January 12, 2012

Neil Young - Sang The Songs of Neil Young (1971)

This time our mate Karooo brings us the great Neil Young on a BBC appearance.

Neil Young

Duration: 30 minutes

First shown in 1971 and featuring the Canadian singer-songwriter on guitar, harmonica and piano, this in-studio concert features many of what he describes as new songs that were eventually to feature on his classic album Harvest, including Heart of Gold, A Man Needs a Maid and Old Man.

Track List

01. Out on the Weekend
02. Old Man
03. Journey Through the Pas
04. Heart of Gold
05. Don't Let It Bring You Down
06. A Man Needs A Maid
07. Love in Mind
08. Dance, Dance, Dance

Source: MKV file
Demux AAC (from the TS 25
AAC to Wav
Split into separate tracks
Wav to Flac

Enjoy, this concert is amazing !!!!!!!!



matt.g said...

thanks for the neil young post! good show!

grifftrain said...

Hello. Thanks for this. I had it before but never sounded as good as this version

Anonymous said...

The file has been removed.
Could you re-upload it to another service?

Anonymous said...


I'll re-upload the material. I'll use a better file sharing host. I'm thinking of Uploading.com. It won't be megashare (smile).


Anonymous said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Ive been looking al over for this!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post.;. this show is a "must have" on either video or audio. I read somewhere a couple of years ago that he peformed a couple of more songs than were broadcast, and in their typical fashion, the BEEB wiped the master tapes. boneheads LOL

Anonymous said...

This is an example on not to remaster the sound. The MKV file contains a lossy encoding (the AAC file), and there is no use to encode it as .wav of FLAC. This only serves to give the false impression that this was losslessly captured from the original source, which it isn't. Not to mention mp3, where you get another quality loss. Transcoding lossies is (virtually) always wrong.

You should use e.g. ffmpeg to demux out aac (without transcoding). You could very well encapsulate in an mp4 container (again, without transcoding). Syntax e.g.:
ffmpeg -i infile.mkv -ss 00:02:00 -t 00:03:00 -acodec copy -vn outfile_track2.m4a
will start at 2 minutes and copy the next 3 minutes; the "-acodec copy" will merely demux without transcoding; the -vn will make sure no video is in it; the outfile.m4a will make sure that the outfile is an mp4 container with the m4a suffix.

This assumes you do not want the video part. But why not? Rather than a big deceptive FLAC and a double-lossy MP3, this bootleg would be better off published as MKV (preferably with chapter marks!) and audio-only m4a.

Anonymous said...

(... actually, if this was from the BBC Four broadcast, it is a DVB channel, so that the broadcast audio stream was originally mp2. Already at the AAC level there is an additional lossless transcoding.)

Anonymous said...

any chance of re-uploading this show and the Amsterdam show?

AtticRock said...

New links up!

Anonymous said...

Need new links please.

Anonymous said...

links are dead! Please re-upload this wonderful show!