May 17, 2021

Lonnie Brooks Family Band LIVE 21st Annual Chicago Blues Fest 2004-06-11

21st Annual Chicago Blues Fest  

A Brooks Family  reunion!
Lonnie Brooks was a giant and his sons might very well become legends too !


001  Wayne Baker Brooks.mp3
002  It Don't Work Like That.mp3
003  You  Make It Easy Baby.mp3
004  I Had My Chance.mp3
005  See You Hurt No More.mp3
006  I Wanna Know.mp3
007  Baby Come Home With Me.mp3
008  The Crawl.mp3
009  You're Using Me into Sweet Home Chicago.mp3



FLAC 2  link fixed

FLAC1         FLAC 2


thebird said...

thanks for this upload. there appears to an error trying to connect with the FLAC2 link. Can you check this please?

Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this, I d/l mp3 and had no problems at all.

Rippin Frog said...

@ thebird updated the flac 2 link
my bad here !!

thebird said...

Thank you! This show just rips from start to finish. A very welcomed addition to my collection.

Rippin Frog said...

@ the bird I hae a few more coming from the same festival year
next one might be Chris Thomas King Havent made up my mind yet heheheh