I also like).

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard (?)

Track List:

01 - Topaz
02 - It's All Too Much
03 - In My Lonely Feeling
04 - Mystery Mountain
05 - Sing A Song For You
06 - Kahoutek
07 - State Of Confusion
08 - In The Morning Day



Luis Rush said...

Great job!!

Before you post this boot, I found another Journey bootleg, from the same year, but with the sound lower than this.

It´s a pleasure hear "the little" Neal Schol, almost 40 years ago !!

Thank you very much!!

Rob said...

I can't wait to download and listen to this. Any other early Journey concerts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so, so much!!!!! If you like this, check out all the great Fusion on Dr. Fusion, a fantastic Fusion blog.
I'll be seeing Allan Holdsworth, Terry Bozzio,Tony Levin, Pat Mastelloto Sunday at Yoshi's Oakland, California.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this album.
I wish you a happy new year.
Ruben The Bunkbreaker.

Rob said...

Listened to it today, fantastic! Any full length Pre Perry shows would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for this great music.

AtticRock said...

Thanks for all your comments guys :)

Scion said...

Prior Perry-loser, Journey was a hard-rock/progressive band.

Their first three albums kick it!


After that, it was commercial sell-out.

Rob said...

Exactly right Scion. I am really hoping for a full length pre Perry show on this site with excellent sound.
Steve Morse in San Francisco next Wednesday Jan. 20!

humbug said...

Awesome!!! Big fan of Steve Perry era Journey but I also dig the pre-Perry years too!!! Thanks a bunch!! If you have any more pre-Perry Journey please hook us up!!! Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this in flac also - sounds like a vg sbd - too bad there is a high pitch noise in 1st few min - feedback or something - prob tickners gear! this was the best version of this band. btw there are lots of shows of the pre-perry days out there. plus studio outtakes. hope to see more of this up here. thanks again!

eddiewants said...

Can you reupload please the link is dead?

AtticRock said...

Ok, new links up!