April 1, 2013

Blue Oyster Cult - Bonds International Casino, NY (1981)

B.O.C. are back but not exactly with something new here. This show was first shared here by Titus about five years ago, with the title The Thing! 1981, the exact date seems to be June 16th and they played at The Bonds International Casino NY under the name Soft White Underbelly.
Now with a request to put it up again I decided to share other copy I have of it, apparently with one extra track (Hot Rails To Hell) and also in lossless (shn).

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:

Disc 1
01 Dr Music
02 ETI
03 Burning For You
04 Fire Of Unknown Origin
05 Cities on Flame With Rock & Roll
06 Joan Crawford
07 Flaming Telepaths
08 Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
09 Hot Rails To Hell

Disc 2
01 ME 262
02 Heavy Metal
03 Dont Fear The Reaper
04 Godzilla-Drum Solo
05 Born To Be WIld
06 Bass Solo-5 Guitars
07 Roadhouse Blues

MP3 disc 1 - mirror
MP3 disc 2 - mirror
SHN disc 1 - mirror
SHN disc 2 - mirror


Thrasher said...

bonds international casino, nyc, ny 6.16.81.

6.15.81 is the spit club, levittown, ny which you have on here.


Thrasher said...

here are some alternate covers. i think, i did download this show from you five years ago. out of 71 boc shows, it's my favorite.


AtticRock said...

Thanks Thrasher, I'll make some corrections to the post.

Anonymous said...

Could you please use a different link?. I can never get anything from this German link. Thanks for all the great music.

canadianice said...

Could you please use different link?. I cannot get anything from this one( German link), thanks for all you do---cheers

Anonymous said...

Excellent...thank you Attic for the re-post and Thrasher for the details.

becks dark said...

Veteran Of The Psychic Wars should have been a Classic Rock hit on the radio. What a killer song! I miss bands like these guys nowadays. Thanks for this!

AtticRock said...

Yeah , Veteran is on my top 5 of all-time B.O.C. songs!

Anonymous said...

Could some kind soul provide a different link to this, I am having no luck with this German thing? thank you kindly

Anonymous said...


this is a great site. thanx! I found here a show in NY which I had the privillage to witness back in 81...

I'd like to share with you another great recording I have of BOC but I dont know how to do that. anyways, here are the details:

Blue Öyster Cult
Crest Theatre
Sacramento, CA
November 4th, 1988

1. R.U.Ready 2 Rock
2. Dominance & Submission
3. E.T.I.
4. I Am The One You Warned Me Of
5. Buck's Boogie
6. Astronomy
7. Take Me Away

1. In The Presence Of Another World
2. Flaming Telepaths
3. Then Came The Last Days Of May
4. Cities On Flame
5. Joan Crawford
6. Burnin' For You
7. This Ain't The Summer Of Love
8. Golden Age Of Leather

If you're interested, PLZ mail me to leeloosh2000@gmail.com

keep up the good work!

Lee Arazi

AtticRock said...

Hi, thanks for the offer but that show has been shared here before:

Annette Murphy said...


This is a Cleveland, Ohio show from 1991…you need to download it track by track. Finally, I am able to share something here!!! :0)

AtticRock said...

I have it already... but the intention counts, thank you.

jose said...

I would like RE_Up Tinsley Ellis,thanks