September 21, 2009

Deep Purple - Paradiso 1969

From a show at the Paradiso Club in Amsterdam this is one of Deep Purple's first Mark II line-up recordings. The first track is a curious early version of Speed King.
For additional information head on to The Highway Star.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:

1 - Kneel and Pray
2 - Child in time
3 - Wring That Neck
4 - Paint It Black
5 - Mandrake Root (fades out)



srcstcbstrd said...


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this one. Sound quality is really great, probably the best available for this gig so far.

Anonymous said...

great boot, many u have any boot from the Bolin era??

cheers bye

AtticRock said...

I don't have anything from the Tommy Bolin era but if I find something I'll share it here.

Flowerpower said...

I know this isn't popular but are there any boots from the Mk.I era?

AtticRock said...

Not that I know of.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, this site keeps getting better as I explore it!

Tinman said...

Any chance of getting a re-up on this for a long time fan?

AtticRock said...

You can get it now!

Anonymous said...

I think both these link to the mp3 version - is there a FLAC version? Thanks!

AtticRock said...

Sorry, the links are fine now.

Kurt Anderson said...

Thank you!

Ralph Dodger said...

Excellent! Many thanks.