August 29, 2021

Dave Davies - Stuttgart, Germany 2001

One of the forces behind The Kinks, Dave Davies and band live at Villa Berg in Stuttgart, Germany.
In the Fall of 2001 Dave and his band toured Germany, Austria and the UK along the Kink Kronikles Tour, the setlist incorporates music from his own solo work and some Kinks material.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01. Radio Introduction
02. Till The End of the Day
03. I Need You
04. Susannah's Still Alive
05. Creeping Jean
06. Gallon of Gas (jam) -> You're Looking Fine
07. Tired of Waiting for You
08. See My Friends
09. Dead End Street
10. Death of a Clown
11. Living on a Thin Line
12. All Day and All of the Night


Bob Mac said...

Thank you.

Derek said...

This is totally perfect ; always dreamt of a bootleg from Dave Davies. Thank you so much ! Will download, burn to CD and create a decent nice cover artwork Front/Back in HRC style.

Derek said...

Did I say that Living on a Thin Line is my favourite Kinks song ??????

drogos said...

Many thanks for sharing. Didn't remind he did solo tour.

AtticRock said...

Derek, if you send me the front cover I'll put it here.
Living on a Thin Line is a great song, my top Kinks tunes are probably Waterloo Sunset, David Watts and Celluloid Heroes and You Really Got Me but I don't know all their catalogue :)

Derek said...

Covers Font and Back available on Discogs. I'll leave it like that. A bit lazy tonight. :)
And by the way, love the Give the People what they Want LP. A real good one.

AtticRock said...

Discogs is where I got this cover.
Give the People... is a good album, that and One for the Road (live) were my introduction to their music.