July 18, 2013

Rush - Great Woods And Summer Skies (1997)

One of the most acclaimed Rush recordings, and generally considered a must have by fans of the Canadian trio.
It was recorded on June 23, 1997, a date of the Test For Echo tour at the Great Woods Music Center Amphitheater in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Sound Quality: 10

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
Disc One:
01 - Intro
02 - Dreamline
03 - Limelight
04 - Stick It Out
05 - Driven
06 - Half The World
07 - Red Barchetta
08 - Animate
09 - Limbo
10 - The Trees
11 - Virtuality
12 - Nobody's Hero
13 - Closer To The Heart

Disc Two:
01 - 2112
02 - 2112 (cont)
03 - Test for Echo
04 - Freewill
05 - Red Sector A
06 - Roll the Bones

Disc Three:
01 - Resist
02 - Leave That Thing Alone
03 - The Rhythm Method
04 - Natural Science
05 - Force Ten
06 - The Spirit of Radio
07 - Tom Sawyer
08 - YYZ
09 - Cygnus X-1

MP3 pt1
MP3 pt2
MP3 pt3
FLAC disc 1 pt1
FLAC disc 1 pt2
FLAC disc 2
FLAC disc 3


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this outstanding Rush concert


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Always looking for more great sounding Rush shows.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.
One question:
Is this really flac? I've seen only shn version of this.

Anonymous said...

Please repost on a different host site. Hotfile is no more. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Any way this can be re-upped to another site? Much appreciated.

AtticRock said...

New links re uploaded!

Anonymous said...

Do agree that IMHO this one is a must have for a Rush fan.

Thank you to share this re-upload,

Derek from Paris,

Anonymous said...

Please could you upload this bootleg on more sites, since you can only download one part each day?


meanunclek said...

Sadly the FLAC links are dead. Is there any chance you could re-up these? The mp3s are great - the FLACs must be astounding. Thanks.

AtticRock said...

Honestly I can't find great difference but I also prefer uncompressed files, this will be re uploaded soon.

meanunclek said...

Thank you for uploading the FLAC links.