November 2, 2017

Dr Feelgood - Lancy, Switzerland 1999

Dr Feelgood, for many fans, Britain's finest Rhythm & Blues band recorded here at Salle Communale du Petit-Lancy in Switzerland on May 14, 1999.
Their line-up, the first one without any original member, was by this time: Pete Gage, Steve Walwyn, Phil Mitchell and Kevin Morris. They recorded the album On The Road Again' released on August 1996.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 - She Does It Right
02 - Tanqueray
03 - All Through The City
04 - Back In The Night               
05 - Roxette
06 - Sneakin' Suspicion
07 - Mad Man Blues       
08 - Milk & Alcohol
09 - Going Back Home 
10 - Down At The Doctors
11 - I Can Tell       
12 - Route 66
13 - Tequila/Bony Moronie                 
14 - Great Balls of Fire



Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this concert. Long time I haven't been going to the doctor... at least the music Dr.

Derek from Paris,

AtticRock said...

Yeah, "Make you feel good all night".

Anonymous said...

Hi AtticRock,
Thanks for this show, a great soundboard recording for sure. In fact, it's the only Pete Gage fronted Dr Feelgood boot I've ever seen listed anywhere and what a beauty it is. My friends and I saw this line up in the small 'Torch Theatre' in Milford Haven, west Wales. Few attended as for such a small town on the extreme west coast of Wales, The Yardbirds were also in town. 2 bands on the same night in the same remote town, never mind the County was unprecedented. The gig was fantastic with the
band giving it all in such an intimate setting. Good times I'll never forget and I remember thinking that Pete Gage did a great job filling Lee's shoes having also seen the late great Lee Brilleux up close and personal also.

AtticRock said...

Hi, thanks for the comment. Reminds me the only ocasion I saw them, Six years ago, Lisbon on a small club of course and they were great.

A.M. said...

Very enjoyable recording. Thanks very much for this post.