May 6, 2008

Michael Schenker Group - Red Sky In Belfast (1983)

We have had Michael Schenker Group from 1981 here, then in Reading 1982 here, now it's another good quality MSG recording. For the first time in Belfast on the Built to Destroy tour.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:

01 - Captain Nemo
02 - Cry For The Nations
03 - Rock My Nights Away
04 - I'm Gonna Make You Mine
05 - Attack Of The Mad Axeman
06 - Band Introductions.
07 - On And On
08 - Into The Arena
09 - Lost Horizons
10 - Red Sky
11 - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
12 - Armed & Ready
13 - Doctor Doctor
14 - Ready To Rock

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for another great MSG show! Schenker is awesome!

Anonymous said...

My best mate loves him. Me...I'm not so sure. UFO's 'Obsession' is fantastic as is the live 'Strangers in the Night' but it all went downhill after that-discuss!
A work college saw him recently at a bikers Bulldog Bash & reported he was clearly drunk as a skunk. His playing was awful & the crowd heckled him throughout. At one point he approached the mic and in a slurred German accent said "I am doing my best".
A nicer story : In post-war Germany, when the Schenker brothers were young, jobs were hard to come by. Older brother Rudolph was lucky enough to find employment. As a way of helping out his younger sibling, he payed jobless Michael to work out guitar riffs for their band. So that's what he did all day. With that much time to practise & a financial incentive his talent understandably blossomed.

AtticRock said...

Michael has a new album, I've listened to a few tracks and think they're ok but those UFO (that will be up next) albums that you mention are from other dimension.

Scion said...

It's very sad that Schenker has had so many substance/alcohol-abuse problems that really derailed his career. He'll get dried out, do ok for a while, then nosedive back into alcoholism again. I don't think he's quite as bad as, say, Ace Frehley is these days, but it's not a pretty picture.
We'll never see the FORCE IT or ASSAULT ATTACK times again - more's the pity. One of the very best of the 3rd generation guitarists, with an instantly recognizable style.

kija said...

This looks great, can you add a new link please?

kija said...

Thank you very much for re-posting this great show!