September 21, 2014

Grant Lee Buffalo - The Palace, Hollywood (1998)

Most of the tracks here are from Jubilee, the fourth and last album for Grant Lee Buffalo. It was released on June 1998, and this show's date is probably September the same year.
This recording was used for broadcast on the radio show In The Zone.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Pre-FM
Track List:
01 - APB
02 - Change Your Tune
03 - Seconds
04 - Testimony
05 - Bethlehem Steel
06 - Mockingbirds
07 - Truly, Truly
08 - Drag
09 - Jubilee



katweasel said...

aaaaaaaaah - another Group that I would have loved to have heard - once again any chance of a a re upload ? please please

AtticRock said...


Ralph Dodger said...

Excellent! Many thanks.

Migrant said...

Hi, Any chance of reuploading the FLAC version? Cheers