April 6, 2020

Rush - Row the Boats (St. Louis, 1991)

With Rush's career finished we are fortunate to have so many great shows recorded.
Some official, the ones in the first line of quality, and some others like this.
Called Row the Boats, this is from a performance at The Arena in St. Louis on November 7, 1991, just two weeks into the Roll the Bones tour. Complete concert recording for the night.

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 Thus Spoke Zarathustra > Force Ten
02 Limelight
03 Freewill
04 Distant Early Warning
05 Time Stand Still
06 Dreamline
07 Bravado
08 Roll the Bones
09 Show Don't Tell
10 The Big Money
11 Subdivisions
12. The Pass
13 Where's My Thing?
14 The Rhythm Method
15 Closer to the Heart
16 Xanadu
17 Superconductor
18 Tom Sawyer
19 Medley: The Spirit of Radio
20 2112: Overture
21 Finding My Way
22 La Villa Strangiato
23 Anthem
24 Red Barchetta
25 The Spirit of Radio (reprise)

MP3 - mirror
FLAC pt1 - mirror
FLAC pt2 - mirror


Derek said...

A great quality recording of the only tour where Rush visited France at the Paris Zenith and glad I was there.
Thank you for sharing,

Derek from confined Paris

AtticRock said...

Yes Derek, better confined than dead. :)