April 24, 2007

Michael Schenker Group: 1981 Hamburg

Recorded live in Hamburg, Germany on the 24th of January. Interesting stuff with some UFO classics from the Schenker-era such as Lights Out, Doctor Doctor, Natural Thing.
I believe this was extracted from the Rockpalast video of this concert.

Sound quality: 8.5

01.Armed And Ready
02.Cry For The Nations
03.Victim Of Illusion
04.Natural Thing
05.Feels Like A Good Thing
06.Into The Arena
07.Rock Bottom
08.Looking Out From Nowhere
09.Lost Horizons
10.Doctor Doctor
11.Lights Out

Links removed, this has been officially released.


Anonymous said...

Sound quality....is....???

Congratulations for your hard work,dude! Greetings from Brazil,Miguel

AtticRock said...

Ooops forgot to put it :)
It's ok now.

Anne Ominous said...

Thanks! I saw them in London England on this tour (I was visiting from across the pond) and they were terrific. I've still got the t-shirt and I still get the occasional twinge in my neck form the headbanging!

AtticRock said...

Ah that's great.
Unfortunately Michael never came to Portugal.

Anonymous said...

Great!!!He's the best!!!! It's my favourite guitar player!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!Long Live to Mr.Schenker!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this amazing post
Unfortunately too, he never came to Brazil, but I love his music.
Congratulations, it's very difficult to find bootlegs from MSG
Regards from Brazil

AtticRock said...

Thanks, don't forget to grab the other two (shows).

Anonymous said...

This one's also been officially released by MGE, a german company that releases many RockPalast recordings.