May 13, 2008

The Cult - Foxboro, MA 2001

Recorded some weeks before the release of Beyond Good And Evil but with only two songs from that album. Luckily i say, i love the Love/Electric period :)
A show at the Foxboro Stadium for the WBCN River Rave 2001 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. I don't think it is the full set, it was probably edited for broadcast, about 45 minutes of music only.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - 'Lil Devil
02 - Peace Dog
03 - Rain
04 - The Witch
05 - Wild Flower
06 - Rise
07 - Breathe
08 - Fire Woman
09 - She Sells Sanctuary
10 - Love Removal Machine



Anonymous said...

First heard them when they were still called Southern Death Cult. The name made me wonder if they were BOC fans. Didn't think much of them until, years later, I heard She Sells Sanctuary on the radio. It sounded interesting so I bought 'Love'. It's a good album. One song, I think it's called 'Black Angel', has a very similar riff/lead guitar to BOC's Nosferatu. So maybe I was right. Saw them in 1987 on the Electric tour & they sounded just like AC/DC which took me by surprise.
Nice post AR

AtticRock said...

Thanks Titus, I have Love, Electric and Sonic Temple, all in vinyl :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome, I was at that show and those are my favorite live recordings to get!

FYI, this is the whole set, every band played short sets that day. Even the mighty Aerosmith only got 5 (although they had one of my favorite concert moments, lightning splitting the sky just as they went into "Sweet Emotion").

AtticRock said...

Cool, thanks for the info, I know Black Crowes were there too, but didn't knew about 'smith.

Dern Vader said...

I'm a fan of the Love/ Electric Period too...

In 1989 I wanted to name our band 'Nirvana', after the Cult song and my friend said that there was some band up in Seattle called that... damn.

Dern Vader said...

Is there a LOSSLESS version.


AtticRock said...

New Cult links!

hans friedrich said...

Hello can you reupload in FLAC, thanks a lot for reading

AtticRock said...

It's done!