August 5, 2021

Radio programs, part 1

I have been planning for some time to share stuff different of the usual unofficial recordings that are the essence of Soundaboard. 
So, here is some of that.
My affection to rock'n'roll music was triggered in my teens, in the early 80's decade, by the music that was coming through  radio stations when radio djs were not submitted to the playlist obligation that became common years later. Only afterwards I began to acquire cassettes, vinyl records and CDs.
This interest for radio never disappeared to the point where I became a professional in the field :)
This August I will share some radio programs I've been collecting, mostly recorded through the station's webstream.

Starting with some recordings of the excellent Joe Elliots's radio show at Planet Rock, the U.K. radio station. 
You can find the files at Soundaboard Jukebox

More to come and I would be happy to share your radio recordings here too!

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