January 7, 2014

Re uploads update!

As for some time now the criteria to make re uploads is completely based upon requests that readers of this blog write on the comments box.
So if you want a file that is not available just ask for it and be patient, sooner or later there will be new links for it.
This applies for all posts except for the ones that got here shared by a contributor and from whom I don't have the file.

These new uploads of old posts are listed here.

Recent re uploads:

Aerosmith: 29 August 1975

Alice Cooper: Los Angeles 1975

The Who - Capital Centre, Landover 1973

Cream - Live At The Grande Ballroom (1967)

Cream - Star Shines

Radio Birdman - Live in Sidney, 1976

Page, Beck and Clapton: The Night Of The Kings London 1983

Jethro Tull: Live in Santa Monica 1979

Yes - Captured Live! (1984)

Rush - St Louis '80

Rush - Great Woods And Summer Skies (1997)

Heaven and Hell - Sweden Rock Festival 2007

The Cult - Foxboro, MA 2001

Fleetwood Mac - Carousel Ballroom 1968

Alice Cooper - Live in San Diego 1979

1 comment:

MisterManiac said...

The 1980 Rush Show looks awesome...definitely going to give this a DL...thanks for reposting. I was also one of the folks who requested the Radio Birdman...I found it on another site since then (and posted the link), but I highly recommend it to anyone who likes the band, or who simply loves the sound of classic punk and surf merged together...great stuff and worth the repost.