October 13, 2007

Alice Cooper: Los Angeles 1975

This time i bring you a complete King Biscuit Flower Hour pre-fm show, it's Alice Cooper live on the 17th of June, 1975 on the L.A. Forum supporting the classic Welcome To My Nightmare album.
Probably one of the best and most shared Alice recordings, this version comes with all the commercials and radio jingles and its quality is absolutely amazing!

Sound quality: 10

Track List:
Disc 1
1. KBFH and Pioneer Ads
2. Intro & Welcome To My nightmare
3. Years Ago Intro
4. No More Mr. Nice Guy
5. Years Ago Intro
6. Billion Dollar Babies
7. Pioneer Ads
8. Years Ago Intro
9. I'm Eighteen
10. Stevens Intro
11. Welcome To My Nightmare reprise
12. Some Folks
13. Cold Ethyl
14. Pioneer Ads

Disc 2
1. Only Women Bleed
2. Devil's Food
3. The Black Widow
4. Pioneer Ads
5. Steven
6. Welcome To My Nightmare reprise part2
7. Escape
8. Pioneer Ads
9. School's Out
10. Encore
11. Department Of Youth
12. Pioneer Ads
13. Pioneer Ads
14. KBFH end



matt said...

Interesting post. I can't believe the lack of songs from the pre-nightmare era. I guess he was really out to push the new album and establish himself as a solo artist.
Thank you for sharing this.

WVKayaker said...

thanks for posting this fine show!

AtticRock said...

Thanks matt and WVKayaker
I'm glad you liked it :)

Vinnie Rattolle said...

Well, I'm ecstatic to find this and grateful, but is there any chance of reposting part 1? Also, was "Only Women Bleed" included in part 1? It's supposed to be on the second disc but it's not included in the second rar.

AtticRock said...

Only Women Bleed was included in the first file.
I will try to upload it again in the next days.

Vinnie Rattolle said...

Thanks so much for the re-up of part 1, AtticRock! The sound quality on this is phenomenal, and the commercials are a hoot (I love the Beethoven commercial on disc 2)!

AtticRock said...

You're welcome, this is a first class really.

Anonymous said...

really great gem , thanks a lot man - timo

Bob Saft said...

This is just fantastic...
Keep up the good work.
I really appreciate the things you do here.
Music is fantastic.....

AtticRock said...

Encouraging words, thanks.

Anonymous said...

God DAMN this is a fantastic concert - thank you SO much!!!

I don't suppose there's a FLAC version of this available is there? Such an awsome concert would be nice to have the option.

Thanks again :)

AtticRock said...

Yes, there is a lossless version of this.
I will try to share it here in the next days.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SOOO much for updating to lossless - this is such a fantastic concert. You rock, sir! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this great offer. I was very happy, that the download links were alive.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.

OxfordDickie said...


Have been looking for this concert for a while. Unfortunately the flac links are dead.

Would it be possible to get this uploaded?

Many thanks, great site


AtticRock said...

New links ok.

OxfordDickie said...

Many thanks for the speedy response, your a real star!

Kenny said...

I know this is a pretty old post, but can I get a new link?

AtticRock said...

Yes, this post is almost 10 years old!

The link is good now.