September 24, 2015

Fresh Reuploads

List of recent reuploads, some now have samples ready for playing at the Jukebox.
I created a new page to help on dealing with download problems, the link to it is on the left column and it's called (very originally) Help on downloads.

Genesis - One Disc Live - 29-11-1981

Aerosmith: Unplugged 1990

Albert King - Soquel, California 1989

Saga - Paradiso, Amsterdam 1981

Saga - Sittard, The Netherlands 1983

Grant Lee Buffalo - The Palace, Hollywood (1998) 

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Southern Choice (1990)

The Tubes - Kingswood Music Theater (1985)

The Tubes - Iowa City 1981

38 Special - My Fathers Place, Old Roslyn 1977

Blackfoot - Live in Atlanta 1981

Blackfoot - Rainbow Music Hall, Denver 1979

Blackfoot: Chicago 1980

Maria Mckee - Gothenburg, Sweden 1993

AC/DC - The Studiobreakers

Ana Popovic - Live in Tacoma 2011

UFO - Knebworth 1985

Deep Purple - Paradiso 1969


rocdoc said...

THANKs so much for putting the mannish boys show back up - i'd read a couple of blurbs that made me thing they'd be something i'd like.
love that they were still in zippyshare...i don't think i'll ever be a fan of this 'uploadrocket' - popups are popups, but twice in trying to DL the blackfoot atlanta pt 2, i got some sort of 'firewall virus warning' that has sirens and all sorta goofy shit, b ut there's no way to get out of it short of 'cont-alt-del' then that forces you to shut the entire browser down, everything.
10 minutes of time, minimum, disappears

turbobit has done the exact same shit, so i have to be pretty desperate to get a show, to use that russian p.o.s. again.
seems that there's no lasting damage, but the waste of time just drives me nuts.

i DO thank you for letting us have what you're putting out there, however.
i switched to chrome this time (the atlanta blackfoot), and i DID get through uploadrocket - it's DLing now.

La Piazza Gancio said...

Remarkably, the Genesis link has already expired. Never seen one go so quickly...