February 21, 2020

Don Felder - Greenwich Odeon, East Greenwich, Rhode Island 2019

Today we have a show shared by Titus, an old friend of Soundaboard that was prolific in the early days of the blog and will probably send us more stuff from time to time.
Welcome back!

Don Felder
Greenwich Odeon
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
September 27, 2019

Don Felder - Vocals/Guitar
Timothy Drury - Keyboards
Bruce Atkinson - Bass
Chris Ralles - Drums
David Myhre - Guitar

Great audience recording of the former Eagles axeman
and his excellent band. Don is playing in Lucerne in March.
I will be there.

01 Already Gone
02 One of These Nights
03 Pride and Joy
04 Victim of Love
05 American Rock 'N' Roll
06 Peaceful Easy Living
07 Tequila Sunrise
08 Seven Bridges Road
09 Those Shoes
10 Rock You
11 Heavy Metal(Takin'a Ride)
12 Witchy Woman
13 The Long Run
14 Heartache Tonight
15 Life in the Fast Lane
16 Take It Easy
17 Hotel California

part 1
part 2

part 1
part 2


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Derek said...

Hi Titus,
Great to see you back,

A long time follower of the magnificent Soundaboard community,

Derek from Paris