Help on downloads

This page was created with the intent of helping on the download of files shared on Soundaboard.
It's nice to have sites that host files for free but they only exist to make money so we get a lot of trouble to get the desired download.
First advice is: if you download a lot of files from these free hosting sites use a program (download manager) to do the 'dirty job', there are two I recommend, both free and written on Java (you must have Java installed on your computer):


Free Rapid Downloader

To download directly here's a few tips.


Generally with this I get good download speeds but also a lot of a lot of pop-ups!

1st page
This is where to click, at the bottom of the page.

2st page
Around the fourth click we get to the next page.
Its a captcha form easy to read but beware: 3 or 4 pop-ups appear before you can introduce the letters asked.
After introducing the right letters (they can be all lowercase) hit the Download File, and yes... probably some more pop-ups will activate.

3rd page
When you finally get to this one, click Direct Download Link, send another bunch of pop-ups to space and the download will begin.

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