May 8, 2010

Judas Priest - The Palladium 1979

Judas Priest are back aboard with a recording from the last date of the Killing Machine U.S. tour.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Hell Bent For Leather
02 - Delivering The Goods
03 - Running Wild
04 - The Ripper
05 - Beyond The Realms Of Death
06 - Diamonds And Rust
07 - White Heat, Red Hot
08 - Sinner
09 - Green Manalishi
10 - Victim Of Changes
11 - Genocide
12 - Starbreaker
13 - Take On The World
14 - Tyrant

FLAC pt 1
FLAC pt 2


Anonymous said...

thank you

GREGODIO said...

thank you por uploading and sharing this concert.

Anonymous said...

Where is this?

acidfrank said...

thanks for lossless version - sound quality is good at times and rough too due to less than stellar cassette tape quality or transfer or perhaps radio fm reception?

info from G101:

Judas Priest - 1979-11-04 - The Palladium, NYC
The Palladium
November 4, 1979

notes from the taper/uploader ! :

FM Simulcast(no lineage, but low gen.)
CDR recieved in trade
No lineage Cassette tape put to CDR
by electric(Pat P.)

This, much like the Sabbath Cal-Jam soundboard that I posted,
is an actual source tape for many Boot LP's that used to be
available, such as "THE RIPPER". As a collector, I've owned
a couple of cassette copies of the actual FM, but this is
clearly a better version. This is pretty close to perfect FM
quality, but it sounds like a simulcast which could have benefited
from a bit of knob turning to dial in the brightness of the
guitar tones on the first few tunes. Maybe I'm unfairly
comparing it to the unrealistic "Unleashed In The (Studio)East"!
Still, this totally kills, the best version of this show that
I've ever heard. Any upgrade would be greatly appreciated!

1.Hellbent For Leather
2.Delivering The Goods
3.Running Wild
4.The Ripper
5.Beyond The Realms Of Death
6.Diamonds And Rust
7.White Heat, Red Hot
9.Green Manalishi

1.Victim Of Changes
4.Take On The World

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AtticRock said...

They're ok now.

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