April 23, 2019

Otis Rush LIVE Joe's Place Boston FM 1973

Joe's Place 
FM  1973

another GEM from taperbats master collection
Otis´playing here is very delicate and sure among his finest work!

thnks to 

 for the Flac copy !
I updated the mp3 links too 
with a rip from the flac into 320 kbs!


01 Intro    Watermelon Man
02  It takes a little Time
03  I can´t quit you Baby
04  Keep loving me Baby
05  Popcorn
06  Gambler´s Blues
07  Why I sing the Blues
08  Please love me
09  Double Trouble
10  Everything´s gonna work out fine
11  Please please Please

Otis Rush. g, voc
Little Bo. Tenor sax
Bob Richards: dr
Ernest Gatewood: b
Unknown : keyb




JennyD said...

Absolutely terrific! I love Otis Rush and have many albums by him but didn't have this. Hearing all the intros along with the songs is so good that I felt like I was sitting in the room. And you're right, the sound quality is really good! Thank you so much for sharing this :D

La Piazza Gancio said...

Soundaboard is on fire! Thank you!

Nappyrags said...

I have it in FLAC if you'd like...

Rippin Frog said...

Otis Rush post updated with Flac and 320 kbs mp3

JazzyM said...

Great set, thanks Rippin Frog!